Stella Dimoko German Police in Widespread Raids On 'Visa Marriages'


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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

German Police in Widespread Raids On 'Visa Marriages'

Nigerian men are suspected of paying for fake marriage licenses to Portuguese women in exchange for EU residency......

Hundreds of German police officers carried out dozens of raids on Tuesday morning searching for couples believed to have created sham marriages in order for the "husbands" to receive residency permits for the European Union.

Some 41 apartments were searched in Berlin, Potsdam, Frankfurt and Gƶrlitz. The raids resulted in the arrest of one man and four women, although the authorities said they know of at least 70 sham marriage cases involving the same trafficking gang. Police said the female suspects were between the ages of 46 and 64 and that the man was 50 years old.

The criminal organization finds Nigerian men who wish to stay in the EU and pairs them up with women from Portugal. The men pay around 13,000 euros ($15,550) for counterfeit marriage certificates from Nigeria that are shown to the German authorities along with a well-rehearsed love story confirmed by the Portuguese "wife."

The women usually fly back to Portugal within a matter of days. According to the federal police, the purpose of the raids is to determine whether the homes look like a couple lives there. German authorities then work with Europol to prove that the marriage is a sham.

Similar raids were reportedly carried out in Portugal in tandem with the ones in Germany.

'Fake father' bust

This is the second major raid against visa fraud in recent months. In June, German police took down a "fake father" ring – wherein German men were paid to put their names on the birth certificates of children born to immigrants from Vietnam, parts of Africa and eastern Europe. The babies were automatically granted German citizenship, which allows their mothers to claim German residency permits.

Authorities estimate that about 5,000 of these false paternity claims are made every year. They are notoriously difficult to prosecute however, because police cannot order DNA tests and have to follow strict guidelines when probing into a suspect's personal life.

Deutsche welle.


  1. Eiyaaah, so stella you will be coming home soon. I have a duplex for sale in Lekki if you like this area.

  2. All for residency permits,no time to waste at all,no time

  3. Anon think your comment will bring me down?..I wonder what you think you mean...I am An EU citizen,i dont need visa....MUMU!

    1. That wasn't necessary miss korkus...
      I know haters are everywhere but Just try to shun them

    2. real MUMU. Next time don't go anonymous so we can identify and rate your level of foolishness. Mofo.....

    3. Anonymous 10.20 dat is how petty miss kwashiokor is.

  4. Nothing new here. This has been going forever .

  5. Lolz Stella.. U dey vex o... The MUMU got me laughing so hard.

  6. The struggle for paper is real. I don't kuku blame them, when our countries aren't have to think of your kids future. That's why someone said after all the struggle of immigration, it's the next generation that would enjoy your labour.

  7. This is real bad market for some people

  8. Stella, lol......I'm thinking the anon's comment might be more of playful yab. Not a derogatory one. Don't take it out of proportion. I think your reply should be along the lines of "tufiakwa!! *Rolling fingers over head.....Na you dem go deport. My God pass Dem"......dat sort of thing.
    But don't take my word for it.

  9. Eyeah, so stella is finally coming back to naija..
    You can just put it on ihn that you need a 3bedroom at victoria island.....
    I will b waitin to give you advise or you can first pack to your family house, till then sha

  10. Ahhhhh, eyeah stella

    pls just contact your family house, if they have any space for you and your belongings

  11. Lol Stella you better tell them haters.

  12. Anonymous shame shame on you

  13. I don't know why some people are so irresponsible. How will you mention Stella here? When she is happily married with kids. Moreover, if she had something to hide, will she publish this story???

    Please no body should tell her to ignore that anon. She's a human being, these things are hurtful. She ignores on a regular day but if she chooses not to today, it doesn't make her any less.
    Live and let live. Nonsense!

  14. All these anonymouses una no well at all.

    Stella you dont need to answer them at all. Let them continue waiting

  15. When she publishes unsure stories, does she think of the feelings of those concerned? 'Happily married', do you live in her house?

  16. 12:52 thank you very much.


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