Stella Dimoko Legendary Playboy Mansion Goes Up For Sale For $200m...


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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Legendary Playboy Mansion Goes Up For Sale For $200m...

 Playboy Mansion where Lennon burned a cigarette on a Matisse and Elvis slept with eight Playmates at once is up for sale, it has been reported that Playboy Enterprises plans to ask for $200m for the six-acre Beverly Hills estate, although sources believe the actual price tag will be closer to $90m
thanks to its history. 

The Mansion has been the backdrop to countless celebrity-filled parties since Hefner, 89, purchased it for $1m from a chessmaster in 1971. Former
Playmates have since revealed that the interior of the house
is 'stuck in the 1980s' and less than glamorous but whoever buys it
must let Hugh Hefner stay until he dies. reportage.


  1. House of sin, goodluck to the buyer.

  2. Replies
    1. Whats the difference with u fucking ur boy friend? Shut up biko

    2. Audrey and Esta Akpan double identity. So it's true that some BVs have double identity on this blog. To what end I ask.

  3. That house smells of cum and cunt.
    No one should buy it.

  4. Who will buy that Sodom and Gomorrah?

    1. Many dear,very many.I for one wouldn't mind if I could afford it.

    2. Of course a lot of people would buy it.

      Converting it to a party venue, hotel or some form of tourist site will definitely make the buyer loads of money.

      Click my name for all your celebration cakes and cupcakes, cheers

  5. A whooping 200m?
    That's a tidy sum, and not bad for a mansion that holds one too many histories.

    But what I don't like is the clause..and since its so, it'd be better if someone in their 30's or early 40's get to buy it..
    Hefner is one resilient devil..well, not devil,devil,but you know,I don't think he is departing anytime soon.

    So, say I can afford to buy that mansion for 200m, it means 45 yrs from now, I could sell it off for say 300 and something million?
    That's some cool retirement dough you know?

    I'm bad at maths,and evaluation, overlook the figure, it aint fixed.

  6. House of sin for real.
    End time mansion indeed.
    Shiooooooor! Reading dis news is sin itself.

  7. Good luck to Hefner and the buyer. Africa and their judgemental holier than thou attitude. House of sin, house of immorality house of this house of that.Sin is sin when you tell lies or look lustfully @ anyone.
    Hefner might even end up making heaven.

  8. Whoever buys it must let him stay until he dies? Hmmmmm baba wants to share the money before he dies huh? Smart man.

  9. Hugh Hefner and his play things.

    To think one time in my life I was actually keeping up with Holly,Bridget and kendra! Youthful exuberance.

    1. True me too , at one point in my life I followed those girls until Kendra got married left , Bridget had a show I think , I lost interest when Kendra left!!!! Hefner does not look like he will die soon , so if I buy the house I have to stay in it with Hef and his young wife? Ok

  10. Wow, I have already saved 1.5million naira, ineed that house!

  11. I've never really understood the concept behind this man and his mansion. So he just gets different hot girls to live and sleep with?

    1. Erm, yes. Like rich alhajis do.

  12. So as he draws close to d grave at 89,he realizes their should be an end to all his escapades and wayward lifestyle....vanity upon vanity.

  13. Kind of haunted house I would love, all ghosts will be Secy naked babes!


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