Stella Dimoko Indian Woman Births Conjoined Twins Sharing One Heart


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Monday, August 01, 2016

Indian Woman Births Conjoined Twins Sharing One Heart

A woman has given birth to a pair of boys who are fused at the abdomen, have two healthy sets of limbs but share one heart.

Shahin Khan, 26, was admitted to Sion Hospital in Mumbai, India, where she gave birth to the twins in the seventh month of her pregnancy on Wednesday morning.
The new-borns weighing 4.5 kg have two separate heads and neck but are joined from the thorax - the part from the neck to abdomen.

According to,While doctors at the hospital have delivered several conjoined twins in the past, the latest twins are unusual in sharing one heart and neck - making it harder to separate them.
The hospital has prepared a team of doctors to carry out a possible surgery to separate the infants.
Dr Paras Kothari, the Head of Paediatric Surgery at the hospital, said: "As they share one heart, it isn't going to be an easy decision to make for the parents.
"But without a surgery none of them would survive. A hospital ethics committee will first discuss the surgery and its possible outcome before counselling the parents,” he said.
Dr Suleiman Merchant, the dean of the hospital , said: “These conjoined twins have a very complex internal architecture.

"While they have two separate heads and necks, they are joint from the thorax, that is the part between the neck and the abdomen, and so are completely fused below the umbilicus level.”
Shahin and her husband Irshand Khan, 27, a cobbler, are already parents of two daughters.

The next course of action will be decided after all investigations are complete, and the hospital will provide all the facilities completely free of cost. which of the heads will own the body?maybe the one giving the kiss..


  1. Oh my!! I pray one of them survives.

  2. Blood of Jesus!!!

    Can't eat again

    What a sight

    God let the operation be successful..because they have to operate on them


    1. Blood of which Jesus?
      Where was he when this was happening in the womb?
      He was sleeping abi?
      Was this satans creation?
      Innocent children.

    2. Anon 13:45 may Godld 4gv u

  3. *teary* I wish both of dem wud survive, but from d analysis of things ko ni possible......its a pity.

  4. Very sad, how would d family decide on whom to save. Very heart breaking.

  5. OMG! Even like that the look so adorable

  6. So sad... Wish they two can survive, but is not possible in the sight of doctors, but is possible with God.

  7. Replies
    1. End time Ejima.

      Why always India? Why??

  8. Indians can born all sorts.

  9. Let's even thank God the hospital bill is free. If they had to solicit for money, shebi that one wld ve been another bigger problem. They are adorable now, by the time they will get to 1yr, they will be a pity sight.

  10. Oh God! This is so sad,I wish there was a way to save them both!such adorable twins

  11. God will see them through.

    Why did I open this post? Scared.

  12. Oh Lord... I'm trying to imagine how difficult it will be for the parents to decide which of the baby's head should be saved. Separation of siamese twins is no walk in the park , at least a team of nothing less than 45 experts is required. @ Anon 12:58 Siamese twins has nothing to do with demographics or race,usually a single egg divides in half 1 to 2 weeks after it's fertilized which leads to a set of identical twins. The exact cause of conjoined twinning is not known.

  13. Hmmmm, it is well oh. May they be preserved.


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