Stella Dimoko Berlin Christmas Market Attack Suspect Killed in Milan


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Friday, December 23, 2016

Berlin Christmas Market Attack Suspect Killed in Milan

The Berlin Christmas market attack suspect Anis Amri has been killed in Milan, according to Italian state police.

The suspect was killed in a shootout in Sesto San Giovanni -- a town near Milan -- just after 3am local time, say Italian police in their Twitter feed.

When the man was asked for his papers, he pulled a .22 calibre gun out of his backpack and fired, continued the tweet.

The driver of the police car returned fire, killing the suspect. A policeman was injured in the shootout and is in hospital, according to Italian police.

Twelve people were killed and dozens injured when a truck plowed into the busy Berlin market Monday.

Developing story by CNN - more to come


  1. stupid fanatics. They should kill all. All these people that dont want people to enjoy Christ birthday should be killed patapata.

    Thank God, 1 less idiot out of this world

    1. I wonder how pple in kaduna would celebrate Christmas!

    2. @usain. True talk. That deep freezer height man will make it unbearable for them.

  2. Stupid idiot....Rest in pieces....

  3. Imagine the Irony is that he celebrated his birthday yesterday , turned 24 and was killed today..Irony Of Life...young life wasted..

  4. This is just the beginning of the bedlam that would fall on Europe. These are people that are taught from birth that Christians, the white man in particular are infidels and don't deserve to live. Yet,the foolish political-correctness bunch ably led by Angela Markel granted tens of thousands of these known haters of modernization asylum. More and more attacks will be hatched by these senseless children of Ishmael as time goes on. America should thank God they ended up with Trump. They would have signed their death warrant if they had voted in the queen of political correctness herself.

  5. I felt bad when I saw the breaking news. I wanted him caught alive and he can be dealt with.

  6. A police officer in Dallas PD just brutalised the Jacqueline Craig family. Can't black Americans take their guns and kill all police pigs there. Stella post this.

  7. A police officer in Dallas PD just brutalised the Jacqueline Craig family. Can't black Americans take their guns and kill all police pigs there. Stella post this.

  8. Angela Markle, how market? Just because you wanted to play mother Teresa, you have put your citizens' lives at risk, the same people who voted for you to protect them. Let's see if you win the next election, in fact you should be jailed because all these innocent lives going about their lawful duties in their own country and meeting their untimely deaths, you might as well have killed them yourself. It's women like you that make people question the leadership ability of other women.

  9. I'm so upset they killed him!!! They should have MAIMED him, maybe shot him in the stomach so all his intestines will spill out (heard that is so painful!). THEN, he will be admitted to a hospital, chained to the bed, and would need a transplant or something but nobody will offer one to him. After being in excruciating pains for say, 3-4 weeks, he will finally die. In extreme pain! They really shouldn't have shot him dead. So pissed. These devils actually want to be shot dead because they see that crap as martyrdom. Or maybe a female police officer should have fired the kill shot as I also read somewhere that being killed by a female is taboo for all these devil terrorists. Argggggh may he roast in hell for all eternity. *spits*


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