Stella Dimoko Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Has Killed Himself


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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Has Killed Himself

Law enforcement sources say the singer hanged himself at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in L.A. County. His body was discovered Thursday just before 9 AM.

Chester was married with 6 children from 2 wives.

The singer struggled with drugs and alcohol for years. He had said in the past he had considered committing suicide because he had been abused as a child by an older male.

Chester was very close with Chris Cornell, who himself committed suicide by hanging in May. Today would have been Cornell's 53rd birthday. Chester wrote an open letter to Chris on the day of Chris' suicide.

Cornell's wife, Vicky, tweeted out a message following the news of Chester's death, saying, "Just when I thought my heart couldn't break any more ... I love you T."

The band has had a string of hits over the years, including "Faint," "In the End" and "Crawling." Linkin Park crossed music genres, collaborating with Jay-Z.

The band's album, "Meteora," was one of the biggest alternative albums in music history.
Bennington was 41.


From tmz

*Oh no,this man was so talented...RIP to him..This isnt the easy way out..with all the fame he got,he didnt get healing..oh dear!


  1. I was about posting this comment on whether post i see when i refreshed. And voila!!! My Stella didn't disappoint. Been humming 'numb' all evening..... such talent to waste...😒

    1. Can He get an Encore

    2. I feel more anger than pity when i hear of suicide. Why take your life? Such a wicked act to oneself.

  2. Oh noooooooooooo
    RIP to him, say no to drugs ehhhhhhhhhg, they won't hear.

    Lemme play NumbEncore all night in respect. one of my best JAY-Z's rap song.

    1. Protect your child watch who they hang out with.. have them confide in you at all times

    2. Sooo sad.
      I have bn hearing Encore in my head ever since I heard the Sad News.

      I hope you are at peace now You Poor Darling!😒

    3. There's only a limit you can control a child, raise them right so that even when they go far they will never forget your words. Someone like wizkid can't be controlled again, he takes a lot of shit, he can't hold any interview without being high, at this stage his mum can't do anything cus he is even the provider. Let's just keep prayer that our problems will not over shadow us, but we will always overcome them Amen

  3. I become so numb...can I get an encore.

    1. I came I saw I conquered... Rip

    2. Do you want more🎀
      Cookin raw with the Brooklyn boy

    3. So for one last time I need y'all to Chester

    4. One more time I need y'all to roar 😱😱😱

    5. More like he came, he saw, and he left early

    6. Ode Inimitable. Those words are from his song

  4. But in the end it doesn't really matter...

  5. Kai! Why couldn't he stay young forever? Suicide is never an option

  6. Why though? You will think these people have it all that they are living the good life then this happens.

  7. I hope he met christ before he died. rip

    1. By committing suicide? No one has right to take the life given to him by God. It's just unfortunate.

    2. By committing suicide? No one has right to take the life given to him by God. It's just unfortunate.

  8. Oh dear!

    I can still hear his voice in 'Encore' in my head.

    🎀🎀🎼🎼🎼I'm tired of being what you want me to be
    Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface
    Don't know what you're expecting of me
    Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes

    Every step that I take is another mistake to you

    And every second I waste is more than I can takeeeeee🎸😒😒😒😒😒


    1. Chai one of my favourite songs. Rip to him

    2. This Numb sef na suicide song if u check am well

    3. I use to blast this song in Law school. I just loved the song!! Why ? Why ? Why?

    4. 🎀🎀🎼🎼🎼🎸🎸🎸

      I've become so numb
      I can't feel you there
      Become so tired
      So much more aware
      I'm becoming this
      All I want to do
      Is be more like me
      And be less like you

      Omg! This is really sad.

    5. @Pipilee! How old were you in 2002? Lying bitch!

    6. Every step He took was another mistake....

      Damn Drugs!😒
      Damn Pedophiles! 😒

  9. Kai depressed man. I wished he got help for his depression. A wasted talent.

  10. Kai,you couldn't even fight for your children's sake??
    I'm of the opinion that there's a mystery behind suicide and people don't just do it cos of life challenges

  11. Sad! Just yesterday I remembered Robin Williams and how he committed suicide, now this. RIP.

  12. Depression 😭😭😭 RIP Chester. Keep rocking with the angels.

  13. drugs can make one so miserable , just like the way im addicted to Nzu , oh God deliver me from nzu .Any time i order for food stuff from nig oga go say just say na Nzu you dey order for because everything you need dey here

  14. Vice and Virtue21 July 2017 at 00:02

    Not Chad, I've been so sad since this news broke 9:48am local time here.

