Stella Dimoko US Approves Sale Of High-Tech Attack Planes To Nigeria


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Friday, August 04, 2017

US Approves Sale Of High-Tech Attack Planes To Nigeria

The Trump administration is greenlighting a nearly $600 million sale of high-tech attack planes to Nigeria, officials said Thursday. The goal is to shore up the West African nation's ability to fight Boko Haram and other extremists, despite U.S. concerns about human rights abuses by Nigerian security forces.

The sale will let Nigeria buy up to 12 Embraer A-29 Super Tucano aircraft from Colorado-based Sierra Nevada Corp., according to officials who were briefed on the matter but spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly. The aircrafts come with sophisticated targeting equipment that the U.S says will help Nigeria fight terrorism, trafficking, insurgency and illicit trade.

In his final days in office, former President Barack Obama put the planned sale on hold after a Nigerian fighter jet repeatedly bombed a camp near the Cameroon border housing civilians who had fled Boko Haram. Local officials have said more than 230 people were killed, in an incident that brought new attention to alleged abuses by Nigeria's forces.

A few weeks later, newly inaugurated President Donald Trump told Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari that he supported the sale. Trump told the Nigerian leader in their first phone call that it would increase American exports and help Nigeria fight terrorists, according to officials.

The move is Trump's latest to arm countries despite questionable rights records in some cases. On his first trip abroad as president, Trump announced a $110 billion sale of military equipment to Saudi Arabia, including precision-guided munitions that Obama had cut off over concerns about high rates of civilian casualties in Yemen. Saudi Arabia is at war with Iranian-backed Shiite rebels in Yemen.

Despite approving the sale to Nigeria, the U.S. is keeping up the pressure on Buhari's government to improve its forces' human rights practices and ensure accountability for violators, a U.S. official said. The aim of the sale is to help Nigeria and its neighbors strengthen their ability to fight Boko Haram and an Islamic State group affiliate in West Africa. Other countries in the region fighting similar threats already have the Super Tucano, the official noted.

The State Department notified Congress late Wednesday of its plans to approve the sale. That triggered a 30-day review period in which lawmakers can try to block the sale. While several Democrats in particular have raised concerns, Congress is unlikely to stop the administration from proceeding.

John Campbell, a Nigeria scholar at the Council on Foreign Relations, said concerns have receded somewhat as Nigeria has taken steps to address shortcomings, including granting the International Committee of the Red Cross access to some Nigerian detention facilities.

"There are signs of some progress," Campbell said. Still, he said Nigeria had a "long way to go."

If the sale goes forward, the U.S. will have to send employees or contractors to Nigeria to provide logistical support and train teams on how to use the aircraft. They also would provide guidance on international laws for protecting civilians, officials said.

The Nigerian air force has been accused of bombing civilian targets several times in recent years. The State Department said in report last year that the Nigerian government has taken "few steps to investigate or prosecute officials who committed violations, whether in the security forces or elsewhere in the government, and impunity remained widespread at all levels of government."

Amnesty International also has accused Nigeria's military of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the extrajudicial killings of an estimated 8,000 Boko Haram suspects. Buhari promised to investigate the alleged abuses after he won office in March 2015. No soldier has since been prosecuted.

Nigeria is Africa's largest consumer market, with 170 million people, and the continent's second-largest oil producer. It is strategically located on the edge of the Sahel, the largely lawless semi-desert region bridging north and sub-Saharan Africa where experts warn of Islamic extremists expanding their reach. More than 20,000 have been killed and about 3 million displaced in Boko Haram's insurgency since 2009, in which the extremist group has sought to enforce strict Islamic rule.



  1. To combat boko haram I think

    1. No o, solely meant for fan Emmanuel and chike and co.

  2. So that they'll go and bomb another IDP camp okwaya? Continue

  3. High time nigeria start a nuclear program sef.

  4. Biafra. Biafra. Biafra.

  5. Pls if you are christian reading this,dont forget 2 pray 4 dis country in your you are praying for yourself,include dis country too.There is something happening underground and we don't know.PLS IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN,ASK GOD WHAT I JUST TYPED IF IT'S TRUE..DONT JOKE WITH THIS PRAYER.AM OUT.

  6. There is obviously a plan in place that seeks to destroy this country for the benefit of those outside. Forget your differences and pray for this country. It is worse than it seems.

  7. Nigerians (hausa) getting ready to fight biafra. and d goat called Kanu N. is busy holding rallies, exercising delusional powers of superiority, enjoying moments of fame with no structural plan on how to achieve d biafran country. that isreal that is shaking ur head as ur backing and biafran supporter, have dy finished fighting there own wats? and u think they will deploy army to help u fight urs. America sold the jets to Nigeria, hv u forgotten dy are strong of isreal? and u think if dy ask isreal to withdraw there support from biafra, isreal will refuse? Nnamdi kanu stop sending people to their early grave. if u love ur people gather them round and work out a plan or independent system of developing d ibo states without necessarily relying on govt funds. we have very rich ibo men who r willing to develop our states. e.g. creation of better job opportunities in independent establishment, good roads etc improving d skills in aba, agriculture in imo,have an independent structure where by once and ibo student graduates, he or she automatically gets employed into d independent establishment not run by d govt. etc in years u find out that d state govt wont have any power over you guys,invariably rendering d fed govt say over u useless. gradually u attract foreign investors, then when ur market starts booming, u then introduce ur currency ,with laws that every investor or consumer of ur product must purchase or deliver/render services using ur unified currency. gradually it becomes accepted, before u know it tiny pieces fall into place. ibo states then become a large exporter of goods and services needed by oda countries including nigeria, especially ur oil. b4 u know terms of delivering ur services will be negotiated, then comes the birth of ur biafra whose economic power and growth is on a solid foundation. with a working system that will never crumble.
    Dubai once sort help from d den obj regime to build it's city. today most of us run to dubai. if u r trying to make urself popular and never be forgotten, then please modify my naive suggestions, all that I missed out please fill up. gather all those politicians (who seek after their selfish gain with no plans 4d future) and political rev father (I know urself) backing u and think of a better way to build d ibo community. if true restructuring is preached in church and practiced by u and ur committee of leaders championing this biafran struggle, then naturally others will follow. all bios want is to be given a better opportunity to showcase their God given skills.
    thank you.

    1. Haaaa. Sweets please next time use the space bar in your keyboard and make use of paragraphs.

      My eyes are about falling off the sockets.

      All I saw was that the violators from now on will be prosecuted.


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