Stella Dimoko ABC Producer Was 'Murdered And Sexually Assaulted While On Vacation In Belize'


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Saturday, January 16, 2016

ABC Producer Was 'Murdered And Sexually Assaulted While On Vacation In Belize'

An ABC producer was killed while vacationing in Belize this week.
Executive producer of online operations, Anne Swaney, 39, arrived last Saturday to Nabatunich Resort, Benque Viejo, according to ABC.

Swaney was allegedly sexually assaulted before being killed after doing yoga on Thursdaymorning near the Mopan River nearby the resort.

A tour guide found Sawney's yoga mat another items near the river but he didn't see her and alerted the authorities. Reports says Swaney's half-naked corpse was found floating on the river on Friday.



  1. Replies
    1. RIP! So sad
      This is off Topic but just wanna share
      The man that taped that 14yr old girl brings back a memory of when I was little . We were 2 families sharing a 6 bedroom flat cos it was just too big for us back then. So we shared with my aunt and his Hubby. This man knew when I was born I fact he was at my naming ceremony for you to know how close we were then. I grew up knowing him as my uncle. I was in secondary school when we moved in together but we had to leave the house for them cos my aunt was behaving someone so we normally go back to say hi sometimes.
      There was this day I went visiting and NEPA took light, you won't believe this man grabbed me and started kissing me! I didn't even act surprised or scream. He told me lets meet at so so place, I replied no problem. This useless man waited at the hotel that evening, came to our house when he didn't see me pretending he came to say hi but I hid inside my room. I went back to the house the following day when the wife was around, told the man I would go to the kitchen right now and tell his wife what he did yesterday if he try the nonsense again. He postrated and begged who! I smiled I told him I would have reported him to my dad but it will cause wahala within the family but the next time he sees me he sold run. My elder sister was right there so that gave me the boldness.
      This thug happened some 18yrs ago so men has been bad n will continue to be. But I pray God gives our children to stand up and fight back.
      I had so many cases that I managed to escape with God's help and my little wisdom back then.
      Men has Ben bad since time immemorial, technology and social media is Now making things known.

  2. Different sad news every day

    Lord help us


    1. As in ehn.... so many sad news! God!

    2. Why won't she die? Who asked het yo go there alone? Where are all those who preach about packing your things and traveling the world? U see yourselves? That why I never travel alone. Am always with one or two male companions that I know are capable of protecting me and I never go in lonely or dangerous places. Anyways may her soul R.I.P. Stella pls post my comment I notice that either u don't post them or u delete them after u've posted them.

    3. She doesn't post your comment cos you have a nasty heart. How won't she die? See the rubbish you said. Kmt... Spoken like a true ignorant troll.

    4. Stupid sure your comments are so stupid and ignorant so y would die post.....wicked going alone warrants being killed? Oponu

  3. RIP! May God punish all those that caused u dis pain.

  4. What a way to go... RIP ma'am.


  5. Chai...
    With all dese sad news flying left,right and centre,one wil just be inclined to think d world might soon be coming to an end.

    How some people have d mind to kill defenceless babies,men and women beats me.till date,I cannot slaughter a way!

    Rest in peace lady.sad u had to go dis way.


    1. @ I cannot slaughter a fowl, yet you eat all the animals. All murder na murder from both the killi and the choppi

    2. Nakpozie u sound so stupid.guess ure a murderer as well from your statement

  6. God will judge all the evil doers

    *Larry was here*

  7. Jesus!
    So sad.
    All these end time death......

  8. Oh God. This is soooo inhuman. May her soul find rest. Aeegurl...

  9. Sad one may she rest in peace

  10. Wickedness everywhere you turn to.
    The world is going bonkers.
    RIP lady. May your killer never know peace.

  11. Any lustful eyes that will look at me and my family this year go blind in Jesus name - Amen

    On your own - wahala
    on other side - wahala

    Run to Jesus and be save.

    Its a pity

  12. Now I agree with the end comments. This is really the end time happenings.
    Oluwa ka mi ye ni le ologo.

  13. Na wa oh, may her soul R I P

  14. Enter your


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