    Linkin Park's music was my savior at some point, he was strong but not strong enough for depression's venomous fang. This man went through a lot; the taunting childhood memories, the rejection and lack of understanding by his peers...JAY-Z inclusive, after all the hits they made on that mash up album.

    I played the whole Meteora album on an Ipod when I first got admitted into an asylum in December of 2003, Hybrid Theory and Meteora were the only albums on that IPod a cousin gifted me.

    He killed himself, how could Chad? I still have tickets from their Mansfield, MA Thursday.

    Depression is real, I've been there, I keep slipping in and out of it. Money won't solve it neither would any other kind of accomplishment. Its in all of us, an emptiness, a void, a big call it mood swings, its fucking DEPRESSION.
    Its not wealth that fills up this fucking void, people with no money think it is but I have known and seen it all, okay almost all. Its not money. 😒

    Suicide. Suicide isn't cowardice, its selfish maybe but not cowardice. Do you know the strength it takes for anyoone to off themselves? I have had my fucking wrist slit severally, I have loaded a gun to my head, I have popped prescription pills, fuck me, I have done it all.

    Three college degress from two fucking countries, two Masters, a fucking P.hd in view yet I still feel so bleeding empty.

    Life is fucked up, if living in Nigeria and all the challenges it poses is your biggest challenge, trust me, that's easy...utilize it. The system here has medication for stuff it shouldn't, this medication fucks you up once you allow yourself to be exploited by it...yes, exploitation! That's what the actual nonsense fuck it is.

    Suicide, the demon Satan made responsible for it is probably his most loved...he has done so much, so much fucking damage. I should find GOD, I know HIM alone can save me from self destructing but I am in denial, I want to do it all by my fucking self.

    Some guy in Nigeria once reached out to me, he suffrered from depression, he knew it all...The Arts, Astronomy, Science, Religion, History, name it, he was so young. I was there for him till I couldn't no more then I pushed him away, I still put myself through Penance for that. He was sinking, he was reaching out to random people online, I could have helped him but I was too depressed too and I never told him. If you reading this N.B.S, I am fucking sorry. You didn't do it, did you? You saved me, you taught me how to write and showed me life in an all new perspective, where did you go?

    Depression, if these Christians are right then Chester is in hell. I hope they aren't 😭

    I am going to be away from here for a while. If there is anyone you love, reach out to them and tell them so. You don't know what people are going through, happiness is hard to come by...if you have found it in anyone or anything, don't let it go. Long as it doesn't cause you hurt nor hurt anyone, true happiness doesn't hurt.

    My Virtue is dead. My Vice isn't any good. Life is fleeting. Know yourself.

    1. It is well with you Vice... You are in my prayers. Just trust God, He got u, He is bigger than DEPRESSION!

    2. Please, Whatever you do,do not abuse any medication or drugs.
      It makes things worse.

      Apparently,you already have everything figured out. You have ample knowledge of what depression is and what not to do,but know this.
      Keep being positive,get all the help you need...

      My Friend TGW will miss you.
      I will miss you too,don't go away..

    3. Omg omg omg! JESUS!take the wheel.
      Recieve the peace of our Lord JESUS Christ.
      Right now just want to take some hugs from tgw and say you will be fine sweetheart. Like I'm just 'speechless'.
      Make Jesus the captain&master of your being and you shall have joy unspeakable.

    4. I know it's not about friendship but can i be ur friend?
      U see, can we make d devil a liar?
      Can we pray it off even if it takes a long while?
      I want u to know that I sincerely care!

    5. The Lord is your strength. May God be with you. May you find happiness. Do not hurt yourself. *big hug*

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Omg omg omg! JESUS!take the wheel.
      Recieve the peace of our Lord JESUS Christ.
      Right now just want to take some hugs from tgw and say you will be fine sweetheart. Like I'm just 'speechless'.
      Make Jesus the captain&master of your being and you shall have joy unspeakable. God loves you bro'. He says even before you were formed in your mother's womb,he knew you.Arise shine! For the glory of the lord has risen upon you! and the walls of 'depression' shall not prevail against you. Welcome Jesus into your heart and every wall of depression shall fall(bow)down flat at the mention of the name Jesus!
      It is well with you In Jesus mighty name,AMEN!

