Stella Dimoko Hurricane Irma rips through the Caribbean


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Friday, September 08, 2017

Hurricane Irma rips through the Caribbean

Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, has so far killed at least 10 people and caused devastating damage as it barrels toward the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Eight people died in the French Caribbean territories of Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin, French Interior Minister, Gerard Collomb, said on Thursday.

Another 23 people were injured, Collomb told radio broadcaster Franceinfo, as a picture emerged of devastation on the path of the category-5 tropical storm.

The island of Barbuda was left largely uninhabitable in Irma’s wake, with damage reported to about 95 per cent of properties. Around 2,000 people live on the island.

One baby was killed in the hurricane, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne said.

“Some properties have been totally demolished,” Browne told local broadcaster ABC, adding that the situation was absolutely heart-rending.

One other person died on the British overseas territory of Anguilla.

With wind speeds of 290 kilometers per hour (kph), Irma is now traveling at 26 kph west-north-west, with the Dominican Republic and Haiti next on its path, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Centre.

Haiti, one of the world’s poorest countries, is still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, which left around 1,000 people dead in October 2016.

Meanwhile, Florida is preparing evacuations, with Irma set to strike the U.S. state late on Saturday.

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  1. This is serious... God please protect your people..
    Why didn't this people leave before the hurricane got there... ??? This is really sad..

    And that hurricane Mathew didnt act like a good Deciple at all... ..

  2. Chai! Poor baby, RIP to the dead. Barbuda must be really small, 95% damage? Practically the whole island.
    God please protect Haiti and the rest.
    Irma gat no joy, I pray she slows down. My prayers with everyone affected.

    I pity animals, who will evacuate them.

    1. Most of The caricom countries are small ,our islands are so small that you can literally know everyone in your country

  3. God na for your hand your children dey.

  4. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, Guys. It's me again. (:

    At times like this when science fails, it gets so sad and frustrating, I am speechless and have oh-so little of worth to say, I just wish those who survive goodluck and to those who have lost a love one in these unfortunate encounters, I wish you all great relief.

    Something should be done and quick before this becomes stronger and more severe than it already is and claims more lives and properties.

    Yours Blogospherially.

    1. Princess Scheherazade8 September 2017 at 10:10

      How did science fail here? It's a natural disaster and science already predicted correctly that it was going to happen.
      What failed was the preparedness of the affected areas in evacuating the islands of its people.

      What can be done against a natural disaster like a hurricane? It's been predicted already, all we need to do is get out of its path. Evacuation is not easy but there's really no other choice...for now.

  5. Why is the climate changing and causing havoc? It's just becoming more frequent these days. God help us

    1. Climate change is what is pushing water out of the ocean, chai, illiteracy.

  6. I feel bad for Haiti I swear. Their government need to relocate the people to another place asap. When did Wyclef still remixed "We are the world" for them sef?

  7. Natural disasters everywhere...
    God please take control...
    May the departed ones RIP...

    chim-oma a.k.a. Miss Kapusu

  8. Father please may your protection be upon them

  9. Why didn't dey all leave? Since der have been warnings

  10. The government should make space elsewhere and move them there for now


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