Stella Dimoko Palestinian Teen Slaps Israeli Soldier


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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Palestinian Teen Slaps Israeli Soldier

A palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi has been charged by an Israeli court on monday after a video footage showed her hitting an armed Israeli soldier in the face. 

She has also been accused of other attacks on these Security Forces.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on monday that her mother Nariman was also charged for incitement and causing bodily harm by the Isreali Military court in West bank.

Ahed and her mum were arrested in Nabi Saleh village according to Wafa Paletinian newspaper.

In the viral video, Tamimi, her mum and another relative appeared to start a confrontation with two soldiers before she walked up and hit the man in the face.The soldiers hardly reacted but walked around the same spot.

Tamimi has been celebrated as a symbol of Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation by Arab media while in Israel the Soldiers have been praised for their reserve but Tamimi criticized for being a provocator.


Sally jayd said...

The soldier did well by not reacting negatively towards the girl. She might end up in jail for this because of the bad blood between both countries.

Blackberry said...

Violent woman.

SheriKoko said...

Chai. Let her come to Nigeria and also a Nigerian soldier.

Anonymous said...


Blossom said...

She is lucky this didn't happen in Nigeria.

SheriKoko said...


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