Stella Dimoko Egypt threatens to jail parents who give their children Western names


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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Egypt threatens to jail parents who give their children Western names

Egyptian authorities are considering a ban on parents giving their children “Western” names, and punishing offenders with jail.

Members of parliament in the African nation are in line to recommend a proposal to outlaw “foreign” names like “Mark”, “Lara” and “Sam”.

Advocates of the policy claim that a spread of American and European names in new generations will divorce Egyptians from their “true identity”.

Bedier Abel Aziz, one of Egypt’s 588 MPs, was due to put his proposal to parliament’s complaints and suggestions committee on Tuesday.

According to the Egypt Independent newspaper, ahead of the meeting he said: “Using such Western names and abandoning Arabic ones will lead to an undesired and radical change in our society and culture.

“Our sons will no longer be connected to their true identity,”

Aziz also claimed that Western names can be hard to pronounce.

His suggested punishment for breaking the ban is a fine of up to $250 (more than a month’s salary on the minimum wage), or six months in prison

Egypt would not be alone in operating a ban on certain names. Saudi Arabia banned 50 names in 2014, including Linda, Sandy and Alice.

Meanwhile, one of the most common boys’ names in the United Kingdom is Muhammad.


  1. Egypt is not geographically an Arab country. It also has animist and Christians. These Muslims can be an intolerant lot. Shame on this dull impostors on such a beautiful and historic country like Egypt. When they finally go mad and try to destroy ancient Egypt is when they will hear from the world. Egypt is slowly becoming extremist. They need to reign these lunatics in before they destroy the country

    1. Foolish anon, when did Egypt become a Muslim country, the country is a secular country like nigeria and it was never said it is because of religion they are proposing the law.

  2. I support them. If we can also get legislation here on that, it would be better. My European name actually has no specific meaning. It's just a link to a village. Asked my mum why I'm the only child without a native name and she said it's cos I was named for her bestie. I've given myself native name that has a beautiful meaning. My mum knows when I'm married and doing change of name, my first name will change too. I can't shout

  3. They will be alright na ni

    But come to think of it, they are just tryn to give more value to dia culture n tryn to make it stable to generation to come.

    Mc pinky

  4. hahahahaha Muslim people, only God will help them and deliver them from being umu Essau

  5. China also ban 'muslims' from naming there children some Islamic name.Dont let's be sentimental about this.

    1. Don't mind them,Muslim matter will soon give them hypertension

  6. UK should do theirs even America. Inukwa akuko

  7. Native name na in sure pass na,all these Tricia,Tracy,Travis etc God help us


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