Stella Dimoko Nigerian Airline Med-View BANNED From Entering UK Airspace


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nigerian Airline Med-View BANNED From Entering UK Airspace

Barely 18 months after commencing the Lagos-London route, the lone Nigerian carrier on the European route, Med-View Airline has been barred from entering European airspace.

The European Union cited safety reasons for barring of the airline from entering the Europe airspace.

European Commission said that its aircraft Boeing 767 that its operate to Gatwick London is not airworthy and advised the carrier to change the aircraft or suspend flight operations to its airspace until it is able to provide another aircraft for its operations.

Apart from the airline, 180 other airlines were also barred from flying into Europe. Also, 174 other airlines were barred due to safety oversight by aviation authorities in their home countries. All carriers from Mozambique and Republic of Benin have been removed from the list of airlines banned.

Med-View was one of seven airlines barred due to safety conditions.

It would be recalled that Med-View commenced the Lagos-Gatwick route on November 20, 2015, with fanfare. The airline commenced the three weekly frequencies to London with a Boeing 767 aircraft but changed the aircraft to Boeing 747 last year when the Boeing 767 went on maintenance check abroad.

However, when the aircraft returned from checks abroad, the management deployed the aircraft to the European country again and moved the Boeing 747 for its annual hajj operations.

Besides, due to lack of passengers in recent time, the airline reduced its frequencies to two weekly and last December had issues with passengers whose luggage were left behind in London.

The carrier last year was enlisted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and on Wednesday, held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) where investors expressed displeasure over the management of the airline.

Some of them expressed fear that the airline may go the way of others if the management didn’t change its style of leadership.

When our correspondent contacted the media consultant of the airline, Mr. Onyibotha Obuke, he refused to comment on the issue but promised to send a press statement to that effect.

But, a report quoted Alhaji Ishaq Na’ Allah, a Director in the airline who confirmed the UK ban of the airline.

He explained that the UK civil aviation requested the airline stop flying its B767 and has advised it to lease another aircraft.

He said they are working to resolve the issue while the UK authorities are due in Nigeria to carry out a safety audit on the airline. He did not, however, disclose when the airline would be back in service to London.

From sahara reporters


  1. If their UK aircraft is not air worthy then their local aircraft is Danfo engine. Bvs beware o, life no get duplicate.

  2. They will now use the banned airline to carry us within Nigeria, and the Nigerian aviation authority of cos will not see anything unsafe when dem don use brown envelope cover their eye

    1. You know this.....
      Backyard runs must have taken place..

    2. Envelope? That was then, they've up graded to ghana-must-go sack or bullion van

  3. How does this affect me when my girl has been deported from Dubai just yesterday. How do I finish my building now and buy the car I was eyeing last month??.

    1. If you are a guy then you must be shameless.

    2. Gold digger, ur girl is hustling in Dubai while u live off her money in Nigeria. May karma come for you.

    3. Nkita Rachakwagi Anya ....parasite!!!
      Sit your lean ass down and be receiving money from a lady, fine boy no pimple.

    4. So you sent your so-called 'girl' to go do runz in Dubai and it backfired. And now you are here, crying foul. You must be very miserable and atrocious.
      Imagine the rubbish thoughts going through your head. Onye ará....!

    5. Why would they not deport your bitch ass ashawo daughter, when she there sucking and licking her grandfather asses

  4. Good for them, they want to carry their counterfit aeroplane to the abroad after looting their country dry.

  5. So what's FAAN and NACA doing about this ish.......

  6. And my mum is due to fly in next wk with them what now happens ? Jesu.

  7. Hope Arik will be their next port of call.

  8. What are they saying please we have already bought tickets. Medview clean up your mess and bring your aircrafts to international standards please... what is all these embarrassment Biko first it was the other airline now it's medview.

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  10. Medview is tuketuke now. Flew with them to Enugu from Lagos.... I died and woke up again. Mid air the aircraft was shaking, all sorts of sounds. Very stuffy something.... Never again!!
    Very cheap flights though.

  11. All these Nigerian planes that are like Keke maruwa with padded seats.

    And the rubbish snacks they give on the plane. Who even eats that trash? My stomach turns whenever I see passengers wolfing them down. I always feel the food is dirty and expired. And that the leftovers are rewrapped with new expiry dates - that's if they even have them.

  12. That's good news..before they end up killing innocent travellers


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