Stella Dimoko Robber Who Stabbed Aspiring Model To Death Trying To Steal £1,000 Laptop Has Been Jailed For 21Years


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Monday, March 14, 2016

Robber Who Stabbed Aspiring Model To Death Trying To Steal £1,000 Laptop Has Been Jailed For 21Years

A robber who stabbed an aspiring model in the heart as he attempted to steal the £1,000 laptop he was selling on Gumtree was jailed for 21 years and six months today.

Michael Adegbite.

Michael Adegbite, 28, fought back when the supposed ‘buyers’ tried to swipe his Apple MacBook when they met on a street in Enfield, north London on July 19 last year.
But Christopher Nzeh, 18, pulled out a hunting knife and stabbed the personal trainer, who also worked as a teaching assistant, through the heart, leaving him to bleed to death in the street.
Montel Ajayi, 19, Isaac Owen-Brady, 18 and Nzeh, all admitted to planning to rob the victim - and all three were known to have carried out a series of violent robberies on Gumtree users previously.

 Nzeh was convicted of his manslaughter and all three men were cleared of murder.
Jailing the serial Gumtree robbers for a total of 34 years, Old Bailey Judge Paul Worsley QC said: ‘I do find you have all been prepared, in the past, to use violence on those you have set out to rob and you have taken weapons to the scene.

‘Those who go armed with knives to commit robbery, whether or not they are used in the course of a robbery, will inevitably attract high sentences.
‘That is underlined when the victim is targeted and the robbery takes part in his home.’

The judge sentenced Nzeh to a total of 21 and a half years for robbery, possession of a knife and manslaughter, telling him: ‘You produced a knife from your waist, opened it out, then thrust it deep into the chest of Michael, piercing his heart.‘The jury have concluded that you alone were responsible for the death of Michael.He was only 28 years old. He was a model and a personal trainer. He had his whole life ahead of him.He did not deserve to die alone in the street as he did.’

Ajayi, who the jury found did not know a knife was going to be taken to the scene, was jailed for five years for robbery and Owen-Brady was handed a 12-year sentence for robbery, possession of a knife and a similar robbery on a 16-year-old. 

Before targeting Mr Adegbite, Nzeh and Ajayi ambushed a man selling his iPad in May 2014, punching him repeatedly before grabbing the electronic device.

Owen-Brady was also involved in a previous Gumtree robbery, in March 2014, when a victim was stabbed in the back for his XBox games console.
Prosecutor Simon Mayo QC said all three men knew things might turn violent when they planned their next robbery on Mr Adegbite, who was a teaching assistant at Heathcote School in Chingford, Greater London, at the time. 

The victim, along with friend Mohammed Umer, had arranged to meet a buyer in a car park near to Turkey Street train station, in Enfield.
Mr Umer tearfully recalled how they knew something was not right when three men instead of one turned up for the trade.
After a quick inspection of the laptop, Nzeh pulled out a large folding knife and told Ajayi and Owen-Brady: ‘Let’s go’.I thought they were going to take off with the MacBook computer if we didn’t try to stop them’, Mr Umer told the court.

They snatched back the laptop and locked themselves in the car, despite Owen-Brady’s efforts to prise the window open.
‘The planned robbery was unsuccessful as Mr Adegbite and his friends stood their ground and resisted the defendant’s efforts to rob them,’ said Mr Mayo.
‘Realising that Mr Adegbite was not going to be a push-over, the defendants left the scene empty-handed.Understandably upset and irritated by what the defendants had done, Mr Adegbite and his friends decided to try to follow the defendants in the hope that they might be better able to identify them.’
Mr Adegbite summoned Phillip Omotoshi, another friend who lived nearby to help track them down.

Having now armed himself with a metal pole, Mr Adegbite spotted the robbers running along nearby Lackmore Road, Enfield, and got out of the car to confront them.

'While taking that iron bar with him might not have been the wisest course of action, it was perhaps understandable in the light of the fact that he had been threatened with that rather nasty looking knife just minutes before,Within moments the defendant Christopher Nzeh had taken out the knife he was carrying, opened it to expose the blade and he then plunged it into Mr Adegbite’s chest.As a result he suffered a wound to his heart, he rapidly collapsed and died shortly after.’

Mr Umer, who was just second behind his friend, said he saw Nzeh swing the knife once.
‘It was just one movement and he moved away backwards,’ he said.The other two moved as well backwards.Michael walked around the back of the car and then I couldn’t see him.

Mr Umer said he then walked around and found his friend lying on the pavement.
‘He was on the ground - he was lying on his back with his arms out.
‘I could see blood coming out of his t-shirt near his chest.’
Mr Omotosho said Mr Adegbite was a normally peaceful and fun-loving man, but had ‘felt violated’ by the attempted robbery.
‘I’m not sure what got into his head, that he just saw red when we went past them’, he said.
‘It’s stupidly out of character, it’s stupid, extremely out of character - it doesn’t make sense.

The robbers, who were seen running from the scene of the stabbing, were snared after their fingerprints were found on the laptop and Mr Adegbite’s car window. 
Ajayi, of Waltham Cross, Herts, Owen-Brady, of Enfield, and Nzeh, of Hitchin, Herts, all denied and were acquitted of murder
Ajayi and Owen-Brady also denied possessing an article with a blade or a point, namely a folding knife.
The three each admitted conspiracy to rob, but denied responsibility for the stabbing. report.


  1. Bunch of idiots
    Rest in peace Michael

  2. Justice gets served... But this guy sef, since u got d mac u should have driven away with ur ur friends na haba.. RIP!

