Stella Dimoko Kirsten Dunst And Jesse Plemons Are Engaged!


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Friday, January 13, 2017

Kirsten Dunst And Jesse Plemons Are Engaged!

Kirsten Dunst is a bride-to-be!

The 34-year-old actress is rumoured to be engaged to her Fargo co-star, Jesse Plemons, a source close to the couple confirmed to ET on Thursday.

Entertainment Tonight reached out to Dunst and Plemons' reps. Neither responded to emails for comment.

Although some reports claim the 28-year-old actor proposed to Dunst over Golden Globes weekend, it appears the exciting moment may have actually happened earlier. 

The blond beauty was sporting a stunning sparkler -- an oval-shaped diamond set on a gold band -- on that finger at the Palm Springs Film Festival on Jan. 2.

*Imagine a Nigerian MIL hearing that her 28 yr old son has given engagement ring to a 34year old babe....LOL


  1. The guy looks older than her sef.

    Black don't crack biko.

    Happy Married Life to them in advance.


    1. Honestly
      The guy can almost pass as her dad

  2. The crazy wife in Fargo season 2.

    1. No big deal to me, am even going out with lady is two years older than me,and I want to marry her.

  3. Congrats!

    @ Stella, it's no biggie.

  4. Good for her.

    stella nothing MIL go do.

  5. But the guy doesn't look like a 28years old, He looks too mature and old jor . Maybe 28 is his football age😃😃😃

  6. That guy up der looks like someone who is 50years.

  7. I hope she will be a better wife to him in real life than she was in Fargo. That Fargo 2 was quite mad.

    1. Fargo is bae mehn. Hoping for a season 3

  8. 28 and 34 is not bad now.The man even looks older than her sef.

  9. The man looks older than 28 to me, happy married life to them

  10. Congrats.
    Age is nothing but a number.
    My father is older than his wife with 32years.

  11. Stella please ah beg you to stop promoting this kind of relationships to the nigerian audience. Because it's not a good market for them!!!
    You know very well that in almost every marriage relationship, the man has at least the upper hand in the long run or survival of that relationship.
    Nigerians don't appreciate even for a man to marry woman in his age bracket, let alone to marry woman much significantly older than they are.
    To them marriage is an oppression & cobtrol thing. So, therefore any woman that is not really looking possible to manipulate much physically or challenge them also economically is highly undesirable marriage material for naija.
    You know several lives have been damaged due to older woman marrying younger man front naija whereby those men & their supporters will turn to all kinds of bad behaviours & abuse on the woman.

    While in western cultures most men prefer girl in their own age bracket or even best older woman. Look at the British royal family for an example, prince Charles & all his sons are either married to a woman older than they are or dating & in serious relationship with an older woman.
    But that's not the case for the nigerian men!!!
    Unemployment is real & a big catastrophe in nigeria also because many men will rather die in penury than explore careers or work related to "domestic roles" like cooking e.t.c
    Many nigerian men refuse to work under a woman boss or have been sacked from jobs due to such attitude mentality of rubbishing a woman with authority or power above them.

    I watch the Doctors of Houston show on TV & you see the case of highly successful plastic surgeon doctor Erika Sato & her much younger husband Derek.
    Who are in opposite & conflicting ideas or choice of having kids or not, religious belief & other social values. But love conquers all for them!
    Erika just couldn't resist or refuse marrying this doctor (very kind, loving young boy) who was her student intern, totally in love and infatuated with her like a love struck and lost puppy.
    They are from totally opposite social background or class in society. Derek is from a prestige & upper class established highly conservative white American family; while Erika is from immigrant working class uneducated Asian home.
    The 2 are married today, struggling and understand each other with respect and love on how to have child (ren) now despite Erika's rejection of having biological (pregnancy) or natural conception method due to her worries and fear of her age. Although she's under 40yrs any way. Lol!
    Nigerians can never understand or accept such things!!!

    So many difficulties will test & face any marriage, but without a foundation of love & respect in the relationship, that marriage is surely DOA!!!


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