Stella Dimoko I Must ENTER Europe!!!


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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I Must ENTER Europe!!!

A 22-year-old Nigerian woman was left stranded in the Sahara desert while trying to enter Europe through the harsh desert. Her traffickers abandoned her in the arid zone for ten days. 

She was given the nickname Adaora; according to the International Organisation for Migration, she was the only female among the survivors rescued on Sunday, May 28.

“She left Nigeria in early April hoping for a better future in Europe. “There were 50 migrants on the pick-up truck when it left Agadez for Libya, but only six are still alive today,” Niger Chief of Mission for IOM, Giuseppe Loprete, had said.

The lucky victim was lucky to have been given the chance to tell her story. “We were in the desert for 10 days. After five days, the driver abandoned us. “He left with all of our belongings, saying he was going to pick us up in a couple of hours, but he never did,” she recalled. Within two days, about forty four migrants had died. This made the others start walking in order to find help.

Adaora revealed that they were forced to drink their own pee in order to survive. She has been taken to IOM camp in Niamey, Niger. Having left Nigeria with two of her close friends who died in the desert, the young lady is lucky to have been alive.

“They were too weak to keep going,” she stated sadly. “We buried a few, but there were just too many to bury and we didn’t have the strength to do it,” Adaora adds. “I couldn’t walk anymore. I wanted to give up,” she said. Two other migrants helped her by carrying her until a truck driver picked them up.

The local authorities were alerted in Agadez region of north-eastern Niger. Adaora was unconscious by the time they got to the IOM’s transit centre in Dirkou.

She was offered medical assistance and was resuscitated in no time. Two of the other migrants went back with some members of the local authority to find the bodies of those who passed away and identify them.

The young Nigerian lady is recovering and would be taken back to Nigeria soon. Traumatised by the entire journey, she sadly revealed that she would not have left Nigeria if she knew what was ahead. She wants to continue working as a nurse when she returns.

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  1. Replies
    1. I tried to ask "whyyyy" ????? But then i remembered:

      "The world will judge you for the decisions you make in life;not knowing the choices you had"..

      God help us all..


  2. awwwww. They will still not hear words and wants to travel again.

    May God help everyone of us Amen. Adaora go and do thanksgiving to God Almighty

  3. A nurse going through this? Naija, which way?

  4. Hmmmm, 44 people died? She's really lucky to be alive. Rip to those that lost their lives.

    God Bless Everyone.

  5. Na wa. Lucky her indeed.

    She's a survivor.

  6. I wish they punish these people when they catch them,imprison them or give them a very hard labour so that others will learn. This is equivalent to suicide,so let them begin to punish them.

    1. Lolz.So she wants to return abeg make she go Europe.

    2. Do not judge them not everyone reasons like yourself and myself . You do not know what choices they had

    3. Triumphant Zion onye uka judge not u hear? Wonder why people that feel they are righteous judge a lot...

    4. Asa, abeg let her not embark on another adventure.
      Anon 22:05 did you say judge? Honey I dare not judge anyone,I am only saying it is better to be a maid than embark on such a dangerous adventure.
      And yeah dear,there is a huge difference between telling someone the truth and judging them.
      The truth is that when they are punished,they will understand more about the danger they are exposing themselves to.
      There are things one should not be sentimental about.

  7. Stelz this ur heading is funny

  8. So sad . Rip to the ones that cud not be reacue

  9. Jesus Christ, 6 survivors out of 50...obara jesu christo. 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  10. She's lucky she didn't drink her menstruation. When I was in Holy trinity in Sabo, someone came to share her experience in the desert. She said the men were fighting for the blood coming out of their body. Most of these people travelling illegally are ignorant of the danger ahead. That was how my Aunt's husband wanted to travel to Italy illegally, he was locked up in jail in Libya for over two years, we even thought he was dead. If not for government intervention he would have been dead. He vowed never to travel illegally again. The story he narrated scared the hell out of me.

  11. Lucky her..
    Thank God for her life..

    Rip to those that loss their life..

  12. Lucky her, respect in Peace to the dead

  13. As we speak a lot are on their way

  14. Thank God she's alive to tell the story

  15. My hairdresser left since 3 months,she hasnt contacted anyone yet. I just hope she is fine where ever she is

  16. let her go on, she is almost there.


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