Stella Dimoko Neyo's Wife Called Out Over $800 Debt And Neyo Replies


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Neyo's Wife Called Out Over $800 Debt And Neyo Replies

WOW...This is a bad belle call out ooooooh!!!


  1. Who cares?

    @NCCF cares

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  2. Ok. As if people don't know where you live.

  3. This is deeper than the 800 dollars. Lol.

  4. You want to fuck with a nigga, you on your own bro.

  5. Bia! Billiejean, I don't joke with this guy, better shift one side abeg. This is a TV show, so many things are involved, papers have been signed, 'agreements' reached, you can't just wake up and leave like that and get paid. That's the only reason you want to shame them on social media cos you don't have a case!

  6. Now that's one funny picture­čśé

  7. The tattoo on her body is too much jor

  8. Just read the call out. Brutal!

    Some peeps don't just have joy in themselves.
    Sure this is all about the money? Cos I ain't sure that's what this call out is all about.

    @Neyo's wife,u sef should know that some peeps don't play. Kai. And she may have showed u a bit of who she is. And that was enough for u to settle whatever it was btw u two.

    Even though it won't surprise me if u come and say u aren't owing this person. Some people juts get am for their body.

    @Neyo,I like that. Love men that defend their family. I juts pray ur wife ain't owing as u no address that one.

  9. If I was in neyos wife shoes, I won't be paying her either. I mean, look at the way she asked for her money. Like okay, I asked you to come over and but I decide I want to do my make up myself while you do other things and you think it's trash? I'm sure she must have acted some kind of way with neyos wife, I'm sure she had gone there and kept raising her nose at everything neyos wife said. I'm very sure neyos wife was nice to her but of course she already had different opinion about her before going there like her being a bitch, trash, gold digging nobody, prude, phony, stuck up and faking her love for neyo. Imagine the attitude she would have been displaying there.

    Mtchewww. I hope she's not paid. Put the address online and I pray neyo make good his the team

    1. My God!!! How dyu people think. This is someone's business ffs. You hired her for something, it means you have booked her for the say and she can't take any other business. Except she was the one that refused to work, u owe her for not taking other job but urs. Yes u owe her. Cos the time she spent doing nothing for u, she could have been spending it making money on another.

      I do not like the tone of her call out but if what she said is true, they should pay her.

    2. Eka joy, go back and read her call out. She walked out because she's not about to have her name on thay face like she said. No one asked her to leave. It's a show. There are terms and agreement. If you want your money stay put, whether they don't want your services or not. I'm sure a contract was signed. So if the madam who is her client wants to do her makeup her self, then sit down and watch her to the market. Then do other things. I'm sure she's not just a make up artist. Because neyos wife won't fly her over if she needed just a make up artist seeing she will so her own makeup. She must have needed her for some thing else. But the girl had to go there and then walk out

      Sorry, if I was the one, I won't pay. You didn't do your job. You walked out on your job. Who walks out and then gets paid?? Nobody

    3. @fab Mum you are wrong o, I have personally watched neyos wife's show, "about the business" abi "from the bottom up" or something like that and I must say she's always fighting with people up and down and she has a nasty mouth, I sm sure she said something nasty to the girl who will in turn reply. People forget that people providing services is different from being your servant, to me it shows poverty mentality cus people who have always been in money do not treat people bad

    4. Fab Mum.. d way u reason sef I wonder if u went through a four walls of a university.

      How can she contract a makeup artist and flew her over just to do her own make up herself.. Whats d point?

      Like u contract Banke Meshida to do ur bridal makeup which d whole world will know she is d make up artists and u end up telling her u will do ur makeup urself(which doesn't look professional) thereby spoiling her work.. It will ruin market for d makeup artiste.. Anybody who doesn't joke with her business won't accept that..
      And u think bcos she flew her there dat she can keep her as an errand girl to be doing other stuff for her which wasn't one of d reason she was there in d first place? Like WTF??
      Are u for real? Pls stick to house wife gists and stop issuing advice and comments when u know nada.

