Stella Dimoko May 2012


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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nigerian/American Actress Ebbe Bassey Applauds Her AMAA Nomination!


...Beautiful and talented Actress Ebbe Bassey applauds her Africa Movie awards nominations(AMAA) and takes us down her career lane. She also tells us that actor sam dede is the real deal when it comes to acting.

.Give us a little insight into your background
I was born in New York, had a wonderful childhood growing up in the city of Calabar, Cross River State. I went back to New York permanently in 1991.

When did you start acting?
I fell into acting in 1997/98 when I walked off the street into an audition and got a role in a play. After a friend saw me, he advised me to consider taking classes which I did for 2 very intense years from 1998-2000. Those where some of the most interesting, shaping and emotionally exhausting years of my life.

Could you give us a run down of your career as an actress?

I have worked two iconic TV shows in the States, NYPD Blues and Law & Order: SVU. I have worked on many short films that have appeared on the national cable networks, Showtime and HBO. Last year, I worked with Issach de Bankole, Angelique Kidjo and Bukky Ajayi on the soon to be released, Ma George which was directed by Andrew Dosunmu. Worked with Kimberly Elise in Ties that Bind. I just completed Doctor Bello with Isaiah Washington, Vivica Fox and Jimmy Jean-Louis.

You were recently nominated for your role in an african movie 'ties that bind' in AMAA 2012, is this your first african movie and why?
Yes, I was nominated in the category of Best Supporting Actress and I thank Ms. Peace Anyiam-Osigwe, the AMAA awards board members and voting body for considering my work and honoring it with a nomination. I would say that this is my first film shot in a country in Africa and the reason is because the director, Ms. Leila Djansi is the first person to have offered me the chance to work in film telling an African story in Africa, Ghana to be specific. This was my first offer and I jumped at the opportunity.

Do you agree with me when I say that we still have a very long way to go despite the ovation and international recognition nollywood movies are getting?
Certainly, I do agree with you. The industry is at the crawling stage still compared to the industry in Hongkong, Mumbai (Bombay) or Hollywood. I think change is bound happen in time especially now that all eyes are on Nollywood.

what was it like working with nollywoods Alist actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde in leila djansi's 'ties that bind?

It was a very good experience exchanging creative energy with Omotola. She is a truly talented and capable actress and outside of work, she is feisty, fun and a great hang.

which nollywood actor would you be interested in making another movie with?
I would love to work with Sam Dede. I think he is so very interesting to watch because you can just see his process plain as day, he is a transparent actor, clear in behavior, action, intent and speech.

Thank you for your time 

Thank you too Stella.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Checkout Actress Stephanie Okereke-Linus After The Fairytale Wedding.

Meet Stephanie after her fairytale wedding in paris.

....If hips dont lie,this picture is enough proof!......Stephanie filled out in all the right places and checkout her hair!!!

Checkout Actor Segun Arinze's Beautiful Family.

Awwwww:Isnt this so cute?

The actor recently lost his mother in law and plans are currently on to give dearest mother in law a befitting burial.

Lovely lovely Family!

Actress Tonto Dikeh Marries In..........


This isnt another secret is a picture from a Rukky sanda movie about to be released soon to viewers.its working title as as what it was shot was 'love lorn'

However this is how much tattoo tonto will be showing us on the day she walks down the aisle in reality...unless of cos she decides to cover it all up.

The guy in the picture looks like he is 'hungry'!

Monday, May 14, 2012

BREAKING STORY:Actress Uche Jombo Secretly Marries In America!

This is it!.....Thespian Actress Uche jombo has quit the single ladies club right under our noses!

Whilst the rumour was ripe with tales of the actress planning to wed a certain 'chi.boy' whom she came out propmtly to deny,the actress left people wondering whart she was up to and took the next Available flight out to wed her full blooded American boyfriend............Handsome Knight in shining armour!

Whilst you are still trying to guess his nationality.......he is neither igbo,hausa or yoruba,infact he is not a Nigerian.

With This Marriage conducted in New york,Uche has just become the wife of an American and has a new name.....Mrs Uche Jombo-R......

The actress is presently on honeymoon!

Wanna read all the details of the man she secretly wed?grab a copy of Encomium magazine coming out tomoro tuesday may 15,2012 and check out my colum GISTSCAFE.

This is a breaking news and you read here first.....Now over to the other blog thieves!

Sunday, May 13, 2012




...Alleged moneybag and ibadan politician Rotimi ajanaku (who is rumoured to be eyeing the presidential elections come 2015) is at the centre of a messy debt scandal involving him and actress tonto dike.
According to insider report

"Tonto was introduced to rotimi by fat yoruba actress eniola badmus. And both became friendly to the extent that when rotimi ran into debt in january this year,he called tonto and begged her for a loan explaining that he needed to settle the bills of the lady who had delivered a baby for him amongst other bills. He asked for a loan of N5million which she gave him and he promised to pay her back after five days when the cheque he was expecting cleared but he didn't redeem his promise and instead began to dodge the actress even to the extent of deleting her from his blackberry friendslist and refusing to take her calls".

 squealer continues"the actress gave the 'oni-igbese' an ultimatum to pay the borrowed sum or she would involve other friends but Mr ajanaku did not respond. The actress finally told their mutual friends about it,the mutual friends now informed the actress to step back and join the list of ladies waiting to collect back their monies from the suave talking politician who becomes incommunicado the minute he collects any loan."  

