Stella Dimoko Chef Who Stole Boss' Money And Planning To Relocate To The US Has Been Arrested.


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Friday, April 14, 2017

Chef Who Stole Boss' Money And Planning To Relocate To The US Has Been Arrested.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Oyo State Police Command has arrested a Beninese chef, Mathew Kudjo, 25, for allegedly stealing $59,000 and N3.4 million belonging to his boss in Ibadan, the state capital.

Police Commissioner Abiodun Odude spoke yesterday in Ibadan, the state capital, while parading Kudjo and other suspects.

The police chief said Kudjo was arrested in his hideout in Ibadan after breaking into his employer’s apartment at Ikolaba in Ibadan to steal the money.

He said: “The suspect, on December 12, 2016, betrayed the trust of his master. After successfully carrying out the criminal act, the suspect perfected sinister plan to abscond abroad with the loot, but through intensive investigation coupled with high level intelligence carried out by the Special Squad, the suspect was arrested before he could escape to the United States of America (U.S.A), having procured an international passport, a U.S.A visa and other travel documents with which to travel out of the country.

“Upon interrogating the suspect, who was remorseful, confessed to the crime. He disclosed that he had built an edifice in his home country, Benin Republic, with part of the ill-gotten money. Part of the stolen money and other exhibits were, however, recovered from him.”

Exhibits recovered from the suspect included N1.5 million, one international passport and other travel documents.

Kudjo said he was able to steal the money when his boss went to play golf in the club.

He said part of the stolen money has been used to build a house in Benin Republic and he has started planning to relocate to US before he was caught by the police.

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  1. $59,000 is about N23million at $400 per dollar so I don't know why you calculated stella

    1. $59,000 AND N3.4m.

    2. Sorry eye dey do me

  2. 👌👌 *Beautiful Message*.

    A rich man looked through his window and saw a poor man picking something from his dustbin ... He said, Thank GOD I'm not poor.

    The poor man looked around and saw a naked man misbehaving on the street ... He said, Thank GOD I'm not mad.

    The mad man looked ahead and saw an ambulance carrying a patient ... He said, Thank GOD am not sick.

    Then a sick person in hospital saw a trolley taking a dead body to the mortuary ... He said, Thank GOD I'm not dead.

    Only a dead person cannot thank God.

    Why don't you thank GOD today for all your blessings and for the gift of life ... for another beautiful day.

    *What is LIFE*?
    To understand life better, you have to go to 3 locations :

    *1. Hospital*
    *2. Prison*
    *3. Cemetery*

    🏥 At the Hospital, you will understand that nothing is more beautiful than HEALTH.

    🔐 In the Prison, you'll see that FREEDOM is the most precious thing.

    💐 At the Cemetery, you will realize that life is worth nothing. The ground that we walk today will be our roof tomorrow.

    *Sad Truth* : We all come with *Nothing* and we will go with *Nothing* ... Let us, therefore, remain humble and be thankful & grateful to God at all times for everything.

    🙏 Could you please share this with someone else, and let them know that God loves them?

    Michael Jackson died few years ago they call him late Jackson; Yaradua died few years ago they call him late Yaradua; Mandela died few years ago they call him late Mandela, But since 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ died and no body not even the devil called him late Christ .. Glory be to God in the highest !.He lives!!! He lives!!!

  3. The BVN is making people keep money in their homes and it gets stolen by close associates. This one stole money and wants to travel to USA

  4. If police can work like this to get all these politicians, nigeria will be the best place in the world to stay.

  5. They should just sell the house he built and add to the cash recovered.
    Is it that we don't have good Nigerian chefs, why do all these people always prefer Ghanaians, Togolese Cameroonians etc

    1. They are the ones that are ready to work,Nigerians are not ready at all filled with plenty excuses and non challant attitude.

    2. Lucille, you are right . A typical Nigerian is proud and will rather do these sort of jobs abroad.

  6. Na wa. No more integrity in this world. No trust at all.

    Shame to all househelps including cooks

  7. They are always remorseful when caught. Yeye dey smell.

    Btw, Stells how our oga Egbegbe, hope hes still in d cell o?

  8. The Nigerian police has intensified their game this period. Good work

  9. #You are responsible for your life, and when you take responsibility for all your past mistakes, without blame, you change your life*

  10. Good he is caught. But why keep such a huge amount at home.

  11. All this domestic servants are Just crooks

  12. People should stop hiring these non Nigerians.
    After dayo Adelekes death in park view I fear those people.

  13. This days house help are up to no good


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