Stella Dimoko Ivanka Trump Pleads With Americans To Give Her Dad A Chance


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Friday, January 20, 2017

Ivanka Trump Pleads With Americans To Give Her Dad A Chance

Give Donald Trump a chance, incoming first daughter Ivanka is asking fellow Americans as her father readies to be sworn in as president of a sharply divided country on Friday.

Yet in an interview with ABC News, aired on the eve of the inauguration, the businesswoman and mother of three also admitted to urging her father to cut out some of his more controversial tweets.

“My father is an incredible unifier. For every critic, I would say give him time. Let him come into office. Let him prove you wrong,” the 35-year-old told ABC as she prepares to move to Washington.

Asked what she would say to tens of thousands of protesters expected to march across the United States Saturday who are worried that the incoming Republican administration will roll back rights, she replied: “I say, give my father a chance.”

Ivanka, whose husband has been appointed a White House advisor, is stepping down from both the family business and from running her fashion label to avoid conflict of interest accusations.

Known to be a calming influence on Trump, she said she gave her father “my feedback, solicited or otherwise” when it came to his twitter feed, adding “of course, at times, I tell him not to.”

Yet she also sought to dispel press speculation that she will become de facto first lady as her stepmother Melania stays in New York until the Trumps’ 10-year-old son, Barron, has at least finished the school year.

“There is one first lady and Melania will be an incredible first lady. I’m proud of her. She is intelligent, warm, caring and a remarkable person,” Ivanka told ABC.

But she was equally careful not to rule out a role for herself.

“My focus is moving to Washington, travelling around the country and listening and getting great feedback on how I can add positive value,” she told ABC.

She praised her husband Jared Kushner, whose White House appointment raised fears about nepotism, as a “remarkable human being.”

She also maintained that Chelsea Clinton was still “a very good friend,” despite the bitterness of the general election between her father and Chelsea’s Democratic mother Hillary Clinton.

Asked whether she will call her father Mr President, Ivanka replied: “He is always Dad.”

*Story,Americans dont want your papa after voting for him..Ironic huh?


  1. No need pleading...
    They hav no choice, abi them de beg shit to smell??

    1. I can't wait for Trump to assume office. God bless the day he won.


    2. 😂😂😂😂😂 no ooo dem no dey beg shit ooooo

    3. @stella he won by Electoral College and not by popular votes. He had 62m+ votes while Hillary had 65m+ votes. But since Electoral college votes supercedes popular votes, he was adjudged the winner.

      So he should expect more opposition.

      Honestly I think that Electoral college thingy should be abolished. It's senseless to me.

    4. All those pastors that said Obama won't hand over, we still dey wait o. Fake prophets everywhere! Kai

    5. ...and you are???
      You want a system that has been in place for over 240 years to be abolished because Trump won??
      Go and sort the Nigerian voting system out before you start telling other countries how to sort theirs

    6. Electoral college supersedes every other, let them hit their head on the wall.
      Hope that stupid Obama has packed out of white house ?
      Go Trump deal with every them n abolish those Obama bills.
      The house is dominated by republicans so I wonder who the oppositions are.

  2. hahahaha you beg, you dont beg. Today is your dad's big day. I am looking forward to it.

    Abeg my people what time will they show it ooo. NO telemundo today.

  3. Them get option before?! Lmaoo! Congrats to una jare

  4. Please I ask again, who are the people that voted this man in? Cos I don't understand the level of hate the Americans are displaying towards trump

    1. It's the stupid media that is deceiving them.

  5. Shine Donald Trump, shine! Ivanka, don't worry. Americans will enjoy his reign, he will do very well.

  6. May God help President Trump. Amen.

  7. I don't know why I am happy Trump is the president.

  8. I'm not in America but I'm happy Trump is now the president. Let jihadist n boko haram Obama n his puppet Clinton go and seat in sambisa forest

  9. Americans will sit up now. They need a firm president. Not a gay loving, playing to the gallery president. They know trump does not need their approval.

  10. Everybody now loves Trump...Nigerians are hypocrites I swear...& u Stella Clinton don lose dey paint Trump like one bad guy again abeg...if useless buharia fit legit for your eyes...y not overqualified trump


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