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Monday, February 22, 2016

Weird Laws Around the World

I had a good laugh and wonder if these are true.....

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  1. So Italy fogs owners no get job again okwaya?

    @fat people can't be in Japan kikikikikiki

    SO to all size 8-12 ladies

  2. Lol.. It illegal to leave your house without underwear.. Them wan dey lift their clothes up as them dey waka? Lol.. Story!

  3. Wow thanks Stella no knowledge is lost.

  4. In Florida who checks the bumbum to know who farted.
    Singing loudly me hate it especially in the public transport.
    Yes supported at Japan, why would someone become apa akpu.
    For real at Maldive. God go punish you people.
    Hahahahahaah at Minnesota so the undies commits fuckery too.
    Oh chim oh. Arrested for unnessary vexation. Mputu!

    So in Thailand, they will be checking who wear pant. Is it by raising their klots up or how?
    French people must be igbo migrants because it is legal for an ibo man to marry a corpse.

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  6. The laws are really weird but i love Samoa's law

  7. Na wa!

    Can't fart in public after 6pm...What if its the breezy one? How can they know who did? I know this is the major one that cracked your ribs Stella.

    No divorce....Make people experiencing DV should die there kwo.

    funny laws

  8. Queen and boss will surely like that of China---Being overweight

  9. These laws won't survive one day in Nigeria

  10. The laws are really weird...end time laws. No weird iaw in Nigeria?

  11. I hate that of Maldives and love Samao

  12. me way dey mess like witch dem go arrest me tire nah


  13. me way dey mess like witch dem go arrest me tire nah


  14. The best weird law is dat of Phillipines and Vatican

  15. That Maldives tho...No Holy Bible/Christianity...I no believe

    Filipino people can divorce for Africa. I watch their 'novela's, read about some of their actors. I do not believe that too.

  16. Greece? So hiv positive persons go through this kind of humiliations which are legal?

    Wow! Just wow@

  17. The Canada own it's a big lie. I live in Canada and I have seen people pay with coins over 10 dollars and more.


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