    9. *hugs* You know reading your comments from the post that interests you reminds me of a loved who has a mind as intelligent and deep as yours. I did sense it from your comments though 😊 but I had hoped i was wrong -lest I wish someone something unmerited. I dealt with it from that loved one for a while, so my feelers are quite strong.
      All i can say is (if you read this) turn to God. The final answers lie with him. I know it sounds cliche but you can't do it all alone. He can give you a 360° turn that you won't believe you ever typed this comment - I've seen Him do it first hand. An empty soul needs to be filled. If you don't let God fill that vaccumm in your soul something else will. Turn to Him. The meds don't help as much as we are told they do - trust me I know. Just surrender it all to Him.

    10. Sadly, I can so relate...d deep void...pls hang in is short anyway, also allow Him help don't need to do much. xoxo

    11. Oh dear, your message touched me. I live in the UK and would love to be your friend.I am female but it is ok if you want to remain anonymous, I pray the Lord heals you and you find peace and happiness, amen.

      Keep your head...

    12. I just hope you are very much OK... Depression is devils weapon to pull us down into the dark.... If you need someone to always talk to am readily available pls.

    13. Oh my GOD! N.B.S is my boyfriend. He didn't do it but sometimes I am petrified that I might wake up to find he's done it. He's still so depressed.

      I had no idea that he'd been battling depression for that long and I've been so hard on him. I feel so terrible.

      One time, I told him there's a guy on the blog who writes just like him and if I wasn't so sure he didn't visit this blog, I could have sworn you were him.

      He's the smartest guy I ever met, yet so sad. I wanna help him but I don't know how to.

    14. Let peace (not like the world gives) attend all your ways and garrison your heart V and V.

    15. V and V
      Take heart and pls fight back, do not let yourself sink into that sunken place again(permit me to use this phrase). Be strong. God is right there, you don't need to look for him, he is there, just a step closer, allow him, just let him, lay everything at his feet.
      Just woke up still listening to Linkin Park, then I read this, maybe a little too deep, but... plssssss FIGHT!

    16. Vice and virtue, it is well with you, I read your comment twice. Pls do more of the things that make s you forget your worries/ emptiness. You shall not succumb to life's vices. You shall be free.


    17. I know how you feel cos I've been there but now I've learnt how to ride through the pain. I've learnt how to see beauty in the littlest things. When I find my self slipping into that dark hole I tell myself "It's coming" and I try to find those little things that make me smile. Wish we can communicate.

    18. Good God!!! You just spoke to me. Please don't leave me V & V. You can help me, please. It's getting harder to explain to my loved ones what hell I pass through everyday. Am losing the battle of keeping up the charade, the ever smiling, strong person they know. Am so sick in the head that I feel like I hate everyone. I suffer insomnia now and welcome it gladly cos it helps me punish myself. Dear God!! Save me from myself!! Am always screaming and crying in my head. Life is such a waste but I don't have the guts to let it all go to waste yet. Help me!!

    19. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Its well!

    20. Wow.easy dude.... Take a deep breath , God is where d keys to the chain is. Trust me I have been there God saved me. Depression is a dark hole in d heart, it steals away d soul.

    21. You're in a very dark dark place. You know GOD alone is the answer so just let HIM work in your life. Start by singing praise songs when the feeling comes. HE alone is our peace and you will the peace that comes from knowing GOD. Please let Go and let GOD. You will be fine

    22. Oh pleasssssssss! Dude you fucking sick and your sorry ass need to get a fucking life!!
      Cry adult baby

    23. Please dont do it...som1, somthing is d reason why u r here in d first place....wait for it

    24. I have so many theories regarding depression and one of them is the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge is very burdensome and the more you acquire, the more it sets you apart and then you find that there are only few people you can relate with who understand all that your brain has to process or what you have up there. This either makes you sad or contemptuous and then somewhere, depression sneaks up.

      Another is fame, fame is something that sets you apart and puts you in the light and because you are in the light, moths and other leeches are attracted to you and instead of lending you strength, they take from you i.e your fans and those around you who will claim to be helping your career.
      These two are by no means exhaustive.

