Stella Dimoko AIDS -A Million People Could Die if funding Cuts proposed by the Trump Administration To Global public health programs Is Enacted.


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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

AIDS -A Million People Could Die if funding Cuts proposed by the Trump Administration To Global public health programs Is Enacted.

At least one million people will die in sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere, researchers and advocates said on Tuesday, if funding cuts proposed by the Trump administration to global public health programs are enacted.

The United States currently spends more than $6 billion annually on programs that buy antiretroviral drugs for about 11.5 million people worldwide who are infected with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS. The Trump administration has proposed slashing those programs by at least $1.1 billion — nearly a fifth of their current funding, said Jen Kates, a vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

“These are lifesaving interventions, and these levels of reductions will significantly curtail service delivery,” Ms. Kates said.

In a briefing for reporters, Hari Sastry, director of the State Department’s Office of U.S. Foreign Assistance Resources, said that everyone now receiving drug treatments under the programs would be allowed to continue, even if the funding cuts were approved.

“We will currently maintain those patients on the treatment,” Mr. Sastry said. He did not explain how that would happen if funding dropped by roughly 20 percent, but the programs have wide bipartisan support on Capitol Hill, where they may be shielded from the proposed cuts.

Much of the success of anti-AIDS efforts in Africa has come from a guarantee in many countries that people who test positive for H.I.V. can immediately receive treatment.

With a huge share of Africa’s population reaching sexual maturity in the next four years, the virus could again imperil much of the continent if fewer people are treated, said Brian Honermann, deputy director at amfAR, a foundation that invests in AIDS research.

AIDS treatment not only keeps people alive but prevents them from spreading the virus to others, Mr. Honermann noted. “If you cut the funding by this much, I think there’s a real risk we will backslide, and a whole lot more people will become infected,” he said.

Much of the United States government’s funding for AIDS treatment and research is funneled through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or Pepfar, which was established in 2004 by President George W. Bush in an effort to save Africa from an epidemic that threatened to kill much of the population of entire countries, like Botswana and Namibia.

President Barack Obama expanded Pepfar, and combined with the Global Fund and other international efforts, the spending is widely credited with arresting the AIDS epidemic. About 37 million people worldwide are infected with H.I.V., including nearly two million children. About one million people died of AIDS in 2015, and two million were newly infected that year.

Pepfar funds anti-AIDS activities in more than 60 countries. But in the briefing on Tuesday, Mr. Sastry said the Trump administration planned to ensure that the United States was “focusing our efforts in the 12 high-burden countries to achieve epidemic control.”

He did not name those 12 countries, but in past years, the program focused much of its work on a dozen African countries, as well as Haiti, Vietnam and Guyana.

The Trump administration has also proposed eliminating $524 million in funding for contraceptives and other family planning efforts that mostly benefit women in developing nations.

Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said in a statement posted on her Facebook page that the proposed family planning cuts “would lead to more unintended pregnancies, more maternal deaths.”

“This budget threatens to trap millions more families in a cycle of poverty,” she said.

It is unclear how many lives could be lost as a direct result of the budget cuts, but the Global Fund estimates that every $100 million invested saves about 133,000 lives. An amfAR calculation found a similar effect, suggesting that the administration’s proposed cuts to AIDS programs alone could cost more than one million lives and orphan more than 300,000 children.

“All of these programs have multiplier effects beyond just those immediately served by them,” said J. Stephen Morrison, who directs global health work at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “For the first time ever, after 15 years of steady growth, we’re going to see a radical regression that will have huge effects.”

from The New York Times


  1. Trump pls don't cut it o.

    1. Many olosho girls and gay men will die. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

  2. This Trump of a man is a useless thing..
    His plans will not work,even some people I know will die if he stop this program...

  3. Oya! Trump supporters in this blog, over to you guys!

  4. God bless former presidents, Bush( Jnr) and Obama for playing the " Big brother" role to other countries in need! 😇😇😇😇

  5. coolio mama patience sister24 May 2017 at 08:32

    Na wah o! Trump abeg na

  6. It's cool to insult trump but must US always come to our aid? Our leaders are busy hiding money in burial ground and back of their houses, when will Africa stand on their own and become developed?

    1. It's actually true, he has to cut cost so he can make his own country better, what happened to the people we placed as leaders? Are they crippled? I do not support his action but can you really blame him, when the people that promised to take care of us are not doing their jobs

    2. sweet chocolate24 May 2017 at 09:17

      I'm happy to meet more sensible Nigerians, the most annoying part is a huge amount of the funds are always diverted by the leaders, they will collect 1 million dollars from U.S for abortion and come and tell the people abortion I evil,abeg oga trump carry your money and build your country,una no go die because of Africa,our entitlement mentality is crazy,every time Obi is a boy,when will Obi ever be a man?

    3. My dear our precious govt will remove subsidy on HIV drugs now o. Lolll

  7. All the ones this US government has been giving to Africa, what did they do about it. Trump cut it off, it is only people that dont have money for the drugs that will be affected.

    All our african leaders are thieves. I wish they have this disease

  8. If it make our leaders to utilize our money well instead of hoarding it for themselves

  9. New York Times! The one leading the pace when it comes to breaking news

  10. This is the time for African leaders to wake up from their slumber and get proactive. How long do we want to keep depending on crumbs from other countries to substain us when we can generate more than enough funds to go round. Even if trump doesn't propose this, another president will do this in the nearest future bringing us back to round 1. Something has to be done!!

  11. Not a good one tho but the Nigerian gov is useless. This donors have been pleading for counterpart funding from our system but no. We would rather spend funds to run ASO rock and the national assembly. I remember when they said msh was pulling out of a state.... it was bad. Clients were running around and pleading with the commissioner. I just feel bad for the infected and affected.
    But then, it's better they give us money ooo and let us settle ourselves here. Before we come over there you know.

  12. Our leaders had better arise and stop depending on others, is not only by looting and hiding funds meant for the well being of this nation .

  13. Good afterall all the monies are still stolen in the name of NGO executive or go to official and never gets to the people ..


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