Stella Dimoko Brad Pitt Child Abuse Investigations Expanded To Include The Entire Family


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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Brad Pitt Child Abuse Investigations Expanded To Include The Entire Family

Reports claims that the child abuse investigation surrounding the Jolie-Pitt family is said to have been expanded to look at the entire family, including Angelina.

It is said that the the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services are now looking at other incidents, as well as the initial plane incident which sparked the claims against Brad regarding Maddox.

TMZ says the probe is set to look at "interactions between Brad and Angelina which were allegedly witnessed by 1 or more of their 6 kids." A source also close Angelina claimed that an alleged meeting between Brad and Maddox last weekend ended early because Maddox didn't want to be there.

Culled from Tmz and mirror.

*ended early becos Maddox didnt want to be there?Continue to poison them mind oh you have started the allegations you must keep up otherwise the law will turn on you for lying...we grab.continue.

Brad,i hope in heavens name your hands come to equity clean?If yes,May God rescue you from


  1. Stella this ur love for brad is one of a kind

  2. Wow Stella I'm so disappointed in you.... Angie stay strong the truth is coming out already if you have followed this whole thing closely you would know that Brad has substance abuse and is fighting some demons... And for you to say she is poisoning her kids is a low blow even for you..

  3. This is getting messier for brad

  4. Continue painting Angelina Jolie as an evil woman you hear. Just know that Brad Pitt isn't innocent. He even admitted to being drunk and arguing with his son Maddox. Google is your friend

  5. Why are you praying for him? Shebi he carried his legs to meet her, leaving his wife? He wanted to be with the 'baddest, hottest woman' na. There she is. Thank God she never pretended to be a saint. So I blame him wholly

  6. I never liked Angelina

  7. I leave their matter for God hand.

  8. When you abandon your wife for hotter arse and she refuses to fight you, but leaves you to God. Wish all ex husbands who unjustly abandoned their wives this fate. Ami...

  9. Stella what is your own? Where you living with them?

  10. Stella has a crush on Brad so he can do no wrong in stealla's eyes!

  11. Stella has a crush on Brad so he can do no wrong in stealla's eyes!

  12. so the man shout for e pinkin na im they dey investigate? this world haff spoil oo

  13. Every Mallam with him kettle biko

  14. This is soooo sweeeetttt. Servers him right. dont fight, stand still and watch God fight for you. So people still dont believe in Karma? well here is a living proff, no matter how long it takes(in this case 12 whole years!) Karma cannot forget your address oh, Pitt will loose his marriage and his kids trust me. Jenny be laughing now...he who laughs last laughs the way Never underestimate a woman who is angry at you! she can piosion the mind of your very own kids against you, i keep telling hubby be doing your own, if i leave you will never see your kids in your life again, infact if u mistake jam them for street dem go spit on you in your miserable old age. Men be thinking they run the world. Mschteeeew!

    1. Anon15:17 U must be a very bitter and foolish woman. Don't go and make peace in your husband and have a happy family, stay here and be disgracing yourself


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