Stella Dimoko Amir Khan Announces He Will Divorce Pregnant Wife Faryal Makhdoom Despite Her Pleas To Save Their Relationship


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Friday, September 22, 2017

Amir Khan Announces He Will Divorce Pregnant Wife Faryal Makhdoom Despite Her Pleas To Save Their Relationship

Professional Boxer Amir Khan has defiantly announced he will divorce pregnant wife Faryal Makhdoom - despite her pleas for reconciliation for the sake of their unborn baby.

Taking to Twitter hours after his estranged wife, the boxer wrote: 

"Unfortunately it didn't work out between Me and Faryal and we are still going ahead with the divorce. We are in good talking terms.

We have to think about our daughter Lamaisah who I will always be there for. I wish Faryal all the very best for the future."

This divorce news came barely 24 hours after Faryal Makhdoom made a desperate bid to save her marriage - appearing to ask her husband for a second chance.

She wrote,

"The past three months have been really tough on me and my marriage," she wrote. Matters haven't been helped by the fact that my husband has been out of the ring for quite some time... it's been very stressful for us as a couple, and a family. I now recognise that all this infighting between me and my in-laws has had a terrible effect on my husband and I... and for that I would like to sincerely apologise. My mother and father-in-law are the elders of our family and as such deserve love and respect just as much as my own parents do.
I've said things in the past out of anger... I didn't really mean and regret now."

My daughter and unborn child do not deserve a broken home," she said.
That is why I have decided that it is time to put our differences behind us, and start afresh. All families go through hard times. It is unfortunate for us that our difficulties were played out so publicly. I also apologise for my part in that."

Although it appears Amir has taken his expectant wife's message as a simple apology to his family and although claiming the pair remain friendly, he maintains he is committed to a divorce.


  1. Poor lady.Rejected by husband with pregnancy. She must be going through hard times.
    In a short while,another celebrity husband will locate her.I know that a man somewhere is happy because of the divorce.. They quickly fall in love.

    1. I feel for the poor lady, her in-laws detest her. There is not as bad as having crazy in laws or having issues with your in-laws.
      The guys parents will be dancing in private and so happy their son is no longer with her.
      Poor girl, she dint play her game well.

  2. Poor lady.Rejected by husband with pregnancy. She must be going through hard times.
    In a short while,another celebrity husband will locate her.I know that a man somewhere is happy because of the divorce.. They quickly fall in love.

  3. This story is not complete,wetin cause fight??

  4. This is a woman fighting for her marriage. Unfortunately Men, Men, Men, the man sure has a babe already by the corner and will just push the kids over to the woman and continue his life like nothing happened.

    This is exactly me soon to be ex husband. Prie goes before a fall. After I had covered up his homosexuality life for years only to find out that all those whole he was just saying nasty things about me and planning his escape. Atleast it will be in the records that he was once married to a woman that turned out bad, so thearrange broke up and he never remarried. He will then quietly continue fucking men and getting public sympathy on top my head. I will expose him for who he is with evidence and I will clearly state my reason in the court papers, ain't doing no irreconcilable differences. Faryal,you will be fine. You have done your best. Let him have the taste of the perfect side chicken. He will even be laughing at her with his side chic.

    1. Sorry for ur situation & very sad story there.
      But nowadays there's too many naija gay men deceiving girls into arrangee marriage.
      *sickening indeed!!!
      Very desperate girls fall for them & get roped or entangled into their wicked ways with marriage fraud.

    2. Madam anonymous you say what? You knew and covered him up huh,wow you are strong woman I can't do it
      You will be fine

    3. Exactly. Another peperempe don slot in. It is well Faryal. You are beautiful, you will get another horseband. Men should learn to value their homes and families instead of chasing pussy. 🐈
      Anon 8:29 you tried ooo. One of the worst things that can happen to a woman is to find out her husband is gay. I mean who or what can compete with that? Such men are wicked and deceptive. It is deception of the highest order. Anon don't cover him again. They will be using women as baby factories and housekeepers to give the world a different impression. Monster! Anon I pray you find happiness with a correct guy. Pls if you are gay, leave the other sex alone, bikonu! Don't intentionally deceive and spoil another person's life. You can look for a contractual union if you really need a beard where the person knows what he/she is getting into and you are sure you won't be extorted.

