Stella Dimoko Kim Kadashian And Kanye West Will Welcome Third Child In January


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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Kim Kadashian And Kanye West Will Welcome Third Child In January

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are set to welcome their third child at the end of January via a surrogate mother.

The couple - who are parents to daughter North, four, and son Saint, 21 months - are said to be 'over the moon' as they prepare to expand their family.

A report claims that the duo paid $45,000 for the surrogate, who is apparently doing well as her pregnancy progresses.

'The entire family is over the moon. Kim had been looking for a surrogate for months until recently when she found the perfect candidate,' a source reveals.
'They want everything to be perfect and for the baby to be extremely healthy', the insider added.

'They don’t want any complications and Kim is providing an ideal eating regimen and diet so everyone knows what the baby is consuming before it's born.'
Reports say the surrogate is prohibited from smoking, drinking or doing drugs during the pregnancy.She is also banned from using hot tubs, hair dye and eating raw fish.

It was reported in July that Kim, 36, has opted to go the surrogate route to expand her family due to health complications during her first two pregnancies.
Kim who suffered life threatening placenta accreta when carrying North and Saint is said to have been referred 'by an agency' to find the right surrogate.
The insider added the surrogate is 'in her late 20s' and the baby is expected to arrive in January 2018'.

Edited From daily mail.

Wow..congrats to them!


  1. Congrats to them. Safe delivery I pray for the surrogate

  2. She had her two kids same year with Kate too..
    Oh my! Its raining babies...

    Kim's pregnancies have always been difficult... So much drama.
    I wish them all the best😘😘😘

    1. Wawu
      This is good news. I'm happy for them.

    2. Yes mami, I love kimmy so much, so happy for her she always wanted more kids but as placenta no gree ngwa nu

  3. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, Guys. It's me again. (:

    Kim is above 35, it is quite normal for her placenta to fully or partially cover her cervix and health condition called plancenta previa, somewhat a type one of the placenta acreta, I believe her past deliveries may have been cesarean surgery deliveries as she termed complications.

    Well, as per the surrogacy, it is indeed a wise choice, she can monitor the specific dietary needs proposed by a very good nutritionist for a healthy baby, only the money she paid to the surrogate mother should be enough to get 50 surrogate mothers in Nigeria, LOFL.

    All good, I wish the surrogate mother a non-complicated delivery, Kanye is yeesus, he should work some magic, funny man.

    Yours Blogospherially.

    1. Are u stupid or stupid?. Previa is not a type of accreta. And u even went as far as calling it type 1. Dude, I fear who n fear u. Accreta is d complication not cS. CS is nt a complication. It is usually done when. U have a complication. Sharing ur stupidity upandan. Yes, I'm shouting . Yes I had to insult u.

    2. 7 even red please sheath your ignorance.Placenta accreta is different from praevia. See the nonsense confidence you used to type this rubbish,Please let the trained doctors SPEAK

  4. Na wa, do people eat raw fish? just hearing that.

    Congrats to them. The surrogate will birth full term.

  5. I wonder why they are rushing this. Her last baby isn't even 2 yet.
    Kanye that his behaviour is erratic.
    I wish them well. Hope they aren't competing with anyone.

    1. If they can handle it,the spacing is okay ooh.
      Saint will be 2 by December. You know my own na as e dey hot🙈

      I used to think Kanye was erratic too, but it is increasingly obvious that they are handling this marriage thing quite well.

      Concerning the competition😂🤣😂Why are you people like this naawwwwww🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Hahahahaha iphie I have to wonder o. Beyonce has 2girls and 1boy now.
      The way she was always crying on that their show about wanting a 3rd child and doing all sorts of procedures,even after doc told her it wasn't advisable before she now went for surrogacy.
      I also feel kanye needs to take care of his mental being and that should even be their priority not adding a child. Hollywood that divorce is their 2nd nature.
      Abeg who am I to even judge sef.

  6. Replies
    1. Idi mean🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️

    2. Lol.
      Iphie darling, You know I love Kim and Kanye.

  7. Eeeeeya Congrats Kimmy! *in Khloe's voice*

  8. Their life, if they are happy, I am happy for them☺☺

  9. Someone said their family picture up there looks. Like Get out 2...
    I'm t here thinking about how lucky the surrogate is 45k dollars for nine months not bad at all

  10. so happy for her...congrats to them

  11. so happy for her...congrats to them

  12. Please my fellow bus, how much does it cost to get a surrogate and where can one find one, any contacts? I am tired of taking meds and injections. Please help a sis. To be ttc for 6+ is no joke. I am tired. I will be Anon on this

    1. Hello dear. Most fertility hospitals in Naija can help you achieve that. Just visit the ones around you. Especially Lagos. All the best, may God bless your home soon. Amen.

