Stella Dimoko Wicked Husband Strikes!


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Friday, July 07, 2017

Wicked Husband Strikes!

The Plateau Police Command on Thursday confirmed the arrest of a 40-year-old man, Victor Dashit, who allegedly strangled his eight-month pregnant wife, Irene.

“Victor is in our custody and investigation is on-going. We shall soon take him to court,” its spokesman, Terna Tyopev, said.

He said that Dashit, a staff of the National Industrial Court, Jos who resides at New Abuja area of Jos, killed the wife, a 33-year-old teacher, at their farm in Kangang, on June 2.

It was gathered Dashit, after killing the woman, invited his brother to help him to convey her to the hospital. He had lied to his brother that she slumped few minutes after she complained of feeling dizzy.

A family source said that prior to the incident, the couple had faced lots of problems leading to persistent domestic violence.

He said that the situation got worse in May 2016, when the deceased caught her husband in bed with their house help, one Nora, in their home.

“The woman woke up one night sometime in May 2016 and did not see her husband on the bed.

“After combing the entire house, she peeped into the house help’s room and found her husband on her,” the source said.

He said that Irene sent the girl out of the house, but the girl came back two months later and told the husband that she was pregnant.

“Nora’s pregnancy aggravated the problems in their marriage; at a point, Irene fled to her parents’ house in Gindiri, but was persuaded to return to her husband’s house by their pastor.

“The pastor persuaded her to return in November 2016, after intervening in the quarrel. She became pregnant immediately.”

She said that Irene had two daughters, while the baby, a male, removed from her womb after she died, did not survive.

A source at the Air Force Military Hospital, Jos, where Irene’s corpse was taken, said that Dashit, who brought the wife on June 2, had claimed that she slumped and died after complaining of dizziness.

“The doctors confirmed her dead on arrival, but rushed her to the theatre for an emergency CS in a bid to save her unborn baby but brought out a dead child,” the source said.

Further investigation by the medics, however, revealed marks on her neck, which suggested that she was strangled.

“The doctors quickly reported the matter at the Anglo Jos police station, where Dashit owned up to strangling his wife,” he said.

Tyopev, while describing the incident as “unfortunate,” blamed the development on alleged infidelity, saying that Dashit had also confessed to impregnating his housemaid.

“He confessed to holding the woman by the neck, but said he did not intend to kill her,” he said.



  1. For a moment I thought I was reading/watching Crime and Investigations on TV.

    Strangled his 8 months pregnant wife?😱
    Oh my God!
    What kind of evil is resident in some people???

    1. @TGW exactly your last paragraph, dont know if devil is still at hell fire or in men. RIP Irene

    2. Hmmm! Goodness Jesus. Its such a wicked world. Rip to the dead

  2. I just hope this will serve as a lesson to women who wants to remain in abusive marriages. No man is worth your self happiness. If he beats you once he will beat you again. Please RUN!!

    1. Then u beg and come back.. well let him Join Evans

  3. Just negodu this end time scum of a man.πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ They should deal with his silly ass pls. Rip Irene!

  4. May her soul rest in peace, she left her two daughters, God please console her family and her children.

  5. Why can't people just stay true to there spouse, I mean it's easier than cheating
    RIP to the dead

  6. I hope the pastor and her parents who persuaded her to go back to that monster are happy now o. Pastors destroying lives since 1900 and people keep listening to them rather than listen to God. I'm sure the pastor will now claim that, "it was God's appointed time for her to die"
    Women that live and die by the word of your pastors, una well done. See una mate.

  7. New pussy made a man kill his wife...issorait

  8. Her parents and pastor killed her. So sad she had uncaring parents and she was one of those people that think pastors make good counselors. RIP woman, be wiser not to remain in an abusive relationship or marriage on your next earthly sojourn. I wish the husband the hang man's noose. As for the maid, you contributed to the misery but try to raise that child well so that he/she does not end up a nuisance to the society.

    1. Thank you, her friends,family and pastor killed her period.

  9. Evil man, all because of kpekus you killed your wife and unborn baby.

  10. What a wicked man.
    How can a pastor advice her to go back to a man that beats her and even got a maid pregnant.
    And how can she go back to a man that obviously has zero respect for her. sleeping with the maid while shes under the same roof, not that she went out.

  11. I'm sorry to say this but most pastors are not sensitive to serious and realistic issues. They believe that everything is spiritual. See now, death has become her. What a pity. May her young soul rest in peace, Amen. And may God console her daughters and family.

  12. Hmmmmm i wrote this reprt with tears in my eyes, couldn't even had the mind to post pictures, as a crime investigatibe journalist, i see bad things😭😭😭

  13. I just saw a different post on DV on FB, strolling in here and another DV post is staring at me.

    What is not wrong with the world? What happened to Tolerance? What happened to Forgiveness? What happened to peacefully talking issues over?

    Mr Dapoop sorry Dashit hope you are happy now??

  14. Every one who made her return back to her husband house she eat her dead body, every time family will say marriage is for better for worse. .now the worse has happened

  15. What the f.... .. My mum is still in shock nd crying for both the baby and Irene😒😒 who sen am go backooooooo In delta tone "devil dn use am ooo" RIP dear God will take care of the angels you left but I hope they won't leave the girls for him ooooo

  16. Pastor!!!!!!!!

  17. All the a woman keeps a home preachers, the blood of these women will be on your hands. Pastor Lagbaja told her to return because he would rather give her bad advice and not be blamed than speak truth and set her free.

  18. That was how one man who called himself a pastor said once a woman is married and she's being abused and beaten by her husband that such a woman mustn't leave because they've been joined by God thru marriage. I just shook my head and left him πŸ™ˆπŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£

  19. Evil man, he must not go scout free

  20. Dr. Okoye @gwags Abuja9 July 2017 at 14:41

    May d soul of IRENE n d souls of all d faithful departed rest in peace of d Lord. Amen. RIP IRENE, as I coment wit a sorrowful spirit.


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