    4. Anon 8:43, you are very correct. If you all know the amount of Nigerian men that are into this homosexuality thing, you will not believe it. Especially married men. Even the so called actors and comedians especially the ones that are young and married.
      My keeping quite and stooping low saved my life. It wasn't until I left that I even discovered that the people I would have gone to were all doing the same thing. Not speaking at all helped me to be alive. It is like a Labyrinth. No easy way out. It was God's mercies that said NO. At a point,it was just easier for me to just die and rest. I wonder how many women going through the same condition. You can't even open up to anyone. How do you tell your family ,friends? You don't even know who is who? I will send in my story foe people to learn (hope they don't kill me by then). Been sleeping with one eye open for the past 6 months. Finding out the way I did was just the holy spirit. All I can do now is live and just live. This world is mysterious. People are crying everyday for husband. Marriage. Children. I just wish I never got married. I wish I could remove the burden like a necklace and throw it away. I insisted on no sex before marriage,that was how I fell into the trap and the rest was psychological manipulation. Praying and hoping things change. While I almost entered into menopause,no sex, No child , not even the marriage, all accusations. Only PDA. Watch out for those PDA men. It will end in praise. Still finding myself. Does it even pay to be a good girl morally?

    5. Anon9:06, the funny thing is that one girl is busy forming sidechick not knowing that he is also using her as a side cover up. I know how manipulative he is, he will keep leading the stupid girl on and at most give her anal sex or no sex at all claiming loyalty to me as a perfect husband. That is also when the girl will keep doing more and more to win that kind of a loyal husband.
      I personally feel that these people should be allowed to come out and show themselves. Look at how I feel into this trap. My life has been shattered for something that shouldn't even be my business. Imagine how many teachers and friends people entrust their kids to and tomorrow they will turn out to be of such sexual preference.
      Some people are still entangled inside this endless torture and can't even find a way out. Some will die in there and no one will ever know.
      It is easier to talk about hubby having kids outside,having babes, domestic violence etc how and who do you tell about a gay husband? What will the person do for you. The first thing is "ARE YOU SURE"? It is almost impossible for them to repent. You see this homosexuality of a thing. It will be easier for them to kill an opposition and keep their secret than to change. It is like an occult,an evil spirit. Most of them are very well loved by everyone,they do charity events and loves kids. They are everyone's heroes which makes victims not to speak out with the mind that no one will believe them. They are aware of all these. Yet inside the house you see a manipulator, emotional abuser and blackmailer ,an evil soul. I saw it all. Beware of men that does plenty charity work, goes to orphanages and just does plenty charity. That is also one of their ways to reach out to their fellow coded gay men. I just woke up and ran. Ran without looking back or knowing where I was going. Very few women they are married to are sane. Most of them are going mad already. There is an actress and she is going crazy,people think she's seeking attention. Those side chicks, they may not even be sleeping with them (sexwise), they are just cover ups. Make e be say dem dey pursue woman. They will even want to make it public so that attention will quickly swerve from the homosexuality part.
      God is our strength.

    6. Wow @ Anon 9:53, please send in your real story. It will be an eye opener for single women/men out there.

      I pray you find peace and happiness in this life.

    7. Anon stay strong. Make sure you are safe. May God keep you. And thanks for sharing. Not all that glitters is gold.

    8. Anon 9:53,please send in your story. I have been suspecting my hubby but don't know how to validate it. He loves hanging around his male staff, takes them out for official dinners in my place and says he wants them to see another life. He even gave one a jeep for serving him well when he was about leaving, meanwhile, my small car is 9years old. He has never bought me anything. He is always happy and laughs heartily when on the phone with his guy friends or junior colleagues and can go eight months without sex, forming anger and malice. He save a guys name as baby.. But said it was the phone that had a problem. I don tire. In fact, I need to get a clip vibrator and dildo today. I need to blow my mind out...before I beging neibo and friends for something. Marriage is a mystery. If I was single, sebi I would have gotten a Friday gig for today. How can one be horney and hubby be forming Malice? I just pray one day, I don't go fuck his best friend.HAaaa... My body dey do me. It's been 3 months. Just when you think he has forgiven you and there might be show, he will get angry again for nothing and keep Malice for months. Oga gets angry even over the TV station he finds you watching, or flimsy things like his daughters hair style,giving his son a hair cut when it's not bushy. Let's just say everything. I really don't care. I don't mope around anymore. I just need to get down every now and again. I don't mind paying oh if u are very good. I'm in my very early 30s and very energetic, old men plus keep off.

    9. People are suffering in this thing called marriage.
      The worst any woman can go through is finding out her hubby is gay.
      Madam send your story to Stella. I believe reading ppls comments will also encourage you you are doing the right thing.
      If I were you I will expose him to his family and friends. Let ppl know the reason you are leaving the marriage. I believe they will be sympatetic to you and know you are not the bad woman or cause of the break up he is letting ppl believe.
      I feel for you. This is just wicked.
      Be gay all you want. But don't rope innocent women into your messed up lives.

