Stella Dimoko Nelson Mandela's Heir Mandla Converts To Islam To Marry 4th Wife And Sparks South African "Disquiet"


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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nelson Mandela's Heir Mandla Converts To Islam To Marry 4th Wife And Sparks South African "Disquiet"

The Congress of Traditional Leaders in South Africa (Contralesa) told the BBC that being Muslim could affect his ability to uphold Xhosa traditions.

Mandla Mandela, who converted to Islam late last year, got married in a Cape Town mosque last week.
He inherited his position as chief of Mvezo in the AbaThembu clan from his grandfather, Nelson Mandela.

He is believed to have converted in order to marry Rabia Clarke, a Muslim.
This is the fourth marriage of Mr Mandela, 42.
Contralesa's spokesperson Chief Mwelo Nonkonyane said Mr 
Mandela's new religious affiliation could present a conflict for his subjects.

"There is nothing wrong with a traditional leader following any faith he chooses but we are concerned about whether he will be able to continue performing his responsibilities as a chief," he said.

Traditional chiefs sometimes lead thanksgiving rituals for ancestors, which would include presenting slaughtered animals to them in prayer.
Such practices are not considered to be in line with the beliefs of many Muslims.
Chief Mandla Mandela may find himself at a crossroads - forced to choose between his new bride and his loyal subjects.

Nelson Mandela's heir, who prides himself on being a man of tradition, may face some tough questions over his decision to convert to Islam.
The conversion has implications for him not because of the religion itself but because it creates uncertainty about the chief's loyalties.

4th wife?I cannot even deal with being one and half sef...the jealousy,malice,strife,envy,STD'S and all being passed in this kind of situation is better imagined..tufiakwa!


  1. For pleasure sake.

  2. Its obvious he loves fruits salad. Enjoy your wives man.

  3. He purposely converted to Muslim to marry a fourth wife. yeye man

    1. That is what stupid men do to justify their acquisition of wives.

  4. On top woman!
    Some men sha, aw sad, seriously I don't see any well behaved child of mandela! Dey are all spoilt nd wayward!
    What a reason to marry again

    1. There's a big curse in that family. It's a Pity

  5. Just because of a woman? Ok o,seen.

  6. LOL. The woman must have a bomb t*to

  7. To copy Xhlted P

  8. He will bite his fingers in regret later

  9. Non cud take afta their papa!
    Most of these South Africans&their kids re all spoilt,naughty&selfish lots,to think d system dere kinda support their naughtiness baffles smone.

  10. Can you imagine, one man on four wives.

  11. what about those with one wife but 20 concubines? isn't that worse?
    stella be fooling yourself thinking you are safe from std bcos you are the only wufe ba? ok o


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