    2. I seriously doubt the existence of such agencies or the availability of surrogates that advertise themselves as one here in Nigeria.
      I hope you know a surrogate mother would have an embryonic mixture consisting of your fertilized egg and your husbands sperm implanted into her womb. She carries it for 9 months , births and gives you to take..
      If you search well , you would see.
      How about IVF.?. Tried that.
      Well why your TTCing , stay with psalm 127 and John 16 vs 23 to 24. .meditate on it.
      Confess it. .always keep it before you.
      Stop looking at your period chart.
      Paste these scriptures all over your house
      Sing it.
      Pray it.
      Praise God over it.
      Shut out any other noise.
      Always have these scriptures before you..and sing Just like Isaiah 54 says you should.
      My sister , you shall have a testimony soon
      Plenty hugs

    3. Try the Bridge Clinic Lagos. Even if they don't offer surrogacy they can advise how to go about it.
      It's so refreshing to see Nigerians embracing surrogacy and adoption.
      Life is too short not to take certain chances.The end result is a healthy happy child.
      Wish you luck.

  13. Will it be possible for her to breastfeed the baby?

    1. Nope I doubt. The surrogate can give them her own breast milk by bottle if they wish.
      I doubt Kim will want the lady actually breastfeeding her baby.

    2. Bridge clinic offers surrogate service, buh i tell you, they are highly over rated. All about the money. Buh, if you can afford dem, give them a trial

    3. When it comes to having your own child. No money is too much for that in my opinion. Atleast you have peace it is done properly.
      If one can afford to buy a Range rover,buy a property. Setting some millions aside if you have it to get a child isn't bad.
      It's in old age people feel the punch of not having your own biological child.
      I wish all TTC well. But if god forbid one tries for 2/3 years and no pregnancy. Please try IVF or other means if you can afford. 10 years try surrogacy or adoption if you have the money. Some people even get pregnant after adopting.
      Wish all TTC mother's to be baby dust.

  14. Do they want to rival our own Tubaba?

  15. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, Guys. It's me again.

    Dear Anonymous, throwing insults here and there doesn't make you a tad smarter or increase your IQ, you should ask questions properly and learn. let me explain explicitly to you, because it clearly seems you are running on borrowed knowledge from an unreliable source.

    Placenta Previa is a risk factor and also a condition, a risk factor because it is dependent on Placenta accreta as it exists after a 50% coverage, or severity. Placenta previa exists as a condition because it is independent of the Accreta, a stage 2 previa is likened to the percreta, a less complicated stage of Placenta accreta, the stages are Accreta, increta, and the percreta, so help me understand how previa isn't a condition or how it can't be likened to a stage 1 accreta, when you what to make a point, do it nicely, life is short, throwing tantrums wwould only make you look funny and unserious. if indeed you have a point, stop throwing shades on the guise of an anonymous, come forth and post your findings.

    Your Blogospherially.

    1. It's a lie,stop lifting nonsense from internet that you clearly don't understand.Please Shut the Fuck UP.No this is not the first anonymous!! Ask Doctors that understand .Placenta Accreta is not a type of Placenta Praevia!!!! I need an ID cos your ITK on this blog is too much

    2. There is nothing like stage 1 Accreta. It's either placenta Accreta,Pecreta or increta.the difference being the degree of their penetration of the Placenta into the uterine walls and muscle. Now Placenta Praevia has to do with the POSITION/LOCATION of the Placenta in the uterus . YES a Patient with Placenta Praevia can also have coexisting Accreta/increta/Pecreta.But it is wrong for you to say Placenta Praevia is Accreta and Vice Versa.

  16. Well Kim likes babies so am sure she would go to the length and breath of this world to make sure the surrogate is well taken cared of.
    Good luck to them


  17. @Blogospherially....I like you already..please give it to the ignoramus anon jare...if he/she no fear..why e go anon? Noisense.

  18. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, Guys. It's me again. (:

    Dear Anonymous(es), I am ashamed at your level of comprehensiveness, did you read what I posted? there was the use of the word "somewhat", now tell me, what does that mean, why not get an ID so everyone can see how ignorant you are, If you have placenta previa, it means that your placenta is lying unusually low in your uterus, next to or covering your cervix. What then is the placenta accreta, I don't understand how you do not see that placenta previa can be likened to as a less severe accreta, both less to an antepartum haemorrhage, a grade 4 previa case is similar or same with the increta phase 1.

    Your level of ignorance if you be a health specialist is quite saddening, please, get an ID and then post sth so I can properly tag you and educate you on what you don't see, meanwhile, use that borrowed knowledge to look up the meaning of "somewhat", life is short, live, love and learn.

    Yours Blogospherially.

  19. Barracudianusaurusunamon - Hi, Guys. It's me again. (:

    Dear Anonymous(es), see why I am better, a sensible intellectual would never throw insults in proving a point, please, get an ID and stop misleading people with borrowed knowledge from the internet or wherever it is you got to see that Previa can not be likened to a type-1 accreta, this is really saddening, if you are a medical practitioner, then we are in a big sham, firstly, look up the meaning of somewhat, then secondly, explain to me how a grade 4 Placenta previa cannot be likened to a partial accreta or a perceta, no need to reply this if you are going to cower in high-end cowardice under the well-known anonymous cover.


    Yours Blogospherially.


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