      Hang in there V and V, try and take pleasure in simple things. And God isn't dead, he is still in the business of helping the lost ones. My thoughts are with you.

    25. My God bless you and keep you, may you find peace in your soul and mind, may the Angels of God keep watch over you and give you hope, joy unspeakable. I call you VIRTUE. not Vice. Pls remove the vice from your name so the Healing can begin. You shall not Die in Jesus Name,Amen. I love you bro, got your back in my prayers.

    26. My God bless you and keep you, may you find peace in your soul and mind, may the Angels of God keep watch over you and give you hope, joy unspeakable. I call you VIRTUE. not Vice. Pls remove the vice from your name so the Healing can begin. You shall not Die in Jesus Name,Amen. I love you bro, got your back in my prayers.

    27. V and V your comment brought tears to my eyes. Pls dear God gat you. You will always be in my prayers.

      I love you. ❤❤❤❤

    28. Been there. Being around adults didn't help a bit ,I got a job that involved children and those little darlings pulled me out of the hole(God bless them wherever they are). Talking to adults only complicates things further, surround yourself with children and let their pure hearts show you the way out.
      May you find peace VnV.

    29. Vice and Virtue, my darling, please hang in there. The truth is, unless we've had to battle depression, we can never truly appreciate your struggle. You wrote that you were institutionalised in 2003, were you placed on meds? If you were, I hope you didn't stop taking them out of frustration? A very dear family friend of ours had an episode recently. He was placed on medication to stabilise his chemical imbalance for over 15 years. He stopped taking his meds because he hated the docile feeling, he felt more alive without his medication. The irony was, in feeling "more alive", he started becoming suicidal.‎

      My darling, the points I'm trying to make are:
      #1. You are not alone, a lot of people suffer different types of depression. Some worse than what you are going through, some not as severe.
      #2. Medication exists for a reason. No side effect is worse than battling suicidal thoughts. So no matter how docile or ineffective you feel, coming off your meds is not an option.

      I don't believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason. Who knows? The post may have come up just to save your life. Taking time off is exactly what you don't need, my love. On the contrary, you need to keep it locked down here. You need to read comments that would encourage you. Some comments are so ridiculous that it would be unnatural not to laugh. In spite of some of the immature and misguided individuals who leave offensive or ignorant comments, this blog can still help you feel better. You can communicate with like minded individuals and have stimulating conversations.

      True, life can be cruel but we meet it on its terms. That void you feel can only be filled supernaturally. As a Christian, I would recommend Christ. Get to know Him one on one, a personal relationship is key. What we see in churches nowadays can derail even the disciples of old. Some of us can still stomach church because of our personal relationships with Christ. We look up to Christ and not to the church.

      Hang in there, sweetheart. God spared your life for a reason. He didn't allow you win the fight against depression just for you to off yourself, years down the line. There's a message for you in your struggle, if you keep calm and listen with an open mind, you will know exactly what it is. Honey, we may not know you personally but we care about you. Please stay safe and stay alive, you have to fight this. Depression has taken too much from you already, don't let it take more.

    30. Your comment is deep! I speak peace to you in Jesus name Amen. It is well with you.

    31. V and V, I hope and pray you will read this blog again just one time and see how much we all care and how wonderful God is. I am probably sure you have heard it many times of how loved you are and how much God really cares for you.

      With all the education that you have acquired in your life time, you still feel this empty. Maybe, its time to do something different, travel the world or visit a remote place that is peaceful, simple, surrounded with just nature or better still get involved with charity across the world, you need a new motivation in your life.

      Trust me, if you leave this world by committing suicide you hurt those who love you the most. Think about all the people you can help,advice, mentor and all.

      Don't give up just yet, God is not done with you.

      Kisses. Hope you come back here again, we are waiting to hear from you.

    32. Oh no!!!
      Not you my V and V!
      Not my Gentleman!😒

      Please don't go away😒
      Hold on a bit till I see you.
      That's all I ask.
      Is that too much to ask?

      The Tears are just rolling😒😒😒
      I am asking that you hold on. Don't go til I get to see you. This is your friend asking. Pleaseeee!

