Stella Dimoko Woman Insists Her Former Boyfriend Murdered Her Daughter But His Defence Team Think Otherwise...


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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Woman Insists Her Former Boyfriend Murdered Her Daughter But His Defence Team Think Otherwise...

Rachelle Bond completed a grueling cross-examination Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court, where her former boyfriend is on trial for allegedly murdering Bond’s 2-year-old daughter, a child whose remains washed ashore on Deer Island in June 2015.

. Bond is the key prosecution witness against Michael P. McCarthy, who has pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder for the death of Bella Bond in a Dorchester apartment in June 2015.

Rachelle Bond was cross-examined by McCarthy’s defense attorney Jonathan Shapiro, who claimed in his opening statement that the mother, not McCarthy, had killed the little girl. Bond first took the stand Friday as a witness for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley’s office and completed her direct testimony Monday. She has been under cross-examination since.

Around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Shapiro had his final exchange with the 41-year-old Bond, who is testifying under a plea agreement that will lead to her release from custody once McCarthy’s trial ends. During the final exchange, Bond refused to be shaken from the central point of her testimony: her claim that she saw McCarthy murder her daughter.

Shapiro: “There’s an incentive for you to testify the way the prosecutor wants you to testify.”

Bond: “He wants me to tell the truth.”

Shapiro showed Bond — and the 15 jurors hearing the case — a Facebook posting from March 2014 with the following phrase with the last part of the sentence in all capital letters: “I’m the kind of friend who will help you hide a dead body but if you betray me just remember I KNOW HOW TO HIDE A DEAD BODY.”

Bond has testified that McCarthy punched the toddler in the stomach sometime in June 2015 while they were all living in an apartment on Maxwell Street in Dorchester. Authorities allege that McCarthy put the child’s body in plastic bags, weighed it down with metal barbells, and tossed the child’s body into the Boston Harbor in South Boston. The body washed ashore on Deer Island on June 25, 2015.

During his cross-examination, Shapiro repeatedly pointed out that Bond never called authorities after allegedly seeing McCarthy murder her child, never called authorities after McCarthy allegedly threw the girl’s body in the harbor, and continued to live with him, call him “hon,” and write “love you” in messages to him, in September 2015.

Shapiro, through questioning of Bond, has suggested that Bond murdered her daughter and falsely told McCarthy that the child had been taken by the Department of Children and Families because of neglect.

Bond insisted, “He knew what he did to her.”

Under cross-examination Tuesday, Bond acknowledged she never saw McCarthy throw her daughter’s body into Boston Harbor, an admission that contradicted her initial statements to police.

Bond had told police that McCarthy put old barbells in a duffel bag holding the remains of her daughter before throwing it into the water. The girl’s body washed up on Deer Island on June 25, 2015. Authorities dubbed her “Baby Doe” as they launched an international search for her identity and the circumstances of her death.

Bond, 41, has testified that McCarthy punched Bella in the stomach with such force the child bounced off her bed and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. He then choked Bond, causing her to pass out, she told jurors. She said she spent several days in a haze of grief and heroin before McCarthy forced her one night into his car, where she allegedly she saw Bella’s body peeking out of a duffel bag in the back seat.

Bond’s generally calm demeanor gave way to tears Tuesday when Shapiro returned to the question of why she never called authorities about her daughter’s death.

“That was my failure,” she said, her voice breaking. “My shame. My fault.”

from the Boston globe.

*This story get as e be..How can you watch someone kill your child and keep quiet?


  1. I am not understanding the mother. This is crazy.

  2. hmmmmmmmm wicked news everywhere. Just read how a stupid 17 year old SA student killed his 15 year old girlfriend because she refused to do abortion.

    Things we hear and read makes one to pray for Jesus coming soonest

  3. Hian.
    I am not understanding.
    Blame it on heroin inugo?
    Ndi ala.

  4. Another how to get away with murder episode. Had a mental picture of Annalise Keating grilling the life out of her. I pray the little one gets justice. One of them is lying. Sad events like this make me wonder why some people still breathe our precious oxygen. Some people aren't fit to be called humans.

  5. Hmmm... Evil everywhere, just watching IDx on dstv gives me the chills. The extent to which people can go is crazy... These two are just accomplices

    1. And they are usually ugly women, they commit the most heinous crimes. Their heart is just as ugly as their face and body.

  6. Monster!
    Your baby???
    An innocent baby u were supposed to protect???

    Oh Lord!
    May evil follow u even after ur miserable death.


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