Stella Dimoko Man Hid Wife's Body In Freezer For 8 years...


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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Man Hid Wife's Body In Freezer For 8 years...

A Florida man kept his wife’s body in a freezer in their condo for eight years after her death so that he could continue to collect Social Security benefits, investigators said.

Allan Dunn and his wife, Margaret Dunn, lived together in Sun City Center. When Margaret Dunn died in 2002, Allan Dunn put her body in a freezer and collected her Social Security benefits until his death in 2010, the U.S. Attorney’s Office Department of Justice said.

In all, he improperly collected $92,088 in federal benefits, investigators said.

Upon his death, Allan Dunn’s sole asset was the condo where he and his wife had resided.

Authorities said Allan Dunn’s heirs were unaware that he had concealed his wife’s death and agreed to waive their rights to inherit the condominium and to put it up for sale.

The condo has since been sold.

After paying the back taxes, sales costs and amounts owed to the condominium association, the remaining sales proceeds of $15,743.14 were paid to the United States.


  1. anonymous donor5 July 2017 at 15:32

    Slow news dday?. You have posted this before.

    1. Nor be today. Anything for the money...

  2. This is very common abroad. All because of money.

  3. So for eight good years no one cared to know about the whereabouts of the wife?Thank God I am an African...

  4. Nothing we don't hear this days

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  5. same thing ws done in "Desperate housewives" by that old lady, i cant remember her name, altho she wsnt responsibl for his death

    1. Mrs 'mccluskey'😂😂😂, trouble maker.
      the dead man signed his pension to his first wife, so she did what she had to do.

      so you watched Desperate housewives?

    2. yes oh...
      loved the storyline.

  6. inhumanity to man, all cause of money......WTF

  7. Then someone should have hidden his own body too to continue collecting benefits. Them no get pikin?

  8. Yes I remember too Atheist,this situation is the only negative effect of constant 'NEPA'!

  9. Hid wife's body for eight years.
    Its not his fault na constant light cause am. He fit try am for nigeria?? The smell alone go kill am.


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