Stella Dimoko UPS Worker Opens Fire On His Colleagues Months After Complaining Of Excessive Work Overtime..


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Friday, June 16, 2017

UPS Worker Opens Fire On His Colleagues Months After Complaining Of Excessive Work Overtime..

Na wah oh....

The gunman who killed three people and himself at a United Parcel Service facility in San Francisco had filed a grievance in March about excessive overtime, but he targeted fellow drivers in his rampage and those who knew him are struggling to understand why, a UPS union official said Thursday.

Many workers at the large shipping center were bewildered as they returned to work a day after Wednesday’s mass shooting by 38-year-old Jimmy Lam, said Joseph Cilia, the secretary-treasurer for Teamsters Local 2785, which represented Lam. Two others were wounded by gunfire but survived.

“I don’t know why. I don’t know why,” Cilia, who knew Lam, said in an interview. “All I know is the damage that he did.”

He said Lam started working as a UPS driver in San Francisco in 1999 and never complained about his fellow workers. Lam’s only beef in recent memory, he said, was the grievance he filed about three months ago about working mandatory overtime.

Cilia said Lam was a “work friend,” but that he didn’t know much about his personal life. Their interactions, he said, were always pleasant, and they would usually shake hands when they crossed paths inside the building.

The victims, all fellow drivers with more than a decade of experience, were identified by the city medical examiner as Wayne Chan, 56, of San Francisco, Michael Lefiti, 46, of Hercules, and 50-year-old San Francisco resident Benson Louie.

Officials said Lam opened fire in the building around 8:55 a.m., prompting a massive police response as alarms sounded and UPS workers poured into the street. Several drivers said Lam, who worked as a driver for the service’s Sunset District delivery area, had entered a morning meeting on the third floor before opening fire.

Officers including SWAT members responded to the building, where they reported that they encountered Lam still armed with at least one pistol. As police confronted Lam, he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, said Assistant Police Chief Toney Chaplin.

Chaplin said two guns were recovered. He described one as an “assault pistol,” suggesting it may not be legal under California’s assault weapons ban, but he did not elaborate.

Louie and Chan died at the scene, and Lefiti and Lam were pronounced dead at San Francisco General Hospital.

Two other wounded drivers, identified in a UPS email as Xiao Chen and Edgar Perez, were treated for gunshot wounds at San Francisco General Hospital and released. Chen was shot in the ankle and Perez suffered a wound to the arm, Cilia said.

“Who knows what was going on in his mind and the torture he must have been going through.” Cilia said of Lam. He said he got a call from the local shop steward as the gunfire broke out, but all he heard among the chaos was “Lam” and “shots.”

Drivers from around the Bay Area were called into the San Francisco facility on Thursday to fill in for workers who stayed home to process the trauma. Many of those who made it to work were dealing with strong emotions, Cilia said.

“People just look very isolated, everyone is just standing there not knowing what to do,” Cilia said. “They’re still in shock.”

Cilia said he wasn’t aware of any disagreements or altercations occurring between Lam and his victims. Typically, when there is trouble between co-workers, the union will intervene and bring in a counselor to resolve a dispute. That was never an issue with Lam.

“I didn’t hear about any altercation. Nothing. That’s why I can’t understand this,” Cilia said.

from San Francisco Chronicles


  1. Why not just kill the oga instead??! Not Innocent lives

  2. I hope he didn't have a brain tumour or something else happening to his health that pushed him without his knowledge to carry out the act. God rest their souls

  3. For all it's worth, he had health problems. May their souls rest in peace

  4. Is it by force to work? Why killing innocent people rather resigning

  5. You see how he was excused... 'Who knows what was going on in his mind and the torture he must have been going through.'
    I'm sure he was a white man...
    If it were a black that did this...
    Your guess is as good as mine.
    A killer is a killer..
    No excuse...


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