Stella Dimoko Thousands Flee Gambia Ahead Of Thursday's Inauguration.


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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thousands Flee Gambia Ahead Of Thursday's Inauguration.

The election was won by Mr Barrow last year but outgoing President Yahya Jammeh does not accept the result.....Well he actually did at first but later had a change of mind and did an about turn and rejected it.

The regional body Ecowas has asked Mr Barrow to stay in Senegal until Thursday - the planned date of the inauguration but thousands have been fleeing Gambia for Senegal in fear.

The Regional body Ecowas says it is considering military intervention to force Mr Jammeh to relinquish power,which means he will be disgraced out of power.

Mr Jammeh applied to the Supreme Court to stop Mr Barrow's inauguration
But on Monday, the Chief Justice refused to rule on the issue as he was a subject of the injunction which sought to stop him swearing in Mr Barrow.
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  1. The deaf does not wait to be told there is danger

    1. He wants to die in power, they should disgrace him or better still send him to his fore fathers

    2. Angela Okorie,go and talk to your anal manfriend to leave now. One person no dey eat make ground expand now.

  2. God save the people of Gambia...because when two elephants fight it is the ground that suffers


  3. Na so Gadaffi own start too, until citizens of Libya turned against him, how him matter end, na six feets down the earth. Ok ooo Gambia President continue.

  4. I dont know why jammeh is behaving like this. he has serve the people for 22years and they said they want Change. why not concede defeat. Odiegwu . POWER. stella good morning

  5. This man die dey hungry am o


  6. Lol... Waiting for Thursday.

  7. Ok! This beast of a man Jammeh will surely see what he is bargaining for come thursday. Wicket thing

  8. I. Don't want another "sometimes in april" repeating itself. Mr jammeh should resign peacefully.

  9. LOL. They cant shout. This one somebody is already dying from dog bite. reminds me of 2015 elections when people were running from Abija. The Hausas kept chanting 'masu gudu su gudu'

  10. I don't understand the problem of this president that has refused to accept the result oo now you will be disgraced

  11. Jammeh is a demon....... real demon. I'm not surprised the people are fleeing. They know what he Iis capable of..... Gambia is a very beautiful country, but after my last visit there, I promised myself never to smell the place again until Jammeh leaves office. Such a brute..... I sure say he get hand for Barrow son death. Let them throw him out of there. I pity any soldier that will want to risk their head for him.

  12. This is what Would have happend to Nigerians if Jona didn't conceed defeat!...
    I love you GEJ!...

  13. Power-drunk leaders everywhere especially in Africa.

    Oga Jammeh, you want to die there?

  14. after ruling for many years, he doesn't want to step down for another person.
    now the masses will be the ones suffering.


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