Stella Dimoko Michael Jackson's Thriller Album Certified 33 Times Platinum


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Friday, February 17, 2017

Michael Jackson's Thriller Album Certified 33 Times Platinum

Micheal Jackson.... ...

from TheShadeRoom


  1. Micheal jackson....oh how I miss you man...your songs remain songs of life...osheey baddest,a whopping 33 times platinum even after death you are making money...

  2. And it's well deserved!!! Miss ya MJ...

  3. My BEST ever favorite musician that ever liveth
    Am still missing you Wacko Jacko!

  4. Wow!
    My all-time fave Artist!
    There wil be none like him!

    Kids that were born long before u died grow up knowing him. His music. I remember a few months ago,all I woke up to was "Mummy what killed him? Mummy can God pls just make him come back to life? Jay one more time?(Mind u I had answered this severally)

    I didn't really tell them what killed him. I only told them he was ill. What caused the illness? And why couldn't he be treated? Well,he was Bn treated but I guess God wanted him home.
    They were always sad about his death. They wanted to know more. I couldn't tell more. Cos really there were things me sef didn't know. My first was stil a baby,when he died. I was in London. Me and the General just stepped off a train and I saw newspapers everywhere "Micheal Jackson is dead" Everyone was holding one. And as we made our way through the Station,it became more and more evident that Thr King of Pop was dead. And he was billed to perform in London O2 in just a few weeks or so. I bawled my eyes out. Everyone was in tears. For a stranger many prolly hadn't met but who touched lives.
    I am still sad he isn't here and he died young so it's a difficult thing to remember. So I always scale his cause of death til one day my first daughter came and asked me" What is Propofol Mummy?
    I looked at her. I didn't have to ask where she saw that from. Cos I saw her at the Computer a while ago. She had googled what killed Mikey.
    I asked her what the internet said so to know what to say. She told me they said he had an overdose. I sighed. She knew everything.
    How could I tell my kids that their Idol,my own idol dabbled into drugs? Would his light dim before them? Whatever I do,I try not to lie to them. And they wil find out anyways,so why bother? Why let myself be caught in a lie and make things difficult for me? So I took it from another angle. I told them yes he took drugs. And there were shouts of why and oh no! And I took that chance to lecture them on the dangers of drugs,cigarettes and the rest. They asked me why he did that? They thought he was responsible. He looked like a good man. But Mommy,I read someone else,a Doctor gave him the drugs. I lectured them on the dangers of Bn friends with bad people. He should have said No tot the Doctor they said. It broke their heart to know his daughter saw him in that very poor state. That part touched me too. Well,I was glad it ended well. And glad that after everything, his light didn't dim in their eyes😀
    Infact it only grew more.

    They know all his songs,well almost. They say he dances well and they really really wish he was alive. Their favourites happen to be Liberia Girl,Billie Jean,They don't care about us,The Earth song(they looove this)Beat it and the ever-green Thriller. These happen to be my favourites too. So on the Computer and the I pad,they play his songs.

    They have infected Their Dad with their new-found love of Mikey and he had to dig out an old video CD of Mikey. So u hear them playing it every now and then. They say they want one for the road too. Lol. So we get to sing along while we are on the move.

    That was the effect The King Of Pop had on almost everyone.
    Rest on Micheal Jackson😇
    Rest on King Of Pop😘

    1. You said it all girl, later some fools would be comparing to instagram and twitter hyped artists

    2. This is so touching. I could feel your deep love for this legend while reading your comment.
      THE EARTH SONG will always do it for me, for some reason I get emotional each time I watch the video of that particular song.

      Michael touched lives. Watching people faint under his musical anointing during concerts and thousands trying to imitate his steps, just tells you how much of a blessed man he was.

      Rest on Papi

      Mrs G, you did a good job by utilizing that opportunity to lecture your cuties. You're one sassy Mama

    3. Sound, intelligent children.
      Umu oma'm.
      Aunty B sends y'all kisses.

    4. Thanks loves @ Anon,Ari baby and BLOGGIE😘

    5. Woooow! You have time for this? menh, child molester and black nigger that wanna be white. Fuck him

  5. I love that his, heal d world.

  6. Fuck this child molester! Stupid ass pervert! Paid out severals millions to cover his shit.


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