Stella Dimoko Diddy And Jay Z Are Forbes' Highest-Paid Hip Hop Artistes


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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Diddy And Jay Z Are Forbes' Highest-Paid Hip Hop Artistes

They say mo' money, mo' problems, but not for these hip hop heavyweights. 
Forbes just released their annual list of the highest-paid acts in the musical genre, and for the second year in a row, Diddy comes out on top with a staggering $62 million in earnings over the past year. 

Trailing closely behind the rapper is none other than Jay Z, who managed to rake in $53.5 million in 2016 despite never having released an album. 

So how have artists like these two continued to increase their revenue without so much as a No. 1 track on the charts? Forbes points out that their various business ventures and endorsement deals also signal hefty dollar signs in their bank accounts. 

For Diddy, that means his partnerships with Ciroc vodka, television network Revolt, clothing line Sean John and alkaline water Aquahydrate. BeyoncĂ©'s hubby, on other hand, has his Roc Nation entertainment company, D'UssĂ© cognac and Brignac champagne to thank for his payday. 

Rounding out the top five highest-earning hip hop artists are Dr. Dre with $41 million, Drake with $38.5 million and Wiz Khalifa with $24 million. 

The only female artist included in the ranking is Nicki Minaj, who earned the sixth spot with $20.5 million. Following the "Side to Side" rapper is Pitbull ($20 million), Pharrell Williams ($19.5 million), Kendrick Lamar ($18.5 million) and Birdman ($18 million). 

As for Kanye West, the "Ultralight Beam" performer came in just shy of the top 10 with $17.5 million earned over the past year. 

Culled: E!Online

Who compiles these lists and what measures do they use and why has no Nigerian actress or Musician been profiled on this list?


  1. I thoght Jay Z owns a basketball club?

    1. Used to. He sold his shares to start a sports management company as the rules dont allow you to do both.

  2. @ Stella u stated d criteria used above already na....Not surprised wit Diddy with back to back No1 cos he's always being a business mogue.

  3. Where is Wizkid and Davido on the list?
    There is bias

  4. All hail Queen Nicki Minaj!! So proud of you bae
    All hail King Kanye!!! Whoop
    Congrats to Diddy and JayZ

  5. Lol Nigerian entertainers no get money, na mouth. They say in the community of the blind, the one eye man is king. Na the poverty for naija dey make dem do yanga with their small change.

  6. Thats beautiful. Diddy is a good business man.
    Success is everything.

  7. Kanye West can't be among the top 5. How can? When he's busy making clothes for mad people and Crack addicts. Kwakwakwakwa

    1. Anon18:10 U are correct about Kanye West. I don't even know what he was thinking making all those Rags and Expecting sane human beings to waste their hard earned money on them

  8. and your wannabe righteous solidarity! Forbes compiles it and which of our acts has a side business worthy of international repute? Did you see the amounts? My dear convert all their endorsements e no reach.

  9. Oga passenger,business mogul mbok,not business mogue,this list is so bias,wey Vic O???? By the way am new here,so,please be kind with words,looool

  10. It goes to prove that money is new to black folks. YOu have small white boys banking more than these anonymously every year in Wall Street. Like some Comedian said, " If Bill Gates wakes up tomorrow with Oprah's money, he will commit suicide".


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