Stella Dimoko Cameroon Basks In Cheap Second Hand Clothes


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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cameroon Basks In Cheap Second Hand Clothes

Cameroonian markets have been flooded with second-hand clothes from Europe and the United States. Consumers prefer to buy from Germany because of its high quality products.

Not only do buyers cherish the clothes from Germany, but also electronic appliances. This has led to the stock piling of Chinese products considered to be of inferior quality.

At the Mokolo market in the capital Yaounde that is the main supplier of dresses to neighboring countries like Chad, Gabon and the Central African Republic, sellers compete against each other calling out buyers. The products on the stalls range between a dollar to US$10 (9 Euros)

 Among the buyers is 21-year-old Bimela Hans who has just been recruited as a secondary teacher in Yaounde. Bimela prefers second hand clothes that can be expensive instead new ones that are cheaper.

 "I prefer second hand goods from Europe and America because of the quality and durability. European and American goods are very expensive. But when you know what you want, you better go for what is expensive that will last longer than new and cheaper products," he said.

Cameroon's customs officer Christel Ndjock told DW that in the last 5 years there has been a 50 percent increase in second hand goods imported in Cameroon.
"At times people who have brothers or friends in Europe collect disposed of goods from them because they know Europeans use their electronic appliances for a short period of about 6 months or one year before they acquire new ones," Ndjock said.

German products versus Chinese
"Most cherished electrical appliances are from Germany. Chinese goods are not very good. The goods look very bright but never last. When you buy Chinese products, you need to replace them after three months. But second and third hand goods from Germany are very solid," Ndjock emphasized.

There are also several points where second hand vehicles are sold in Yaounde. Larai Bouba, a university lecturer intends to buy a Mercedes Benz.
"We prefer second hand vehicles from Europe because the vehicles are in a very good state, and well built unlike vehicles from China and India whose quality of spare parts we are not sure of," Bouba said.

"Here we have spare parts of European vehicles, and in circumstances where spare parts are difficult to find, most of us have relatives or friends in Europe who we can contact to send them to us. It is very complicated for vehicles from China that have not been experimented here. We know that goods from Europe are of good standards."

Cameroon's institute of statistics said that most second clothes sold in the country  are donations to charity organizations that end up in markets. Critics also say the trade in second hand products hurts the already fragile domestic market. There have also been calls to ban the importation of second hand clothes and prosecute those who run fake charities.

Author: Moki Kindzeka for Deutsche welle.


  1. Wow!,..
    And Vuharia banned the importation of these things into Nigeria...
    When I was growing up,na okirika I dey rock and I'm always unique!...
    Infact,I prefer akube than all those shine shine wey full market...
    I still rock them now too when I see a good one...

    1. Chai. Madam Rich wife!
      I would rather buy one authentic dress for Turkey than to buy 5 Okrika.

      Una no dey fear Cancer?

    2. Queen 👑 and boss,I commend you for your honesty
      Some will come here now and claim that they've not worn okirika before

    3. 1st grade okrika seller 0815913174122 October 2016 at 11:58

      I have some good ones o. You go patronise me ?

    4. Lindaaa is good to know you are real sometimes,no be everything wey u talk I dey follow.

    5. U are too real @Queen and boss. Not all them fake add peeps here. Okrika ti take over.

    6. These foreign second hand clothes stifle our own fashion industry. Nigerians can't seem to see past their own noses.

    7. zero seven zero three one nine five five eight four six22 October 2016 at 19:29

      Please, come patronise me. I've got nice things sent to me from Germany. Both new and first grade. I've another one comming in first week of December. They're all quality and designer wears; shoes, bags, clothes and a few undies.

    8. How can you be wearing second hand at this stage of your life when you claim you are rich!!
      Didn't you say you travel abroad often?

      What happened to Macys, Bloomindales etc? Even outlets where they sell designers cheap??

      Anyway, I can't remember the last time I bought Okrika.There is time for everything and No, am not rich. How can you claim to be rich and wear clothes other strangers have worn? Orisirisi.

  2. God forbid made in chin products.waste of money

  3. Like seriously!! I never knew camroonans are not well informed. China is producing for the world!!! Almost all the clothes we here and in America are produced ib china.

    1. But to different ISO standards. 70% of what enters this country can never enter the U.S. Never! The Chinese know the specs that are acceptable in US and Europe and stick to it. The countries only produce in Asia because of cheap labour but they don't compromise quality unlike what is made for Africa

  4. My Cameroon....hw is masaka,ekondo-ti to, limbe,munemba n my very own isangele....I love u :-)

  5. The impact on local businesses is profound. From local dress makers and designers to fabric manufacturers. Also considering these foreign nation use these charitable contributions of clothes to decongest their dumpyards and protect their atmosphere because of the adverse effects of burning on the eco system. They use Africa as dumpyards . As africans we see this as a rocking cheap high quality clothes not thinking of the polution this will eventually cause. When we as Africans decide to become self sustaining , the better for us.

    1. Thank you. Someone here has a brain.

    2. No, not all designers dispose their stuff for charity. Few high fashion designers burn, or cut the labels off before giving them up to people that sell to low income earners here in Europe, weil most burn them straight away.
      The ones they bring down to Africa as gifts are always the last grades which they couldn't sell, but when Individuals buy to resell in Africa, it's always the ones bought directly from the second hand shops here.
      Even white people wear second hand.
      When Kim's sold one of her bags, who bought it and how much was the cost. Or was it not second hand?
      Once is quality and so clean, I'm good to go. Sometimes self with labels.
      Okirika nwere grade.

  6. Germans has one of the best products, almost all my kitchen utensils are German made with 3-5years guarantee.
    My favourite car is Germanmade.
    I also love Japan products.

    I remember buying one leather brown bag back then from okrika bay in Nigeria, I used that bag for years until I moved to Europe. I later gave the bag to one of my girlfriend, because she always wanted the bag.

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  8. Coolio (Mama Patience Sister)22 October 2016 at 12:16

    Ha! Thank God Nigeria is no longer the dumping ground. I don't blame these white people at all. Although 2nd hand clothing's can be nice, but when these people dump their discarded clothes in Africa, as per less privilege that we is now...... Mtchew

  9. Must everything be imported?, even though I like second-hand clothes.

  10. Na today yansh dey back? Cameroon have been supplying Nigerians cloths since 1900


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