      ***Chy Ozo***(I had to include my ID before u tell me to use it,as if u will beat me when I did)

    5. @push up, well honestly that's what I'll do. It doesn't matter, a client is always right. If I don't want you to so my make up, do other things. You are a rendering a service. Either do it well or don't do it but come out with dignity. If her call out didn't come with all those words, I would have said okay, let her try and pay her. But look at what she said.. that shows you she doesn't even like her to begin with. So you don't want to know the kind of attitude she was displaying there. And if Neyos wife like you said fights people, then that means it won't work between them. But remember, Neyos wife is the client / customers. And we always say a customer is always right. If she doesn't want you to do her makeup, do other things you were brought there for and collect your pay at the end.

      Don't walk out without doing your job and then expect a pay

    6. @chy ozo
      The good thing about life is different expressions and opinions. I'm not trying to have the same opinion as you. Why should I? It would be an insult. Have you own opinion, let me have mine. Like I said, I stand by my opinion. Neyos wife won't be stupid to fly her over just to do her make up alone. Shouldn't you have known that from the text? I mean, if she wants to do her make up herself, that means she has other services she's rendering like styling or anything? Why fly in just a make up artist if I can do it myself? Or you didnt know a lot of makeup artist style and do other thing? A graduate should know that Yeah?? Stand by yours.
      The use of "house wife" is tiring.. Use something else. I bet you don't know a lot of house wives sit at home everyday, do their business online and make far better than what you that go to the office make everyday. I'm sure you don't know. But then, you are a graduate, aren't you? So you should know. That there is something called being self employed and some people do that from the comfort of their home with staff. They don't have to answer to anyone but themselves. If you didn't know that, then ask for a refund from your school. I'll be glad to recommend the university I finished from.

      And oh I could type what I typed above in 4 foreign languages without using Google translate just incase you want me to show you how good I was as a student.

    7. Forget about the four extra languages you want to type in Ma.

      The English you're using you don't even make any sense.
      And unfortunately we've reached the limit on maximum number of headaches allowed per day.


    8. 'If I don't want you to so my make up, do other things.'

      What other things????? @Fabmum

      Do you think these are Nigerian make up artistes who will do hair,nails,teeth,eye, nose, bitcoin all in one? Or gateman that you will use to wash cars,sweep compound, pay Napa bill and send on errands? Jack of all trades,skilled in none? Imagine 'do other things'. Did she contract her to do other things????

      Billie Jean is a make up artiste
      She was contracted to do MAKE UP. That's all she does, MAKE UP.
      For her to be selected, she must have an impressive portfolio.
      She flew down to do the make up as agreed.
      Client changes her mind on her doing make up. That's fine.
      It is allowed.
      But you still gotta pay.
      When you pay for a hotel room but leave after 15 minutes do you go back to collect your change?

      So you say as a professional you would hang around yeah?
      To do what? Pack empty containers and sweep the studios just to make yourself useful yeah?

      You think she doesn't have a brand to grow, other clients to pursue and most importantly her dignity to maintain????

      The way some of you 'reason' is down right scary .
      Like frigging frightening.

      You've never meet these two people before and obviously never worked before and you're saying with all confidence 'I'm sure she turned up her nose'...'I'm sure Neyo's wife was nice to her....'I'm sure she acted some type of way... ' MADAM WHERE YOU THERE??????????

      Lmaoooooo Stella I swear you got clowns on your blog.

      The struggle is real mehn.

  10. Its nice to see her tum without Photoshop.

  11. He didnt even say much but the message was greatly passed....

  12. Me like Neyo's clap back. Shey she say she's from Stockton, CA. She knows the meaning of the reply by Neyo. Make she post their address nah. Nonsense somebori. You don't want to put your make up on her face, but you want to get paid for what? For showing up? Hian!


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