  3. Oh God! Wicked acts from wicked pple. Good justice served cos if it happened in naija,only dead body we go see and investigation will be on till my great grand children will havee grey hair. RIP Michael

  4. How stupid can a thief be????

  5. Nigerians!!!! See how they wasted their brothers life!!!

  6. They deserve more severe sentences.

  7. Rest in peace Michael.Rest in peace.

    Chai.dis story is sad.*sighs
    My heart was in my mouth as I read u fought d robbers.3 robbers!it wasn't d wisest thing to do dear Mikey.
    Den my eyes were wide in shock as I read u went wit a pole to track the robbers down.Chai!
    What got into u Mikey?U and dose people obviously are not from d same world.they have NOTHING to lose but u did have EVERYTHING to lose dear Mikey.Chai.
    The Bible says we should be as gentle as doves but wise as serpents.Overlooking things isn't a sign of weakness but that of Strength.And enormous self control. Chai.
    Rest in peace Dear Mikey.Rest on.

    1. A very grave mistake he made.What is a laptop compared to his life? Very tragic.

    2. A very grave mistake he made.What is a laptop compared to his life? Very tragic.

    3. This woman eh..... seems you are related to Michael, the dad or mum.

  8. Bad children from irresponsible Nigerian parents committing crimes upandan. Most nigerian parents in this country are a disgrace to parenthood they think training a child is by shouting and beating!! They start crying wolf when it's too late. Yeye ppl . My worst experience in life have been with Nigerians terrible lot!!!!!

  9. I pray he dies a most gruesome death in prison. I pray he is raped every day by 25 to 30 men EVERYDAY.

  10. Good for him
    The jail term should have been longer sef.

  11. What a sad end for a vibrant n promising young man. It's a double pity that his death came from a fellow Nigerian whose suppose to watch his "brother's" back.

  12. Very good judgement but the rest could have been sentenced to few years too na

  13. Omg this is so sad. And mainly all Nigerians involved. Both the assailants and the victim's. If only the adegbite guy didn't go after them. May he RIP. All those kids in the UK that their parents can't control

  14. R.I.P to the dead.sorry to deviate from the issue at hand,but my head is full and I need to rant.My husband's stinginess is tearing me apart,and 2 think that he wasn't like dis wen we met is still like a movie 2 me,he isn't lazy but finds it so hard to bring out money 4 d upkeep of our home,we have 4kids,with d oldest been 11 and d youngest 4.My husband is so stingy that he calculates what and what is bought in the house,I keep thanking God for giving me a mother inlaw dt doesn't joke with me,she saw how the son witholds money and placed me on 50k allowance every month 4 d upkeep of d home(without hubby knowing).d recent problem is that I lost my dad and hubbys friend in canada sent me $1000 to help in d burial expenses,and since my family asked every1 to contribute 200k which mum inlaw has already paid 4 me,hubby insisted dt we must share d money equal,am so so angry right now as to how a man will be dis hard on his wife,hubby is a biz man and has his own money but b4 he brings out #100 he will make sure there's another way to replace it.he stopped using his car because of d high price of fuel(like who does that?)Now hubby said my 4yr old shouldn't be taking cereal again because she's past that age,and should be strictly on normal food,am soo tired of his every day tantrums because of money,a man dt wl gladly collect fuel money from his mum because she asked him 2 drop her somewhere when her driver isn't around,jeeez how did I enter dis one chance,and to think dt all he does is save,save,save without ever doing anything with d money,not even a plot of land 2 his tired,am sorry peeps for d epistle/rant,just wana bare my mind.

    1. Share fire!! Are you a baby? Do you not have needs? Are there no other emergency expenses that can come up and if that happens where will you get money?

      Tell him you are not giving him a is that simple.

      I don't know what to say about his stingy attitude cuz even me Wey be adult dey take cereal
      ( fruit n fibre).

    2. Your husband is a cheap skate. People like him will kill someone who dares tries to cheat him.

    3. Your husband should be ashamed of himself,how do I reach you?wanna place you on 20k every month...

    4. Your MIL should be given a legendary award!! Very rare to find her likes these days. You better form sickness and say u need the money for hospital bill. Na wa o

  15. Wow! But why would it be almost blacks althrough..not cool at all..
    And from the fact of the case, It should be murder and not manslaughter..because " a person is taken to foresee and
    intend the natural and probable consequences of
    his or her acts." So the defendant in question knew a knife wasn't a toy persae. It's dangarous enough to kill, so he had full knowlegde befor acting, so that's enough mens rea alone.. So in this case the "mens rea" and the "actus rues" are not jst present but happened concurrently, there wasn't a break in chain of causation. (novus actus interveniens) ....

    Hence from the fact of the case, his acts and intents would pass for murder n not manslaughter, except he had a good defending councel, dat maybe raised a defence to dat effect.

    ~barr charly.

  16. have fun in jail.
    silly thing.
    How can you thrust knife into a fellow human chest?

  17. Thank God it is not an Igbo man this tym around.

    Those hypocrites that won't allow Igbo people to drink water and drop cup won't comment now oh!

    1. So 'nzeh' is what tribe if I may ask?

      Kelvin dat Edo Boi

  18. 21 yrs too small for am,idiot.

  19. He didn't play smart
    They didn't succeed in their attempt, best option was to leave instead of following people armed with knives and what not..
    May his soul rest in peace and thank God for good judgment. Not the case of Nigeria where things tend to go different directions

  20. Over to HMP Pentoville. Have fun, useless murdered at such a young age.

  21. Anon 8:36 na Mbaise man you marry why s serious stinginess na. If you want your husband to drop. Any money dem dash u pay your tithe and you will be surprised. U self dey rob God.

    Back to the matter. RIP Michael. May all who are going to prison never find peace Amen.


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