Stella Dimoko Government Of Turkey Disown Its Citizen Abdülkadir Erkahraman For Supporting Biafra


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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Government Of Turkey Disown Its Citizen Abdülkadir Erkahraman For Supporting Biafra

Turkey has denied supporting the secessionist agitations in Nigeria and disowned a Turkish citizen, Abdülkadir Erkahraman, who has expressed support for the Biafran agitation.

Mr. Erkahraman identifies himself as the President of the International Nations Commercial Association in Turkey. He visited Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in his home town in Isiama Afara, Umuahia, Abia State in July.‎ The Turk encouraged “Biafrans” to “rise up and fight a good fight for freedom”.

In response to the development, the Embassy of Turkey in Nigeria issued a release on its website. The embassy ‎distanced the Turkish government from Mr. Erkahraman’s visit to Mr. Kanu.

In the statement on Saturday, the embassy said, “Erkahraman is not a Turkish diplomat or an official representative of the Turkish government.

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  1. Na oyo that one deh. A good government doesn't support such rubbish

    1. Abi o,no good government will see anything good in Nigeria breakup. Our strength is in our diversity and I we will utilize is well soonest. Naija will be big and great again in Jesus name.

    2. They're doing it for diplomatic reasons. They want to be politically correct so as to continue their embassy in Nigeria, we know all that.

  2. No sane country will support ipob. I know the man wasn't a diplomat, he's just a nobody in Turkey.

    1. Why?
      What is wrong with a referendum?
      Didn't Scotland do it and still remained in the Uk?
      What are you afraid of?

    2. Erkaraham is Kanu's arms dealer. They had managed to make a couple of shipments. The funds came from someone important from the former past administration.

  3. Kanu you see your life. Shame on you.

  4. Lol.
    The SE governors have proscribed IPOB.

    The FG is hunting them.
    I wonder the back up they have.
    Everyone will distance themselves.

    To those social media agitators who attacks, insults, abuse and defend whenever issue of Biafra or Kanu comes up. Hope u are now very happy!

    Kanu is in hiding. Many youths wounded and killed, businesses disrupted and losses being counted. Also, East is now occupied and God knows for how long, and how many losses we will record. Our chance blown to the wind. Everyone is quickly distancing themselves. Ipob proscribed, kanu's bail likely to be denied if he appears in court soon, if he doesn't, he will be termed as soon who jumped bail and manhunt for him starts.

    At the end, it's now regarded as coward noise.

    Always listen and follow the right part. Bragadiccio always ends in a mess if ur not tactful.

    To those social network abusers and agitators, when Kanu was granted bail, did u offer to l any of the bail conditions? Have u visited the graves of ipob youths killed in Anambra and recently? Have you donated anything to the families of those wounded and those that died?

    When u sit at a comfort zone, applaud wrong strategy, u are part and parcel of the entire wrong doing!

    Where are we now? The world can't come to ur rescue, other tribes has shifted to restructuring agenda, we are simply, and once again, defeated and embarrassed.

    How this will affect us in Nigeria now is another story.

    You can be right about something, but your approach toward addressing ur grievances can make you a fugitive overnight!

    Kanu is a coward. Olivia said it.
    You might as well attack me for the rest of the week but I will advise you channel that strength to looking for your king without kingdom!

    All we have worked for these past years destroyed! Because of you silly fools!
    We are yet again humiliated and embarrassed!

    I am 100% Igbo. But Kanu doesn't and will never speak for me!

    1. Gbam!!
      Eziokwu na aso Uso na nti, na agba kwa na nti mgbe ufodu..
      Eziokwu na enu kwa inu mgbe/oge nine..

      Loosely translated:the truth is sweet to the ears, but it also stings..
      The truth is always bitter..

    2. The reason is simple,
      The S/E governors had been threatened with State of emergency and the governors being deposed
      They are only fighting for their pockets.
      If there is Biafra tomorrow, same S/E governors will vie for the soul of its leadership
      Never trust men hungry for political power.

    3. Olivia your mama born you well and thank you for being objective.

      Nobody is saying don't address your concerns or fight for your rights but do it like civil people not barbarians.All these aggression will lead to anarchy and a potential war.

      This is someone who has lived abroad and should know better. Follow due process, no violence, no arson, no hate speech, no aggression, no killings but continue to push for what you believe in. What do you need weapons for?

      Why do we have the courts? To prevent people from taking laws into their hands.

      One mentally unstable person just came from no where and is inciting the youths, encouraging violence, preparing his own army and threatening fire and brimstone and you expect the govt. to go on their knees and beg him? Someone who has gone against his bail conditions and the govt. ignored but No, he had to push his luck. A typical case of those who the gods want to destroy they first make mad.

      Now he is petitioning United nations etc, I laugh !!

      Guy, just come out of the hole you are hiding, you won't be killed but locked up for a long time such that if you ever make it out, you will be humble.

      NB: stop comparing yourself to Sir Nelson Mandela, it is an insult to him.

    4. Most Igbos don't support Biafra...So who are those making noise on the Internet

      That solves it sef..Na only Mouth dem get.,cos if Peradventure war starts,they will run

    5. You've spoken nothing but the truth. There's nothing wrong in wanting independence but you have to go about it the right way. Look at the loss incurred now and to what end?

    6. Thanks Olivia for saying it the way it is and I hope the narrow minded followers will get some sense of reasoning and channel their engery somewhere.

      To those that will come to cuss you out, don't bother about them, most her educated illiterate, you don't exchange word with them. 👊

    7. Well said, I applaud your reasoning.

  5. He never said he was. He is expressing his own opinion. Hian!! Jelly beans embassy. If dem say embassy, you follow answer too.

  6. Alright. I still maintain that violence is not the way.

  7. That's good because no sane person will ever support violence

  8. Replies
    1. I can't stop laughing. Always looking forward to reading your comment.

  9. people are already hungry in the east ,shops are closed ,business closed ,people indoors afraid to go out,so who is suffering right now ,oga is somewhere cooling his head off ,while the poor are getting poorer .If the high and mighty in igboland can not come out openly and support biafra ,why is this man adding misery to poor peoples life.

  10. Its even a pity that it's a man like the ipob has as an ally. A pity

  11. I see people applauding Olivia and I hope you will learn a thing or two about being objective in an argument or reasoning because I have also seen contributions from such and I refer to Don, and it looked like market place argument. Do I support Nnamdi Kanu? Right from day one it has been NO. No one comes out insulting elders and threatening fire and brimstone and expects to end well. Is Biafra a valid discussion? Yes. Either that or we restructure. Quell the agitations and years down the line we have another group spring up. I understand that our constitution doesn't have a place for referendum but all that can be introduced some way or the other. If the majority want Nigeria, why not? Nigeria the way it is now is a sham arrangement like it or not but violence will never be the solution to anything.

    1. A referendum is a valid discussion which I am in support of.
      But treasonable offences? Hell no.

  12. Thank you Stella for posting n i also want to thank Olivia . God bless you . Yesterday i was going via comments of facebook n an edo lady said she is not in support of kanu . N some igbo women were busy calling her a prostitute , I wonder how low some women can go to slut shame another woman . Is so sad . I am not a prostitute but i feel so bad when a woman has to be called that name .

    1. Thank you dear.
      Peoples lives are even threatened if you dare air your opinion on this issue.

  13. Olivia,
    You are a darling. Thanks for your comment.
    e make sense well well. God bless you richly.

  14. @Olivia Silk - A round of applause for you!!


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