Stella Dimoko Internet Shut Down As Togo Protests Against President Faure Gnassingbé's Dynasty


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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Internet Shut Down As Togo Protests Against President Faure Gnassingbé's Dynasty

Yesterday Thousands of people marched through the streets of Togo’s capital, Lomé, protesting against President Faure Gnassingbé. Amnesty International estimated that 100,000 people marched in Lome, many wearing the red, orange and pink colours of opposition parties as they chanted "Free Togo".

A government concession to introduce a two-term presidential limit through a constitutional amendment failed to dissuade the protesters. They want Mr Gnassingbé, who has been in power since 2005, to step down.

AFP news agency reported that mobile internet had been shut down in the capital but added that wi-fi networks were still working.

BBC Afrique’s Ata Ahli Ahebla reports that demonstrations took place in many cities and that more are planned for Today.

From BBC News


  1. A people united.....brings change

    1. I tell u.. If my country can be this united against bad leadership and corruption.

  2. 😱

    But how can somebody build room and parlour for Presidency??? Na your birthright??? Hian!!!

  3. Finally the of Togo are taking the right step towards freedom from an archaic dynasty that has brought them no good.

    The dynasty rulership is been used in Saudi Arabia and some parts of the UAE and it works.

    This families in charge take good care of their people and allow economic growth in all areas of the country.

    Why can't African leaders whose country are not running on a democratic dispensation copy this Arabs and make their lives better.

    All they do is steal for their families and make their subject poor so that they can't speak up.

    Glad the Togoles have finally woken
    Up from their slumber 😎😎😎


  4. Spontaneous correction7 September 2017 at 12:32

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    1. Braces don't really do much my dear. But you check NATIONAL ORTHOPEDICS HOSPITAL, ENUGU you may find specialist who would be ready to assist you.

      Anyway how old is your daughter?


  5. It's a long time coming.

    Biafra would suffer the fate of Togo if they succeed in their secession plans.

    1. How are you able to know that? Unity beggar.

  6. 17yrs in power.Na wah for African Leaders o.He wants to rule dem for life.And a lots of d citizens are in Nigeria doing laborers job.God will Punish all the leaders in Africa.

  7. The people of Togo are really in bondage. Thank God they can speak up now, maybe their mumu don do. Their telecom is monopolised by their government, which makes the country the most expensive country to make and receive local/international calls from. This guy took over after the death of his father Eyadema (Igbos named him Ete Eme), jailed his brother for the sake of power. Though I like the steady light, but I pity Togo too. Thank God they have the boldness to protest, I hope something good comes out of it.

  8. Africa and Africans have got to stand up to and challenge poor and over-ambitious leadership.

  9. I have even forgotten that there is a country called Togo sef

  10. When will Nigerians emulate such ? We are only at complaint and no action.


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