Stella Dimoko Kim Kardashian Sued For $100 Million Over Selfie Light Phone Cases


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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Kim Kardashian Sued For $100 Million Over Selfie Light Phone Cases

 Kim Kardashian West's perfectly lit selfies are causing her some legal drama.

Kim's company, Kimisaprincess Inc., was hit with a $100 million lawsuit on Monday from a man named Hooshmand Harooni, over the LuMee phone case the 36-year-old reality star endorses. In court papers obtained by ET, Harooni claims that LuMee stole his idea for an illuminated cell phone case.

Harooni claims he patented an "Integrated Lighting Accessory and Case for a Mobile Phone Device" back in April 2013, but his profits have suffered due to Kim endorsing LuMee.

"Despite having superior, patented products, it has been extremely difficult for Snaplight to compete in the selfie case market against Ms. West's product influence and Defendants' ongoing infringement," Harooni claims, who's also suing Urban Outfitters for distributing LuMee. "Snaplight and Mr. Harooni have suffered financially as a result."

Harooni is suing for $100 million in lost profits, and is asking that Kim stop promoting and using LuMee phone cases.

In a statement to ET, a rep for the Kardashians called the lawsuit "another attempted shakedown."

"The patent lawsuit filed by Snaplight has no merit and is just another attempted shakedown," the statement reads. "Kim has done absolutely nothing wrong."
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  1. oho!!! how does this change the price of garri in the market?

    *hangs leg on the wall*

  2. The suit doesn't make sense.
    How's that her fault that nobody is buying your own phonecase?

    She only escalated the sales by endorsing it.
    The company didn't steal your idea or anything. You are just unlucky to have such strong competition.
    It's just like Samsung suing Apple over a phone feature.

    Sorry Sir. Your loss.

    1. It was painful to read.
      He is not even after Lumee oh.
      Chai. Kim ataa ahuhu.

      Hello my one and only Ollie😍😍😍

    2. See me see wahala oh! I read it thrice and I just can't with these people!! Arrgh...

    3. @Iphie, Exactly, He is not even after Lumee.
      Everybody wants to milk Kim.
      Hello my darling.How are the kids.

      @Chi, Very funny story. He should get Beyonce to endorse for him. Simple.

    4. This is a frivolous suit. Why not sue Lumee? How and why do you sue someone for endorsing a Product?

  3. His Products are suffering because of Kim's endorsement? Okay so we agree Kim's influence is a big deal now?
    Its fine.

  4. *raises eyebrow at Harooni* Boy gerarrahere!

  5. Kim be giving the man sleepless nights

  6. Instead of talking too much, why not get acelwebirty endorce your brand? So that your in sales won't suffer. This suit doesn't make sense at all.

    1. Okay I don hear, make I go look for lumee buy sef,Kim and selfie I know and you and your product,who una come be. Anyhow thanks for bringing lumee to my to Walmart.


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