Stella Dimoko President Trump Beats 'CNN' In Boxing Match Video He Tweeted


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Sunday, July 02, 2017

President Trump Beats 'CNN' In Boxing Match Video He Tweeted

US President Donald Trump launched a fresh attack on the news media Sunday by tweeting a video -- bizarre even by his standards -- showing him knocking down and beating a professional wrestling "villain" whose face had been replaced by a CNN logo.

The 10-year-old video, hailing back to Trump's days as a guest celebrity at pro-wrestling events, came after a week in which his unrestrained Twitter attacks on two MSNBC talk show hosts drew widespread condemnation from members of both political parties.

In the 28-second video, Trump, dressed in a suit, is seen knocking down another man in a suit who is standing next to a wrestling ring. Trump then pummels the man, whose face is covered by the CNN logo, repeatedly over the head.

At the end of the video, a fake CNN logo appears in the lower right corner of the screen with the words "FNN: Fraud News Network."

A longer version of the same video found online shows that the man knocked down was World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) owner-promoter Vince McMahon, a friend of Trump's.

In the longer version, McMahon next appears in a chair in the middle of the ring, his wrists being tied down as Trump takes an electric razor to shave McMahon's head bald.

The stunt was part of a promotion at the WrestleMania 23 event dubbed "The Battle of the Billionaires," with each man agreeing to let the other shave his head if his wrestler lost.

McMahon was present at the White House in February to pose smilingly with the president when his wife Linda McMahon -- herself a former WWE executive, and Trump's nominee to head the Small Business Administration -- was sworn into office.

Trump has recently picked up the pace of his attacks on the news media. Besides the crude personal attack on MSNBC co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski -- he called her "crazy" and "low I.Q." and said he had seen her bleeding after a facelift -- he tweeted his intention to start calling CNN #FraudNewsCNN, instead of #FakeNewsCNN which he had been using.

Amid a torrent of criticism over his attack on Brzezinski, Trump doubled down on Saturday, tweeting: "My use of social media is not Presidential - it's MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!"

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*I like Trump though,love his toughness,you cant break me love love...Na him fit America


  1. America is eroding in spiritual values. Free thinkers have no boundaries. Relativity !

  2. Stella how he take fit America? He is a disgrace to the office and humanity. There is a big difference between acting tough and acting a damm fool. This a slap to the office of the president

    1. What about our president that has not said a word to us for about 50 days now and we cool with it. I like what trump is doing because it is better than intimidating media with efcc over one lousy corruption charges.

    2. @wild rose! You just cracked me up with your comment!

  3. That is their own change. Where is Bubu? *Points to ponder*

    Copied from the Facebook Wall of Lagosians in Diaspora:

    About exporting yam:

    I hate to be the one to burst your bubble if you have been grinning from molar to molar, celebrating Pa Audu's "incredible feat" of exporting 72 tonnes of yam to the US and UK. I watched the report on AIT. Nicely packaged yam, in lovely cartons. I was tempted to celebrate Pa Audu for this achievement. Then I ran the numbers.

    According to the May 2017 report by the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics, 1kg of yam goes for N256. This means that 72 tonnes of yam would have a street value of N18 million. Do the math. Forget that this is less than 50% of the volume of trade on a good day in Katsina Ala yam market every week. Anyway, the yam was well packed, and then freighted to the US and UK. Lets us assume than the packaging and freighting costed N3 million (and it might be a lot more, given that yam is heavy). So we have about N15 million net worth of yam (18 - 3 = 15). Assuming we sell it at twice the price, we would make a profit of N15 million. Again, let us assume that we did not incur additional cost in the transaction. So, here is the summary: we exported 72 tonnes of yam, and made N15 million. Good business, good profit.

    Now this is where I am going with this: if 72 tonnes of yam is processed to pharmaceutical grade starch, (PGS) (that is the major component of tablets and capsules), we will get about 9.7 tonnes of pure PGS. Depending on your source, pharmaceutical grade starch goes for anywhere from $20 - 40/kg in the international market. And you can google this up. Pa Audu's 72 tonnes of yam is therefore worth a princely N102 million if it was processed to PGS (assuming it is sold for $30/kg, just to be conservative). So, N18 million worth of yam, processed to N102 million, profit of about 84 million.

    The question is, has Audu made N15 million or lost N84 million?

    Imagine, for instance, that Benue State was interested in setting up a starch production plant in Katsina Ala. Would we need to export 72 tonnes of starch to make N15 million, instead of making 84 million? And this is a state that makes a pitiable IGR of N250 million per month. The same Benue produces arguably half of the oranges in the country but there is no single fruit juice making industry in the state. This is not about Benue.

    Nigeria produces 50 million metric tonnes of cassava annually, 20% of world production according to FAO, but what do we do with it? We convert it to fufu and eat. Zero percent is processed to PGS or other value-added products. If only half of it is processed to PGS, we would be making N35 billion per annum in sales. Again, open Excel and do the math.

    So we have Audu exporting yam, exporting jobs, loosing revenue and feeling cool. And we have Gov. Ortom in the background, loving the spotlight of this new enterprise, waiting for applause. He cannot see the opportunities and the waste. He cannot understand why IGR is only N250m/month. Then we have the federal government exporting crude, exporting jobs, messing us all up.

    Then we have us, eating 50 million metric tonnes of cassava, converting it to pooh when we can convert it to cash.

    And we want to be called a developing country.

    1. anonymous gangster3 July 2017 at 08:29

      God bless you for posting this.

      Aside the fine analysis exposing the yam export as an exercise in loss making, why export a commodity that your citizens don't have enough of? Has anybody tried buying yam in the last few months till date?? It's crazy! One thing that resembles Linda Eze's kpankere arm (sorry kelvin) goes for over 1k! Same with rice; we haven't adequately built up local production to match demand, government banned rice importation automatically making it expensive.

      Well, at least I'm enjoying the lovely rain!

  4. Lol. Just watched on CNN. Apparently, they asked twitter to take it down because it promotes violence. Twitter said it wasn't against their policies (Who wan offend American president? 😂)

  5. Americans wanted him, Americans have him. One week one trouble. Their business though cos we have ours. Eg. missing president, different 'gates' and quit notice/agitations

    1. anonymous gangster3 July 2017 at 08:30

      Lol! Well said! To each his own!

  6. Hhahahahahahah loving the man daily? If you are loving the covfefe man raise up your hands

  7. hahahahahaha funny man. Love him. Good for the country. He is even trying and being everywhere. Our President is enjoying London. His home


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