    10. So I found out my husband was gay, caught him several times and I would have kept quiet but he was abusing me physically at the same time that I almost lost my pregnancy but being new in town I had no where to go to and he used finances to control me and he infected me with an std, mind you he was the first man in my life and I really loved him. Well I prayed and told God that I was done being a good wife, so i told our both families but of course his family supported him because they had been in the know of his actions even before we got married, my parents didn't believe me at first but when I showed them all the evidence they did, I ran away from my him with the help of God, friends and my family and I will NEVER go back to him. My family is in support of a divorce but want him to file it first because of religious reasons. If he doesn't file it and I can not wait any longer I will go ahead and file it! And to think he was saying so many bad things about me just to cover up his gay life so that if the marriage breaks up it will look like it is me that caused the break up, well as soon as I found out from our mutual friends that he was speaking things against me that I do not want to have sex with him, that I don't respect him, respect a man who claims to be a man of God yet from church he will go straight to him sodom and gomorahh then come back home abuse me and then go and lift up "holy hands" in Church?? ahhh the thing tire me, that is when I opened up the sordid can of worms and all our friends and family members heard what was going on truly! Everyone told me not to continue in fact they have been so helpful and kind, oh when I ran away he wanted to use money to frustrate me but Oluwagbogboro was involved! How can I continue having sex na when he infect me with HIV that i will receive sense? and oh I can't wait for the divorce to start. Very wicked human being! And to think I asked him before marriage if he was into men and he started shouting on me and reporting me to his parents and then finally it ended up being true. I just lost interest and respect for him and his parents and I don't want to be part of them, let them go and deceive another girl into marrying him because I am so done with them. Oniran!

    11. Anonymous 11:33 your husband is gay. That's exactly what mine was doing as in that's until I turned FBI investigator. In fact FBI could not have done a better job and that's when chicken nyash blow. Mine will say he is going to read for exams at night, park his car in the park n ride parking lot then take uber to go to his gay habitat and stay there till 11am the next day that is more than 12hrs plus, ha ha but of course I am on alert or from work he will go there and oh he has sex not just with one guy there but several gay dudes. The place is a renowned gay habitat for gay quickies. What is a married man who has kids doing there?

    12. Anony 10:11 you are 100% correct. I saw HELL inside the house all kinds of abuse you can think of! Narcissistic behavior included but outside he was everyone's hero! To think my dad almost disowned me when I finally spoke up! Well now they have finally believed because I gave them hard evidence and even took them to one of his gay habitats while he was at it. Everyone saw him as that perfect man of God, into so many christian activities, charities, etc infact if he prays for you here or sings you will think you are in the heavenly realm. Oh I was slipping into depression, massive depression! I ran for my life and never looked backed and I am hoping for a divorce real soon! In fact I am willing to offer him up to any male or female interested! I no do again ooo, I loved him but love is not enough to prevent HIV, kaposki sarcoma and all other AIDS related infections that come with promiscuous lifestyle and esp the kind of horrible diseases that come from men who have sex with men. That kind marriage is not worth being dashed infectious diseases.

    13. Thanks all. Anon 11:33. All I can say is hmmmnn. Finding out isn't always the problem but finding the strength to navigate the waters. What you just typed is typical. Also try and remain steadfast. Try not to cheat or do anything silly, at the appropriate time , the holy spirit will show you all you need to know and send in people to help you find your way.
      I will send in my story as a final leap of being alive and letting the world at large hear my story and learn. I will not send it as anonymous but with our real names and pictures. Everyone involved and every damp thing. That is what I am waiting for. The right time. The signal to go ahead. My lawyers have the story incase anything happened to me. It is not just a story but it will change people's lives and open our eyes to the things we ignore so much. A friend that has been taken care of me since I left is shattered and currently depressed. She has quit her job and going thru counselling. I feel bad for my story to have affected her that much. The lawyers ,instead of taking money from me decided to give me almost 60k that day. I don't want to be seen as a victim but each night I am awake,I imagine what people go thru and wonder how long I will keep my mouth shut. It is just sad. I had so much dream, I am just hanging there and waiting for God to give me further directions. I feel nothing. No emotions, I am not even scared of dying instead I feel luky to be alive. Someone entered the house and cut the gas hose,(while i went out) knowing well that I have difficulty perceiving smell. The whole gas in the cylinder emptied inside the house and my girl was just gonna light the gas but something made her not see the matches that was right in front of her. Mind you ,we use the very large industrial gas cylinder. Everything had emptied. They has keys and unlimited acess. Imagine if she lite the match? God has kept me for a reason. I don't know why yet but I will find out.

