Stella Dimoko Man Freed After 17 Years in Jail After Cops Found His Doppelganger Who Shares Same Name


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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Man Freed After 17 Years in Jail After Cops Found His Doppelganger Who Shares Same Name

A Missouri man spent nearly 17 years in jail after eyewitness testimony found him guilty of a crime he did not commit — until police discovered his doppelganger.

Jones was jailed after being found guilty of armed robbery in 1999.
Witnesses said they saw a man wrestle a woman to the ground outside a Walmart in Kansas City, Kan., in an attempt to steal her purse.

No DNA, fingerprint, or physical evidence identified Jones at the scene, but eyewitnesses positively identified Jones as the perpetrator after being shown photos out of a police database.

Witnesses were reportedly unable to get a good look at his face, but remembered he was either Hispanic or light-skinned African American. On the photo lineup, which his attorneys called “highly suggestive,” Jones was the only one who fit the description.

Investigators later found his lookalike, known as “Ricky,” lived in Kansas City, Kan., near the address of the robbery. Jones, however, lived on the other side of town in Kansas City, Mo.

Jones, now a free man, said he is looking forward to spending more time with his children and readjusting to life outside of prison.

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  1. Choi! Doppelganger from hell

  2. Abasi mbok

    How Dem go take compensate am wella for wasted years oo

    I pray I and my family will not be a mistaken identity in Jesus name oo


  3. Olorun ma je ooooooo

    I declare n decree death on any form of akoba person in my life

    Mc pinky

  4. He should sue please...

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  5. hmmmmm very painful. 17 years locked up for a crime you did not commit.

    When you watch all these american films and see what they do to prisoners, you go bow. Oga sue them very well. The truama you went through in that place

  6. Why do 'Oyibos' make such mistakes too often?

    1. Because they are too over confident of themselves

    2. Cases like this are rampart bcus in America somebody has to take the blame for everything that goes wrong. They may no get the real perpetrators or offender buh someone has to be punished for it so the victim can at least get justice. Unlike Naija where they sweep everything under the carpet after money has changed hands. Nigerians dont even hide it. You see it koro-koro like this. Even you as a victim, need to pay somebody to help you push your case to get justice. We have sold our consciences to some pieces of silver/material stuff that would perish eventually.

    3. In has much as our judiciary system is corrupt and money change hands it is still better than the judiciary that unjustly imprisoned innocent to proof they are working or making the victims happy at another persons detriment.
      Olorun maje ka rogun akoba.

  7. Wasted years. No amount of sue will bring back the years. Lemme come and be going.

  8. Nawa o,where would he even start from? Very painful.He should sue them for starters.

  9. And just yesterday we were talking about 'look-alike' lol
    The resemblance is Uncanny mehn

    Did you say 'share same name?? 😖

    Chinyere onuoha wrote sth yesterday....

  10. Sad 😢 better sew them for a million $$$$

  11. Chai 17 waisted years, they had better compensate him weller

  12. But who prosecute the guys responsible for such mistake?its too much abeg
    17 whole years in prison!!!!

  13. Thank God for him....bitter part of his life

  14. What nonsense. ..he should better sue them o


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