Stella Dimoko Actress Hilary Duff slams Body Shamers On Her Case


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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Actress Hilary Duff slams Body Shamers On Her Case

The 29-year-old actress slammed back at body shamers who criticized her figure while on vacation in Hawaii with her 5-year-old son, Luca, and friends.

Wow check out many comments this got her.....

The thing is that body shamers are also not perfect,they probably leash out from their insecurities..hisss!


  1. Her body is beautiful . Fine woman.

    1. Biko, what is wrong with this beautiful body? Some people are just stupid and depressed and would do anything to make others feel bad, low and depressed as well.
      See what insecurity causes.

  2. But she has a lovely shape and skin now, except it wasn't this photo that caused the shaming.

  3. So true, most internet sadist commentators when you meet them in the real world, you no go vex again. As you can clearly see they are not it or alright at all

  4. I've never seen anyone with a perfect body bodyshaming others..its all those ugly unfit ones with terminal diseases hiding behind their PCs to body shame happy people.

  5. She has a beautiful body don't mind the body shamers

  6. Fine and beautiful skin u HV got.

  7. You should see how people call me fat now. I went up from 75kg to 90kg when I had my son. One year later I am stil trying to loose the weight. I excercise daily and try to eat right. I have lost a bit but it's not easy.
    It's to the extent someone told me am I pregnant again. Another one told me it's like contraceptives is causing it. Meanwhile I'm not on any.
    I don't want to go to family functions cos of ppl calling me orobo as all others in the family that put to bed have their figure back.
    It is depressing.
    I just decided within myself I must do something drastic.

    1. All the best. But please don't patronize quacks in your quest for a slimmer frame. The result could be deadly.

  8. Annon 9.45,if u continue listening to people you will be doomed. You can imagine that somebody close finished looking at me and asked me if am sure my Tommy can carry pregnancy because I weighed around 56kg after marriage. No go kill yaselfoo. Lose weight because it makes you feel good and nothing else! Kapish.

    Therapy today.


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