    14. Amen my dear. God bless you.
      To the lady who wants to buy dildo to masturbate. You already have enough problems don't allow the spirit of lust to get into you or perversion.
      May the Holy spirit help you all in your challenges.
      Note the root entry of this either, molestationas a child, money rituals, or sexual lust, witchcraft, or recruiters witches/Wizards.
      In as much as you are your priority please fast and pray.Curse it at its very root apply the finish work of Christ. See how to cover lifestyle murder was almost committed.
      This is another effect of men's ego. When society baits men with lies they don't check themselves, the spirit of lust has graduated to homosexualities. Issue of side​ chick is a small matter. Sexual perversion is a stronghold and stubborn demon. This is to disintegrate the society.
      Be safe u all.

  5. I am tempted to tell this man to go have a seat!
    The man-child is always announcing.

  6. After all d pleas. What could have gone wrong that is so hard to give a 2nd thought? Hianest!

  7. Replies
    1. That is what you think, she obviously has a different thought. She wu wears the shoe Knows wher it pinches

    2. She is yet to realise she is better off without him. But she will. Why will you guys always condone obvious bull shi*t?

  8. It's so sad how people tend to reason, thinking u can eat ur cake and ve it back unfortunately not everyone is that lucky. People should learn not to do things they end up being sorry about and this goes to both sex, for most of u who feels the man is unreasonable should not be quick to that conclusion cos if you read the wife's apology u'll see she acknowledged blowing things out of proportion but what she didn't specify is if she went overboard or not and that u & I don't know. It's one thing to say ur sorry but the question remains if u being sorry is coming from a repentant heart or is it because the chips are down and all u thought u had going on for you didn't walk out as planned. Nobody enjoys being seen or treated as a second fiddle not even in a relationship let alone marriage and am sorry for those who actually think they can eat their cake and ve it back. Food for thought.

    1. Marriage is not just about his ego. Kids are involved. Once you are dealing with humans,you must be hurt. Marriage is for people who are forgives. He is just looking for an easy way out.
      Yet he openly called her out for cheating with Anthony Joshua. Anthony forgave him. Who is he to shut up and go work on his family. I blame Anthony for not suing his losing ass.
      He is frustrated career wise and taking out on his family. Pussyassman.

    2. I hope you don't pray to God for forgiveness of sin and expect to be forgiven.

      If man were God!!!

      She has apologised, she is remorseful, what else? Useless men always feeling like demigods. Like all through the marriage he never did her wrong?? Mstchew.

    3. 10:18 your head dey there. At least she acknowledged her mistake, trying to make it work. He has been going upandan castigating her and cheating openly.

  9. Things are really happening in marriages these days. Probably the man is gat and want to be free from the wife. Or there is one side chick waiting around the corner.

  10. In-law wahala. They will frustrate you. Push you to the wall till you spark out of bottled up pains and hurt. Once u talk, they hold your words against you. Ehhhh.... Mua, I won't talk oh....but... I use total ignore to kill you. I always have only 3 answers for my mum In-law. 1.I forgot. 2.I didn't hear. 3.I don't know. And I say them innocently. If you like, say it hundred times, I will still tell you I didn't hear or forgot. This woman almost caused me my home. Now, I don learn. It's when you are trying to express your hurt and anger that even your tone and choice of words will be used against u. If you just say, you can't remember, lo ba tan.

  11. hmmmmmmm what am i reading. Dont know what to say just to let you know that God Almighty is still there for you.

  12. Jesus is Lord. What have I just read? Oh Lord, please protect your anonymous daughters.

  13. Na wah oh! For these anonymous stories about gay men deceiving them with fraud marriage. This is baaaad...oh!!!

    That gas (tampering with gas cylinder or pipe in the kitchen) thing is how many families r using to kill their daughter in laws in India nowadays, instead of facing divorce or the stigma or shame that their son's marriage ended in divorce. They will just lure the unwitting girl or woman who is going through marriage problem with their son, to come & cook food in the kitchen & the man's family will secretly tamper with the gas cooker or stove in the kitchen. And the poor girl will be blown to pieces & burn to death in "mysterious" kitchen fire incident.
    That is their # 1 method now of doing away with women instead of divorce now in India. Or they'll use poison too.

    ***please run for ur dear life if u find urself entangled in fake marriage or fraud with gay man!!!
    They r killers, physical & spiritual demons!!!

    They have so many games they play or use to deceive people. PDA is #1 game. While they will never touch u in private, but come all over u with lovey lovey gestures in public. They say baad things, rubbish & manipulate u all the time & at the same time wear big..big wedding rings for public to see. They love charity work...die!!!
    And visiting orphanages or showing public display of kindness is their #1 game too.
    Ndi amusu!!! Ekwensu!!!


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