      I was planning to hook up with u during Summer but plans changed,hence I didn't ask for ur contact.
      Reason I asked ur plans for Christmas.

      Give me your contact details and I promise to fly out to wherever you are In The World. I won't wait til Christmas. I won't wait my dear dear friend.

      All I wanna do is put my arms around you and tell you you wil be alright. We can do this. You can do this. I juts want to hug u😍

      I am soo sorry V and V!

      Don't do this. Please Don't go away!😒
      You wil make me just as sad as Chad's death is making u feel right now.
      Wil u put me through that???😒
      Gentleman V and V will you?

      I love you!
      Oh last night as I replied ur comment to me gifting me with a painting,I wanted to say it. I actually typed it. But I deleted it😒

      Not because I didn't mean it. But because I wanted to tell u that in person when I meet u over The winter Break😒😒😒

      Now I wish I did.

      I love you V and V!😍
      God loves you V and V!😍
      And we can do this Bro! We can ok?😍

      You and I know You are a strong Sweetheart and can achieve anything u set your heart upon.

      I wanted to show off my kids to u too.
      So they meet this amazing young man. Just like u,They are interested in Music just like u and play a handful of instruments. I had wanted them to make u laugh too. I liked your mind. And I wanted them to see it😒

      But All this is still possible My Gentleman.
      Please juts say something.
      How do I reach you?

      Be safe for me.
      Even if it's only for me.
      Think of the tears I wil cry😒

      I am hoping to see u in Our usual post today.Please do not fail me. I wil be waiting for u there Darling.

      And pls remember THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Okay?

      I love you Gentleman V and V!😒

    33. V and V, I'm sending all the hugs i can gather to you.
      I read your comment and tears won't stop flowing down my face.
      My dear, plz hang in there.
      God is in control.
      He has never fail and he will never fail.
      You're in my prayers dear.
      It is well!

    34. V n V. Fight!! Yes fight to be free from this. U can, I know you can! Please fight

    35. Listen have been with someone that has battled depression and that shit ain't funny...Depression is real yes u know all about it but I pray u find someone that u can share ur pain with and I pray that person brings joy to not easy being with depressed people...u are practically as sad as they are..God help u bro

    36. My dear, that void you feel can only be filled with God! Trust me on this you really need God,his presence in your life will make you complete, you will feel whole again.can't u see neither money nor accomplishment can fill that void? When u have Jesus even when u don't have money you are joyful, how much more when u have money and have reached the peak of accomplishments!

    37. My dear, that void you feel can only be filled with God! Trust me on this you really need God,his presence in your life will make you complete, you will feel whole again.can't u see neither money nor accomplishment can fill that void? When u have Jesus even when u don't have money you are joyful, how much more when u have money and have reached the peak of accomplishments!

    38. U guys have said it all... Mr V and V listen to the voice of wisdom... Play loads of music, play video games, meet random Pple . Talk to strangers... Whatever it is... We love u Bro, u r so intelligent. I hardly comment, this is d second time this year am commenting, shows how much ur message touched me,. Abeg guy, look around u and u will see so many Pple faring worse than u, but they still hope for a better and brighter tomorrow, take a visit to orphanages and hospitals... See different ailments. If u r an artist, draw and paint, watch movies, so many things to do that can snap U out of it and luckily money ain't rly ur problem. One love man.... It's Xavier

  15. It really seems d musicians way of death this days signifies their time is over wit agreement wit d devil.......imagine his friend died in May wit same mode! SMH seriously

  16. Rip bruh! Depression is a killer! The spirit behind suicidal thoughts is strong But the spirit of Christ Jesus is stronger! Please be a shoulder for one to lean on in days of distress! You don't know the life you might save by such act πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

    1. You're so right! Hmmmmmmmm!

  17. and the shadow of the day
    will embrace the world in grace
    and the sun will set for you

  18. RIP to the dead, but why will he take his life?

  19. Vice and Virtue, aptly conveyed.

    Depression is indeed as real as it can get.

    And more often than not, we wave it off as a normal occurrence.

    I lost my dad to prostate cancer today and by God I almost lost it.

    It was as if my heart was practically ripped off.

    I was confronted by the harsh reality of the responsibilities on me as the first girl, with 5 younger siblings in our present economy

    And all I could think of was running away to any goddam place.

