Stella Dimoko President Macron Under Fire For Plan To Give Wife 'First Lady' Role


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Monday, August 07, 2017

President Macron Under Fire For Plan To Give Wife 'First Lady' Role

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, is facing a people’s revolt against plans to give his wife an official “first lady” role.

More than 150,000 people have signed a petition against the move that would give Brigitte Macron an office, staff and an allowance from the public purse.

The rebellion comes as Macron’s popularity continues to plummet. Polls last month showed he had dropped seven percentage points with only 36% of French people saying they were happy with their new leader. At the same period in their mandate Macron’s predecessors François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy were at 56% at 66% respectively.

During his presidential campaign, Macron promised to “clarify” the role of the French president’s wife by giving them an official status, describing the current situation as a “kind of French hypocrisy”.

Neither the French constitution nor accepted protocol gives the president’s partner an official status, leaving them to create a role as they see fit. They are allowed an office, staff, security guards paid for out of the Elysée budget and estimated by the official auditors at around €450,000 (£406,000) a year.

Creating an official title would create a separate budget for the president’s partner. The plan has struck a particularly discordant note in France coming as Macron prepares to force his “morality” law, banning parliamentarians from employing wives and family members.

The artist and author Thierry Paul Valette, who is behind the petition, said: “There is no reason why the wife of the head of state should be given a budget out of public funds. At present, Brigitte Macron has two or three assistants as well as two secretaries and two security staff, and that’s enough.”

Valette said any decision should be made by referendum and not presidential decree.

“It’s for the French people and no other to decide who represents them. However, more than 65% are against the creation of a special status for Brigitte Macron.”

He added that the petition was not a personal assault on Madame Macron or her abilities and “ferociously criticised all sexist attacks” on the first lady.

“That said, at a time when French public life is being moralised, at a time when a decree banning MPs from employing members of their family is being voted … we cannot decently approve of an initiative giving President Macron’s wife a specific status.”

On Friday, Daniel Fasquelle of the centre-right Les Républicains party said Macron was paying for his inexperience.

“He’s not up to the job, either in his behaviour or in addressing the issues. We are seeing promises not being kept, hitches, flip-flopping …”

Neither Joachim Sauer, husband of the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, nor Philip May, Theresa May’s husband, have any recognised role.

In America, under a 1978 law, the first lady, Melania Trump, has a team of 12 staff and an official status.

Macron may decide he has bigger political fish to fry. Opponents are gearing up for widespread protests over his government’s labour law reforms in September, when France returns to work after the long summer break.

From the guardian

*This man wan carry him love for this woman mix with him politics?OK


  1. He should just listen to his people's voice.

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  2. Love o love o love egbumuo chim oo

  3. So this man won't have his own kids?

    1. and you forget some people been married for 25 years no kids.

  4. Macron wife is selfish, how can she get married to him denying him of having his own children while she has hers

    1. Did the man call you to tell you he want kids or the woman tied his neck ? How do people reason with their Arse though ?

  5. This woman has given this man something to chop. She's really controlling him.

  6. Macron does not share your sentiments. If it was an older man that married a young lady, no one will blast the man but the woman.

  7. The mind control is something else!!!
    I see these type of control a lot at work when wives of employees call. I ask to speak to the husband as I have no business with the wives and you hear them shouting, bossing ,talking down at their partners and telling them what to say in the background.
    I can imagine aunty macron doing the same!

    1. Hehehhehehe

      But for some reasons,I don't think it's the same here.
      I think he just goes to her and ask "what do u want done Sweetheart?😍 And even when she insists on what she wants,he does that which he thinks is best for her. Which he thinks she "deserves" and which wil make her happy. Even if she doesn't want it. Lol

      The Power of Love?😍
      Let's not even go there😂

    2. Proudly Anonymous7 August 2017 at 17:20

      That woman sure knows how to tweak Emma's brain & mind.
      Mumu button will always be there to be pressed,and then the age difference just about summed it all up.

  8. See young man still crazy about and old Olympus have fallen sunken pussy!!! Yet naija men will marry beauty queens and still sleep with house maids. Cursed lots. Abeg they should leave him alone he loves her...If na Nigeria they will say she tied him in a bottle or ate chicken on his head. lol

  9. Hmmmm love go kill some people

  10. I still don't know what to make of this couple. See small boy looking old after years of screwing with an old woman. Why do I see the woman as a cradle snatcher.? Lolzzzz. You better dissociate your marriage from politics.


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