From the look of this story the borrowed money has probably gone down the drain but I urge tonto to donate money to charity next time instead of allowing herself become a victim of local scam!....tonto shine those your eyes biko!
As for the alleged 'oni-igbese' please stop borrowing money from ladies and doing the vanishing act,the law of karma will soon catch up with you!............selah

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Tuface Idibia Secretly Marries Annie Macaulay In Lagos!

Serial babydaddy Tuface idibia has married Annie macualay his girlfriend of ''a decade and two years'' in a private cermony witnessed by only family members!

The introduction and brideprice ceremonies were done on tuedsay may 2,2012 at annies mothers house in ajah a day after tuface held his show which saw parents of both lovers walking the red carpet to watch their son/inlaw perform.
it was a moment to behold when tuface pulled annie to the stage and sang for her 'african queen'on bended knees.

The Private Registry wedding held on wednesday May 2,2012 and the details are still unfolding.

Annie after years of being the off/on lover to the africanqueen crooner, has become what most women only dream of....Mrs Tuface idibia...officially as at yesterday may 2,2012

.....So thats it ladies,tuface is officially off the 'market'.....try next door!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Idibia,I hope i get an invite to the white wedding ooooh!


Actor Segun Arinze Resigns As AGN President!

There is on going drama amongst the members of the AGN and i am still investigating what actually led to the events and botched elections of april 28,2012.

Meanwhile its outgoing president segun arinze has resigned about drama!

Heres seguns letter to the media.

Resignation as President of Actors guild of Nigeria

The Chairman board of trustees Actors Guild of Nigeria.

In view of the recent happenings in the actors guild of Nigeria and the recently botched elections in Benin. It is indeed a sad development for AGN. In actual fact my tenure as president ended on the 9th of December 2011 but stayed on as president in deference to the BOT and the vast majority of our members who prevailed on me to oversee a successful transition to a new president through a free and fair election. The events in Benin on the 28th of April 2012 is now common knowledge. I know I constituted an independent Agnec that was to supposed to be devoid of any electoral rancour or external influences. For my integrity and honour, I hereby resign as president of actors guild of Nigeria and it comes into effect immediately. I want the BOT for all the support given during my tenure, the state chapter chairmen, my fellow presidents from other guilds in Nollywood, all AGN members and especially the media for their tremendous support and positive given during my tenure. I want to thank profoundly my wife julie for holding on during the challenging period of service to the guild.
I wish the guild the very best as we move forward.
Thanks and warm regards.

Yours faithfully
Segun Arinze

Actress Chika Ike A Victim Of Domestic Violence!

New facts are emerging as to why pretty actress chika may have abandoned her marriage to her hearthrob and taken to her heels in what is referred to as 'running four-fourty without looking back'.

According to insider squealing"her case is not different from that of her colleagues in entertainment kefee obareki and monalisa chinda. Infact chikas case was worse off !"Squealed the source.

                                                   Chika before.

"After a series of serious beatings,she finally took to her heels after estranged hubby held her by the neck and  almost choked the life out of her. No one knows what they argued about but it always ended up in beatings which the actress always had excuses to cover up for in public when asked about any scars seen. ''

Women need to lend their voices to stop this domestic violence illness which has suddenly become the punishment metted out by angry men/husbands to their wives/lovers. Some have not been so lucky to tell their stories and some abandon their homes without telling why.

Monalisa chinda and kefee are two women who cried out and told the world of their experiences and thus helped other less socially priveledged women seek help.

Here's urging chika  to stand up and be brave and tell the world her story. Domestic violence is a crime and it is so wrong. Only cowards and insecure men abuse women!

                                          Chika now!

Please if you know this  actress help me tell her that "stella says its okay to speak up now,the worst is over,you survived and your story will help other women,speak up!".


Daniels claim to fame:Estranged actress wife Doris Simeon.

....Before I begin this memo let me quote the forefathers book chatper ten "A cock doesn't run helter skelter in the daytime unless it is being chased by the pot that wants to turn it into a meal for its owners"
On thursday april 26,2012 a message was circulated on the blackberry that veteran actor enebeli elebuwa who suffered a stroke six months ago and is responding to treatment needed N5million to pay his bills.
A lot of blackberry users circulated this message but daniel ademinokan the estranged husband of pretty actress Doris Simeon quickly issued and signed a joint statement with actress Stella Damasus alertin people that the veteran actor was recovering well and did not need money. They warned people not to fall victim of fraud.
People got the message but something else hung in the air...was this their first unoffical statement as a couple?
The whisperings were fuelled by the fact that there had been recent finger pointing of husband snatching.
Daniel Ademinokan should know that living in the closet is like a jail sentence.

I sadly remember how daniel used to boast of having the best wife in the world and being the luckiest man alive to have doris as his wife. Daniel has also been quoted some years ago as saying his union with doris was God ordained!
Everyone has a right to be happy,to fall in love and survive the storm of marraige,however anyone who seeks happiness at the expense of another does so in vain!

Why would they officially sign a joint statement in the eye of the storm of being accused to dating?wrong move!

I hereby officially call on God and ask him to heal and restore what the locust has eaten/stolen from Doris and Daniel Ademinokan!
Enough said