Stella Dimoko Ghana Presidential Fleet 'Missing 200 Cars'


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Friday, February 10, 2017

Ghana Presidential Fleet 'Missing 200 Cars'

Ghana's new government is trying to track down more than 200 cars missing from the president's office, a government spokesman has said.

The ruling party counted the cars a month after taking power following victory in December's elections.

After previous transfers of power, state-owned cars have been seized from officials who did not return them.

A minister in the former government said the implied allegation of wrongdoing by his colleagues was false.

Former Communication Minister Omane Boamah told the BBC's Thomas Naadi that this was "a convenient way for the new government to justify the purchase of new vehicles".

Presidential spokesman Eugene Arhin told the press that officials could only find:
74 of the presidency's 196 Toyota Land Cruisers
20 of the 73 Toyota Land Cruiser Prados
11 of the 24 Mercedes
two of the 28 Toyota Avalons
two of the six BMWs.

Ghanaian radio station Citi FM reported that the president has been "forced to use a 10-year-old BMW" as a result.

In making the statement Mr Arhin revealed the president's office was meant to have more than 300 cars but he did not divulge the purpose of these vehicles.

Nana Akufo-Addo from the the New Patriotic Party won the Ghanaian presidential election at the beginning of December, taking power from John Mahama, of the National Democratic Congress.

from BBC.

*Hmmmm they have probably resold the cars to themselves like the case in Nigeria.


  1. The cars has been sold already...
    Africans with greed...

    1. They developed wings and flew away. African leaders are just same, ole gbogbo.

  2. Every African country is just learning from Nigeria's bad character.

  3. Africa leaders are very good at copying everything from the westerners but failed to copy them on how to rule their people. All Africa leaders are thieves!

  4. Africa my Africa
    Africa of proud 'thieves' in ancestral savannahs
    Africa of whom my grandmother sings

  5. TF a president gon use over 200 cars for???

  6. Their own is better now? In Nigeria a whole giant ship went missing till date.

  7. How do a whole 200 cars just go missing like just brought back that movie gone in 60 seconds back to my mind

  8.'s actually not a crime for office holders to purchase their official vehicles at the end of their tenure if they wish so. As long as they pay the depreciation value

  9. Ndi Ghana....Black people with Black mind....

    1. Yes we re proud not like bleaching Nigerians. Shame on you for always calling Ghanaians is beautiful

  10. Ghana is just worst than Nigeria. I see where Nigeria thief thief no plenty reach Ghana.

    200 cars for president. Will he divide himself to enter how many cars.

    God will punish all these our african leaders.

    1. Ghana is just worse than Nigeria !!! Imagine!!!for your mind!!!A whole country, your president is missing, you can't find him and here you are talking about another country who can't find their cars...

  11. Africans and corruption

  12. Did the cars grow wings......Hope Ghanian politicians haven't undergone corruption class from Nigeria politicians.......


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