Stella Dimoko Idris Elba’s Secret Second Wife Claims She Was Drunk When She Married Him


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Monday, February 29, 2016

Idris Elba’s Secret Second Wife Claims She Was Drunk When She Married Him

Idris Elba’s secret second wife has been revealed yesterday by The Sun UK as a US lawyer who ended the marriage after just four months.

Sonya Hamlin, now 44, claimed she was drunk when she and the Luther star wed
at a Vegas chapel. The pair had a whirlwind romance and a friend said:
“It’s a heartbreak story. She cared about him and when they broke up it tore her up.” Idris, 43, had just finished his role as Stringer Bell in The Wire in 2005 when they were introduced by his manager, a college pal of Sonya.

After living together in Maryland, they chose to marry at the Little White Wedding Chapel on April 9,2006. A source at the chapel said:
“I remember Idris. They were both very nice, not intoxicated or nothing crazy
like that. They arrived at 5-6pm.

“I recognised him because my brother’s a fan of The Wire.
“They were having a lot of fun. The person checking them in was joking about them marrying in Vegas and Idris was giving it back.” Estate agent Daniel Krastev acted as a witness and took

their photos after only meeting the couple that day. A pal of Daniel’s said: “Idris asked him to help so he went with them.” Previous reports have said the marriage lasted a day. But court papers obtained by The Sun on Sunday show it was annulled on August 11, with rows over having children partly to blame.

Sonya, a real estate lawyer, paid £83 to file the divorce in Maryland on June 6, 2006. But state rules mean couples
first have to be separated for a year.
So she hired a lawyer in Nevada, and claimed she had been too drunk on her
wedding day. A source said: “That’s what
you do to get out of it.”

Sonya filed for bankruptcy in 2009 but still has a £400,000 house in Maryland. She declined to comment last night. Her mum Betty Hamlin said: “It was a very painful relationship.”


  1. Replies
    1. Lol, mtchw!

      Click my name for all your celebration cakes and cupcakes, cheers

    2. I smell Green card marriage. He must have been told he didn't need it after all and bailed

  2. LOL
    This just made me LOL.

  3. So she was drunk through out their dating period.... Mtcheeew

  4. being drunk wen you got married, is ok.

  5. olori western union29 February 2016 at 08:54

    Very funny

  6. Hahahahahahahhaahhaahahhha......
    This woman is definitely crazy. After chilling in the D for a long time she's saying she was drunk lwkmd. I hope this doesn't become the new excuse for divorce.

  7. Shantelle loves Tuscany29 February 2016 at 09:02

    Wow! She's pretty.
    I'm prettier.


    1. So claiming you were drunk while getting married gets you a divorce faster... I wonder why they don't ban those drunken Vegas weddings once and for all.

      @Shantelle, that's not Sonya, that's Isan, Idris's daughter.
      She sure looks older than 14 years tho, I wonder Wetin children of nowadays de chop.

      Abeg make all these people leave Idris alone jare.

  8. Oooochimu! This looks and sounds like a script for a new movie! Ntorr to me shebi na gossip made me open this post! Haaahaaahaaahaaa!

  9. She's very pretty and looks way younger than 44.

    Their bowl of amala

  10. I don't blame her.
    She doesn't want her womb damaged.

  11. My own is that,you mean this lady i am seeing is older than idris? wow! she looks great! under 30 more like.

  12. Aunty that is idris Elba and his daughter ooo , please change that picture ooo , she's his child from his first wife , Abeg don't mislead the public , that lady up there is his first child oooo

  13. Shantelle loves Tuscany29 February 2016 at 10:52

    Lol.see how stella confused me.
    Thanks @ Princess Scheherazade


  14. His middle name Akuna? Says it

  15. Hahahahaha...They don't have problem.


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