Stella Dimoko Popular Ukrainian Singer Stopped From Flying Because Of Her Age


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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Popular Ukrainian Singer Stopped From Flying Because Of Her Age

A popular Ukrainian singer was held and questioned by passport control because they refused to believe she was the age stated on her passport.

Natalie Dzenkiv, who performs as in a band called Lama, was travelling back home after a holiday in Turkey when she was pulled into a quiet room and questioned about her travel documents, which must have been pretty bloody nerve-wracking.

But it wasn't anything she'd done wrong. It was purely because officials couldn't believe that youthful-looking Natalie was actually 41 and they had assumed she was attempting to use someone else's passport to fly.

I mean, I can totally see why. This is not the face of a 41 year old:

Natalie said that passport control officers believed she was around 20 years younger than she is, and was travelling used the passport of an older woman.She said: "When I found out the reason for my arrest, I even started laughing as it was the age in my passport.

"I am already used to compliments about the way I look, but I couldn't have imagined that it might be a reason for detaining me."

It is a compliment, I suppose, but I imagine it's also pretty annoying. The odd 'oo, you look good for your age' comment is one thing, but getting detained at airports is a different kettle of fish.

Natalie was unable to prove that she was who she said was, but was reportedly allowed to pass through after several members of the public recognised her and began asking for her autograph.



  1. Some people have super youthful genes

  2. I don't blame them, white people don't age gracefully and it's unusual to see one that looks younger than her age. They usually look 20 years older than their actual age. This wouldn't have happened if it was a black or Asian woman because as we all know black don't crack.

  3. Good gene. They are not serious. They want a 41 year old with wrinkles all over her face. No mind them lady.

  4. So embarrassing. Well, i love it when people look younger than than they really are. It's just crazy when you have younger siblings that look older. People will ignore you and say good morning to them

  5. Turkey is presently at a critical point on their national curve where everything and everyone is 'enemy' to the government especially journalists.
    So if you no waka well or your waka looks suspicious dem go kpake you sharpaly until dem sure.

  6. My younger siblings look way older than me,people always doubt when they see us....sometimes I like it sometimes I don't.

  7. Wow!!! Good gene and lifestyle at work she look so yooung.

  8. Waiting for the BVNs that'll come and claim to have baby faces too 😁😁😁

    1. Princess Scheherazade27 September 2017 at 13:33

      Just wait small, they are coming.
      The ones that look like their hubby's daughters...😜

    2. I have a baby face, like ten years younger ......straight face

  9. Diet and exercise people!!

    I don't go out without my passport when I'm in the abroad. Cos everytime I have to get a bottle of wine, they politely ask for my ID. I used to get upset but now I'm loving eet 😁

  10. Hahhaha. I get that alot. They have stopped me several times at immigrations and questioned me. The are always like am I sure. Lol.


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