    I use to think only the poor got depressed, like what could possibly trouble me once I can take care of my bills

    But the rich equally take their lives.

    What a freaking cruel world it is.
    May his soul and that of all the faithful departed rest in peace, amen.

    1. Enugu applicant, don't overburden yourself with responsibilities. You matter more, so ensure that you are taking care of you

    2. Sorry for your loss dear. May his soul RIP.

    3. So sorry dear. God will comfort you all. He will make a way out of every tough situation

    4. Sorry for d loss...they won't tell u now..but it's time to buckle up ur seat belt...very very tight and harden ur heart

    5. Vice and virtue please take care of yourself.make a pastor your friend,listen to christen audio messages.i can also be your just send an email.

  20. Vice and virtue everything you need to ward off this devil incarnate thoughts are in christ Jesus,please know that He's ever ready to help,matthew11:28 says come on to me all are heavy laden and burdened,and I will give you rest!come to jesus and your life will never remain the same,remember he giveth peace not as men do and his peace surpasses every other understanding ok,it's well with your soul my dear.

  21. Nahi sabi. If he like blow his head off or hang himself oo I don't care, I don't give a fuck!!! πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜› FUCK HIM

    1. I feel so sad for u whoever u are...

  22. Suicide is a spirit. I pray for all who are having suicide thought to be free from it in Jesus name Amen.

    Please learn to be happy. Sorround yourself with happy people not people that wont give you joy.

    See a good man of God to help you and deliver you from these thoughts.

  23. To vice and virtue and all those who may be in a similar situation, please stay strong. Depression is real, I know, but God is also REAL! Please surrender it all to Him, reach out to those that can help including medically. I am available should you want to talk to someone. Praying with and for you! Oyindamola

  24. V&V my friend don't cop out. You know sey abin talk sey you dey craze tey tey 😁. But jokes aside, that sh*t you wrote up there is real, and that's the part about you that draws me (and probably us all). Depression is real. Mine's been garnished with frustration & shame. Suicidal thoughts seemed like a form of release, but a part of me knows that's not true. Don't know what to add to all that has already been said to you, but you've got to try to silence that part of you that wants to do you over and eliminate you from existence. For me, GOD helped me (and is helping me). Even His silence. And I see you know your trouble. The more intelligent and exposed we are, sometimes the harder it becomes to want to accept God and completely surrender to Him. I face this even now. But He is facing it with me. If not for God I for done leave this yeye world tey tey. But I discovered He is the only one who truly loves me and IS FOR me. Jesus I love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘. It's not religion to me, it is LIFE. Can't really tell you what to do V&V, just know you are NOT alone and you are loved. And stick around SDK blog, how else will ya fans follo you na, of which I am a staunch one. I dedicate Ceelo Green's Robin Williams to you. If you want, come take my hug too boo. Mwah!😘😘😘. Stella see the kind people you dey gather for ya blog ba? Lolz 😁😁😁😁

  25. Hi Stella,

    This is a reply for Vice and Virtue. Please help him see this, because this page is full already. As a matter of fact, I think I'll be sending this to everyone I know, and my blogger friends. There are things out there that can help people. You get stuck in your own bubble, and sometimes don't realise how far you've come.

    These are practical things you can research yourself that have helped me tremendously:

    1) Cut off all toxic/ malignant narcissistic people from your life.

    2) Do a cleanse (I use oxypowder), and incorporate mostly raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. Try to eat only organic, and GMO-free as much as you can. That fog will lift immediately. If you can, stay completely away from any type of meat. You'll feel soo much better, and look better too (experiment for an entire week). Stay away from sugar, and processed food in general (you probably already know that)

    2) Floatation therapy (Magnesium is the working 'ingredient' here. I will explain a bit, but, please, google it): This one blew my mind. I was clear and happy for a good 3 days. I even decided to experiment and went ahead to eat lots of meat, and it still didn't change anything for THREE WHOLE DAYS. Those of us suffering from depression know that 3 whole days of pure happiness is unimaginable.

    The way it works, mainly because of nutrient depletion over the years due to pollution and messing with nature, we do not have enough magnesium in our diets. Lots of stress lead to magnesium deficiency; magnesium deficiency leads to stress/ depression which leads to further magnesium deficiency. Basically, it becomes a cycle. The only problem is that here in Ottawa where I live, it's almost $70 for just one float. You apparently have to do lots of floats when you first start, and then you can reduce your number of floats over time, because you won't be as depleted.

