Stella Dimoko US Jails Nigerian Man Over $1m Fraud


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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

US Jails Nigerian Man Over $1m Fraud

A Nigerian, Fawaz Olanrewaju Animasaun, will spend the next three years in jail in the US, for defrauding East Texans and others of nearly $1 million.

The 27-year-old is one of two persons named in a federal indictment for charges of aggravated identity, theft and conspiracy.
His arrest

He was traveling to the US from Ghana, by way of Amsterdam, when he was arrested at the airport in New York in November, 2016.

A few weeks later, the 7-foot-1-inch tall Nigerian was an inmate at the Gregg County Jail awaiting his turn in a federal courtroom.

Under a plea agreement finalized in May, Animasaun is serving three years in prison on the conspiracy charge. He is ordered to pay $930,737.60 in restitution to three financial companies.

Court documents show Animasaun will pay $135,989 to East Texas-based Austin Bank as part of that restitution.

In addition, the agreement states that Northern Trust Company is due $46,800 and UMB Financial Corporation is due $747,948.60.

The allegation

Animasaun and his alleged accomplice Idowu Temitope Omolade, also from Nigeria, are believed to be involved in at least 21 fraudulent wire transfers between April and August of 2012.

A footnote made by a US Attorney read that Animasaun unlawfully obtained money through unauthorised transfers of funds from bank accounts and brokerage accounts.

To do that, the Nigerian men allegedly impersonated actual account holders in emails exchanged with banking and financial services personnel.

In those email conversations, the Attorney said the suspects ”… harvested details about the target accounts, including account balances, and obtained wire transfer instructions.” With those details, the suspects were then able to initiate a wire transfer without the account holder’s knowledge or authorisation.

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  1. Yoruba demon

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  2. 😳😱
    He's 7.1" what a waste of height shud be shooting hoops 🏀 not being a fraud.

  3. Allow me to faint pls.

    Nigerians.. Hian

    MC pinky

    1. Really, so he is a Nigerian? It he were from the other tribe, you would go anonymous to call out the tribe.

  4. All I see is 7ft 1inch....whattttttttt?? My husband is 6ft 4inch and he's so tall with long legs and long no size in London feet,and his d**k is so long that it hurts all d time,I even run from him when I'm preggy for fear of miscarriage...hmnnnn I can imagine how a over 7ft will now look,that one na giraffe ooo.this guy should have put his GOD given gift to use as in become a basket ball player rather than fraud.

  5. anoonymous donor11 July 2017 at 13:02

    To do that, "Thhe NIGERIAN MEN" allegedly...

  6. Illegitimacy will only land u in jail

  7. Is easier to forgive but it takes the grace of God to forgive totally, is only God that can help one forget totally.

    I could remember some times ago when my elder sister did something to me, it hurt me so much that it took months before finally I prayed a sincere praywr to God to help me forgive and forget. After that day prayer in church everything juat vanished, I felt better again, til now I can't remember it again and even when a flash back k come I don't see it as an offense or feel any pain. But the things my husband is doing to me I must pay him back with his own coin when the time comes, I forgive him now but I will not forget about them till I pay him fully back.

    1. @ anon 13.06 Are you dyslexia ni,this you comment is supposed to be on the forgive and forget post not 7inches fraudster your comment now,why don't you just leave your husband and move on rather than planning revenge,don't let the man make you sin please

  8. Forgive and forget is good bit is hard to forget, is only God that can help one out of forgetting. You may forgive but forget chei is the Holy Spirit that can save you from forgetting.

    Like rape incident can one forget about it? Is hard to forget somethings in life, only God can totally make one forgive and forget.

    1. Ukwu Diamond, na Fawaz matter dey ground for here oo.😂😂😂

  9. Larry Hoover is just a stubborn boy. When he got visa, they told him to come get it in 7 days instead of the normal 3 days. Everyone told him not to go but he relied too much on his jazz.

    Go and come back and sin no more bro

    1. Larry Hoover ke? Big name wey dey kill small dog. He's nothing close to what Larry was at his humblest...y'all wack ass fraudsters need to grow the hell up

  10. "Ice water..... in Bright Chimezie's voice.

    Could you please change those names to Okeke Emeka and Ijeoma Okoro so comment section on this post can heat up abit?

    Thank you.

    1. Tell me about it...hypocritical fools everywhere

  11. Money must be made by all means, I guess? Now see yawa don gas


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