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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dangerous Complaint...

She complained that her husband was weak under the sheets, and in his wallet and he whipped out his little pistol and shot her in the face......can you imagine this?

Clarence White, 72, grabbed a 22-caliber handgun and blasted his much-younger wife in their Bronx home on Thursday morning.

Sources said the shooting followed an argument between White and his spouse over her growing dissatisfaction with his inability to satisfy her — financially or sexually. Responding officers found Dominique White around 8:40 a.m. sitting on the floor in a hallway of their home on Glebe Ave. in Parkchester.

The young woman was shot in the right cheek. She was in critical, but stable condition at Jacobi Medical Center on Friday. Fragments from the bullet were still lodged in her face, doctors said.

“I shot my wife,” White, still holding the smoking gun, told cops, according to court documents.

The two have been married for three years and have a daughter, according to neighbors.

White told police he and his wife were arguing in the hours leading up to the shooting. Money was tight after he lost his job. During the argument, his wife ordered him to move out, the husband told police.

Clarence White took out the gun and fired. He claimed he didn’t mean to shoot his wife. He only wanted to scare her. He noted that he was the one who first called 911. He also gave his wife a towel to stop the bleeding and did everything the 911 operator told him to do to care for Dominique as first responders arrived, police sources said.

A Bronx Criminal Court judge ordered White held on $300,000 bail when he was arraigned on attempted murder, assault, harassment and weapons possession charges

NY Daily News

*At his age how years will they give him now?just wasted his old age for nothing!..hisss!
I wonder what was wrong with telling him he couldnt 'jump''


  1. Men and their stupid ego.if you are weak then you are weak, killing her does not change a thing weakling

    1. Good lesson for those who think a secure job and how much he earns is the yardstick for marriage. He lost his job and lost his temper. Anger issues is a flawed character and that's what operated here.

    2. How can she marry a 69yr old man and expect him to engage more on her ponyor.
      Na she get the work now, she has to try hard and be giving him and teaching him different styles.
      Was she just after his money? Make she go siddon somewhere jor.

  2. How old is the wife again?

  3. Make woman tell you say you no perform,That thing dey pain man eh.Your morale go just low.

    1. but at 72 ur ego shouldnt be bruised na, ur vibrant days are behind...

  4. The man is too old for the wife to be expecting the fire deh go kind of strength from him. What was she expecting when she married a 69yrs old man. Now the man ego was abused and he couldn't control his temper. Let him do small time, thank God she didn't die, thank God.

  5. keeping a gun at home is not a good idea if youve got temper issues, the slightest altercation, you quickly reach out to it, even a false alarm might turn out ugly, see the case of Oscar Pistorious & his girlfriend... Women will not learn from others mistakes, i like what Kris jenner did to Catylyns gun when they were still under one roof as man n wife.

  6. If it is fine for a woman to hit and kill a man that 'abuse' her then it is only fair to agree that the man acted base on the abuse he got. verbal and emotionally abuse are worse forms of abuse. Stella you are always bias when it comes to men issues. You dont know what it means to be told as a man to be told you can not perform both sexually and financially;That can lead to suicide for the weak and faint hearted.

    1. .....but women have been told worst e.g you are barren,you have wide pussy, you are ugly, I'm only managing you...yet they didn't shoot or kill anybody.

      Everybody should learn how to control their anger, it shouldn't be used an excuse to harm someone.

  7. Women cannot tell men they cannot perform, according to you it makes their morale low but it's ok for a men to call women ashewo, whores and sluts abi? I guess in your mind that boosts women's morale. Imagine how the world will be if every time a man calls a woman slut or whore he is shot and killed.

  8. Do you know what it means to tell a man he cannot perform well in bed or that he has a tiny dick? He can even kill u if he is the type that has anger and self esteem issues, once I know u have a tiny dick or ur performance in bed is whack, I will just jejely leave u biko I don't have mouth to shout

  9. Her complaint wasn't fatal then since she didn't die.

  10. So if a man has a tiny dick and cannot perform women should lie and tell him he has the biggest dick and highest performance rate. Is it the woman's fault that he is the way he is?, why should a woman suffer for saying the truth.

  11. was told I stay longer,you quick complain you stay longer complain


  12. #Everything passes,
    nothing remains.
    Understand this,
    loosen your grip,
    and find serenity*

  13. Three things you don't tell a man. You can say it in another way. but don't tell him out right in an arguement.
    1. He is weak in bed or has a small dick
    2. He is a broke ass and can't provide for the family.
    3. He should get out from a house he built or he is paying for.
    All this in a heated arguement is a recipe for disaster.
    I'm not in support of him shooting her. But as a young lady I can't marry my father's age mate expecting a stallion in bed and a good provider. Someone that is past retirement age.
    And the wicked papa next time and if you ever get out you will leave marriage matter or go for your age for companionship.

  14. But a man can say anything to a woman in an argument and she is supposed to deal with it right? People like you are the problem with society.

    1. People who use such words are usually not in a relationship with that person. What you hear the public say and what one who is your lover says are perceived differently. Men in a relationship rarely use such words.for a man to use such a word then know that the lady must have said a thousand and one unprintable things.

    2. Anon there are also things you don't say to a woman too.
      i.e. She is a bad mother,she is ugly and unattractive and generally anything about her children.
      Violence is not acceptable in any relationship.
      And both men and women need to know there are just some things you don't say to your partner.
      It's just an advice. In the heat of an arguement know not how to heat below the belt from a crazed man.
      Your life is more important. If you can control not abusing your father. Also learn there are some things you don't say to your husband or wife.
      Mutual respect is important.
      No matter what arguement I have with my hubby. I have never sworn at him. Called him names. And he also doesn't swear at me. Malice maybe.
      we just don't go there.

  15. Didn't the *young* woman see the "older* man's age before marrying him? She sef get hidden agenda to be marrying her ancestor and wanting the rewards only a young man can offer her.


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