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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Banker Tales

This is just wickedness...Or what else should i call it?

Papa welcome sir, how you dey? How family? How your body? I rambled on with my questions ignoring the obvious frustrations on papas face.

These pensioners again. Though my favorite people in the bank; Today, I am under pressure, I do not have the time to pet any old man. If you came from home with frustrations, feel free to wear them out of the bank. No one was going to unburden any frustrations on me today. So when I saw Papa and his squeezed face, I went on with my pleasantries like person wey no see Uche face. Afterall, I saw him drinking cold dispenser water and replacing cup. That water refreshes.

Papa held up his card to me, this particular Papa spoke my language and would never let anyone attend to him but me. So since we became friends, I have been the one debiting his account every month; I give him the complete money o. We would converse in my language and say our goodbyes.

Today, both of us are having mood swing. Papa dey form vex, me sef no get joy so I spoke pidgin. I was wondering why he would give me his ATM card. I had persuaded him sometime back to collect an ATM to avoid the stress of coming all the way to our bank. From his explanations, he spends seven hundred naira to the nearest branch which is ours. He was convinced and collected the card in company of his daughter. I refused to take the card, let go of my mood, smiled and asked him what the problem was.

He had gone to the ATM in company of his daughter, they tried to withdraw and they could not. The daughter told him the card had a fault and so he had to spend transport fare to come report. He gave me his card, papa say he no want again, the thing no dey work.

I asked for his withdrawal slip and tried debiting; it would be nice to pay Papa his cash before we solve the ATM issue. The account was insufficient. Papa gets thirty thousand naira every month, he filled thirty thousand naira so getting insufficient balance means something is really fishy here. I asked him like five times if he was sure he did not withdraw, he said No angrily.

I asked for his alert, he said his phone is with his daughter, we do not check balances in the bank but there was provision for exceptional cases. This was already one. I proceeded to check his balance, noticed he had less than five hundred naira. This was beyond me, I got my Boss involved. We needed a statement of account to prove he wasn’t paid. We quickly got it so Papa can go resolve with his pension people but what I saw shocked me.

Papa was paid and according to his statement of account; he had bought airtime in tranches of three thousand naira ten times amounting to thirty thousand naira. I did not need a seer to tell me what had happened. But I wanted to be very sure so I asked him if he bought airtime, he got even more upset. I calmed him down, asked if he had anyone in the house with him, he said just his daughter and her mum. They live alone in the house with him, his other kids are all grown up and have abandoned him for God knows what reason. His other wives were gone too.

His daughter helped him change his pin and helped him keep his phone too, smart child of an aged man. I asked for her number so we could invite her, he did not have it anywhere. He did not know his own number too. He claims he keeps his card with him all the time and only brought it out at the ATM, he was very sure the ATM did not dispense any cash to his daughter.

We suspect his daughter used his card to buy airtime on her phone without his knowledge, accompanied him to the ATM, she told him the card was bad and encouraged him to return it to the bank. The sad reality is that she encouraged him to come knowing what she did; knowing the old man was without transport to return home. She turned a man who has worked hard in his youth into a beggar in his old age.

I left my Boss to be the bearer of bad news, I cannot come and let old man faint in front of me when he realizes his own blood had fooled him completely. I wonder what she would do with thirty thousand naira airtime. Why didn’t she withdraw the money instead? Perhaps she even did the transaction right under Papas’ watch and the old man must have thought himself smart to keep his card with him all the time.

I have no idea how he handled the case at home, but that was the last time I told any pensioner or old person to get an ATM card. I can’t keep parting with some of my small salary when these men come complaining of fraud by family members or strangers.


  1. Replies
    1. This story broke my heart, the expression on my face is making people look at me now.

      Grow up children and wives abandoned him, who knows what he did when he was young.
      But no matter what this child doesn't have any right to treat him that way and bring both his curses and her's upon herself.
      I feel so sad and sorry for papa.

  2. Wow.. the way people bring curses on themselves

  3. Some children get heart o. All the money is too much now

  4. her child go do her the same wickedness na understatement for the action of this girl

  5. that girl is just wicked ooo. Imagine using the N30k for herself. Useless daughter. If you probe further, na boyfriend she go give.

    My mum dont have atm. she refused and she no even know her bank account self. even when we collect dividend for her, she will tell you to pay into your account and give her the money.

    It is well with parents who have bad children.

    1. You can't pay your mum's dividends into your own account...
      Just saying.

  6. How can you be stealing from your aged Father?

    People get mind.

  7. That girl is very heartless. To think that she followed Papa to the bank knowing fully well she defrauded him!

    1. How do some people pass exams?

    2. Ah Blogbrity be merciful o. The weather is very hot 😀😀😀

    3. Hahahaha. English too hard to understand.

  8. Oh God. Instead of giving to your parents, u are stealing from them???? Smh

  9. Later she will be crying village people are on her case.

  10. This is seriously serious oo

  11. This is becoming common now especially elderly people. It happened to one woman, the painful part was she borrowed the money and deposited in her account when the son will use it for his admission. funny, enough, it was the son that took the money.

  12. Most of these pensioners go through a lot, it is either they are being rubbed by family or strangers

  13. That child is so heartless to do that to her own father..... Annoying part is that she won't use the airtime for anything tangible.

  14. Oh my world. This is so painful to read.

    May God see him through and send help his way.

  15. What a wicked child! Who she carry 30k call sef??

  16. Na wa for the wicked daughter


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