Stella Dimoko Kenya's Supreme Court Orders Rerun Of Disputed Presidential Election


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Friday, September 01, 2017

Kenya's Supreme Court Orders Rerun Of Disputed Presidential Election

Kenya's Supreme Court has annulled the result of last month's presidential election and ordered a new one within 60 days.

photo -CNN

The ruling, citing irregularities, makes Kenya the first African country to invalidate a presidential poll.
The election commission had declared incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta the winner by a margin of 1.4 million votes.

But the opposition argued that the commission's IT system had been hacked to manipulate the results.

After the ruling was announced, opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga said: "This is a historic day for the people of Kenya and by extension for the people of the continent of Africa."
Mr Odinga added that he had "no faith at all in the electoral commission as currently constituted" and called for the prosecution of its members..

A lawyer for President Kenyatta said the decision had been "very political" but had to be respected.
Reading the decision - reached by a majority of four to two among the judges - Chief Justice David Maraga said the 8 August poll had not been "conducted in accordance with the constitution".

Opposition supporters were seen celebrating outside the court building, as well as in opposition strongholds.
The election sparked days of sporadic protests in which at least 28 people were killed.

The vote had raised fears of major political violence - as was the case after a disputed election in 2007.

text from bbc

*The President has already been sworn in oh....waste of resources I swear!


  1. Why will they wait till after he was sworn in before the re-run?

  2. Haaaaaaaahahahaa
    Weep not kenyatta

  3. What do you mean waste of resources? That is why it is a court judgement. So because the president has been sworn it, the court of law should not take its cause by ruling on a case brought in front of it? In fact, such a ruling shows that the judiciary system in a country like Kenya is strong and not compromised. This is difficult or impossible to happen in many countries because of the power of the incumbent. Kudos to the judiciary of Kenya. They didn't let the power of the incumbent speak for them.

    1. He has not yet been sworn

  4. Na wa for you o Stella. So wetin you want make dem do? Throw away the case because the president has been sworn in?

  5. This country's judiciary system is really working. Can you imagine such thing happening in my country where corruption has eaten do deeply in every system. Ghana must go bag will change the will of the people. Weldone to Kenyans

  6. They are learning from Ghana.. Excellent. You people don't know the least of what Ghana went thru with the ex government. Our useless court system with all our mountain of evidence all 9 judges were paid off millions $$ each and they threw our case out, but we wiped our tears and used the next four years in opposition to study how these ndc mother fckers rigged the system and in 2016 we closed all the loop holes. They tried rigging again and it didn't work and we kicked them out and brought in our better government. I hope Kenya will learn from us in ghana and doing and his team will send folks to Ghana to learn how we closed all loop holes to the thieves. But most of all I hope your judges will not be paid off like ours were and threw our case out after eight months going to court. Good luck Kenya

  7. point of correction, the president has not been sworn in. Im a Nigerian living in Kenya. in their own constitution, if you dispute the election result , you need to do so within a specified time line before the swearing in ceremony. their system is different from ours which is very commendable.

  8. Wow!
    Enough of impunity and corruption especially in Politics!
    Well done to the Judiciary, well done!

  9. This is good for democracy


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