    3) Vipassana (or any type of meditation): Vipassana is free. A 10 day course is usually how people start. It's how I started. You are in an isolated environment with fellow meditators (is that a word?) in an isolated area. Everything is free. For 10 days you're in pure silence. Absolutely no talking, and you're meditating about 10 hours everyday. If you're in Canada, and you go to the one in Montebello, Quebec, the food is f*cking amazing! (Hey, it helps if the food is delicious, if it's your first time, and can't think of how you'll enjoy food without meat for 10 whole days :) ). I used to think they all had the same menu, till I went to the one in Ontario. Let me not say anything.

    So after the 10 days (and no one will come and meet you to make you feel any sort of way), you can donate whatever you like, if you like, or you can choose to volunteer at a later date if you like (they actually prefer it if you volunteer).

  26. 4) Ayahuasca: This one is one many people may not be ready to hear, but when the student is ready, the teacher always appears. It was like, as someone once described in an article, "10 years of therapy in one night". This one is a personal experience. You're on your journey, and only you can ever know how it helped. All I can say for now is, I do not know why the government puts a ban on things like this that can actually help people. There are some stories online of people dying while taking ayahuasca. F*cking prescription pills kill so many people every year! Why not ban them too! The thing with those articles is they do not tell you the circumstances that led to those people's deaths. AND that ayahuasca is not something you play with. Some of these kids go to the amazon thinking it's like a mushroom trip or something. Anyway, do your own research before going ahead with it. I researched it for 2 years before ever deciding to take it, because I'd never as much as smoked weed in my life (only drank alcohol :) ), and when you hear things like this, you automatically think it's one of those things that get people high. I can assure you, you WILL NOT be getting high on this.

    I did mine in a Santo Daime setting. Santo Daime is a type of religion that was founded in Brazil. Once again, google is your friend. I stopped believing in any God a long time ago, but since the Santo Daime setting is the safest place (and only place I found I could get it :) ), I had no other choice. They don't judge anyway, and there's no preaching or trying to convert you. Everyone is there to heal.

    5) Cut off all toxic/ malignant narcissistic people from your life! (If I could write this a thousand times, I would. Toxic people are very expensive. Everything I've written here costs money; even organic food is expensive, but you should be eating organic anyway. It's just that with toxic people in the mix, you need to ensure that you stay cleaner, so that they don't get access to messing with your head as easily). I could say fill your life with positive people, but how do you know they're not just pretending in order to get something out of you. So, first clean yourself up. I think when we're clean on the inside, and our minds are clear, and truly learn what self-love really is, the right people come into our lives. I'm still in the process, so I can't say for sure.

    Please read Dr Wayne Dyer's 'Your Erroneous Zones', and 'Pulling Your Own Strings'

    Finally, God and Jesus never helped. I had to throw things that didn't make sense out of the window; as I kept comparing them to my experiences, the more religion seemed like complete balderdash. I had to do the research and help myself. No offense to any religious person out there. If it helps you, that's great.

    There's help out there people, expand your horizons.

    Sending lots of love your way Vice and Virtue, and anyone else going through this.


  27. Depression is so real.
    I might not get the right words to explain how it feels. But its there.
    Most times it the mood swings - you happy and next thing you are very sad. Especially when you feel alone and no one can bring you out of the recluse. Mine is so hard I find it difficult to reach out not even to respond to calls or text. I feel I'm a bother if I share the problem. Then I blame God for everything. The talking to yourself where you did wrong. I'm experiencing it ATM. I can't read the Bible I feel it's not helping me. I don't pray anymore, it feels all I prayed didn't do any good. I'm so sad and worried all the time. I mosttime distract myself with back to back movies, then when it's over I'm back to where I left off. Vnv I can't say anything to make it all go away but you are not alone.
    God needs to make effort to help people in this situations.

  28. Lol....God and Jesus never helped abi? The demons of depression will soon make you kill yourself. Stop inviting all kinds of demons into your life...v and v take note....embrace Christ today or hell awaits you...sucide is demonic. Depression is real but any spirit who tell you to commit sucide is demonic. Simple


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