Stella Dimoko British Airways Launches investigation After Shocking Video Emerges Of 'Air Stewardess' In Uniform Making Racist Comments About Nigerian Passengers


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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

British Airways Launches investigation After Shocking Video Emerges Of 'Air Stewardess' In Uniform Making Racist Comments About Nigerian Passengers

British Airways has launched an investigation after a video emerged of an air stewardess making racist comments about passengers on a flight to Nigeria. 

The woman, dressed in a BA uniform, apparently filmed herself as she was about to fly from London Heathrow to Abuja on Friday night.

The footage was recorded in her car and has been circulated among shocked cabin crew who reported it to BA.

The airline said today: 'We expect the utmost professionalism from our staff when they are representing British Airways. We are

The British Airways stewardess apparently filmed herself as she was about to fly from London Heathrow to Abuja

In the expletive-filled footage, the unidentified woman said 'all Nigerians are going to be asking for f****** upgrades' - after claiming the men would need more leg room in an apparent joke about the size of their privates.

During the one-minute clip, broadcast on Snapchat, the blonde female worker also revealed how she was going to deal with passengers on the six-hour flight.

A source told MailOnline that the video - which was captioned 'I can't cope with this flight' - was circulated among 'horrified' BA cabin crew who are 'very concerned'.

The woman filmed herself saying: 'Alright, so all of yous are there getting ready for your Friday night, getting in the pre-drinks, you know, as you do.

'And I'm here, getting ready to go to work, put on a yellow life jacket, point out the exits, hand out chicken or beef, what sort of Friday night is this for me?

'The upside is I'm going to Nigeria and there's gonna be bare B**, I'm joking, I'm joking.

The blonde woman was describing her flight to Nigeria +5

British Airways has now launched an investigation +5

The female could be heard discussing her upcoming flight and made racist comments about passengers travelling to Nigeria

'All the Nigerians are gonna be there like 'gimme Coca Cola, gimme me beef, why you have no beef left? I want beef.'

'And I'm just gonna be there like, 'Sorry sir, we ran out of beef'.

'All the Nigerians are gonna be there asking for f****** upgrades because they haven't got enough leg room because their B**s are in their way. Big d**** like this swinging from side to side.'

The source told MailOnline: 'My friend was horrified. BA has a culture of dealing with things like this internally, she passed it to me because she was concerned that nothing was done.'



  1. LOL Fake advertising who dash Nigerians BBC???

    Nothing offensive here bruh.

  2. Imagine what too much play cus her

  3. The Monalisa portrait27 September 2017 at 10:49

    Anyway, I fly BA all the time and Nigerians are very very annoying. They ask for upgrades, they quarrel over food, wine and everything, they are very rude people, they keep using phones and laptops during take offs against all warnings, and they switch on again even before landing ...

    They are crazy animals... Heartbreaking I am a Nigerian but about to Naturalize .

    1. Very true! I don't feel any kind of way about what she said cos it's d damn truth. I'm always embarrassed when I get on international flights from Nigeria. Uncouth, unruly lot!

    2. Oloribu omo ale, go and naturalise and continue with this kind set and see how far it goes, for your info. Uk Don dey recall red passport now o, except you were born there and no matter how you naturalise, you are still referred to as BRITISH-NIGERIAN,so get lost. Do you know now much a ticket is, to not get a good treatment on board, were alaso UK wey we don't forget year wey we naturalise na im dey shake you.

    3. Seriously? So all this negative attitude is synonymous with Nigerians alone abi, this your comment is the worst case of sterotype i have read on this blog in a long while. Between please naturilize fast abeg your self esteem is on an all time low.

    4. You ruined your nearly accurate comment with the 'about to naturalise' bullsh*t.
      Some Nigerians can be very embarrassing no be lie. But be proudly Naija any day because an 'about to naturalise' person like you with fake British accent would not fool born and bred Brits.
      You will always be a foreigner.

  4. Na dem way.
    She learnt well from her forebearers. They live and breath racism.

  5. Naturalizing with your thick strong naija accent.

    How will you change that?


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