Stella Dimoko Tanzanian Producer Bob Junior Calls Out Diamond Platinumz, Says He Went Deaf Because Of The Artiste


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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tanzanian Producer Bob Junior Calls Out Diamond Platinumz, Says He Went Deaf Because Of The Artiste

Tanzanian super producer cum singer, Bob Junior, credited with Diamond Platinumz’s entry into the limelight and eventually success, has gone deaf and he’s blaming it on the musician.

Among the songs in the album is Kamwambie, which won the singer 3 awards, and other songs earning him big shows that changed his life.

Bob Junior, says after the success of the album, Diamond dumped him.

He continued to ignore him even when Bob Junior desperately needed his financial assistant to treat himself. Accoridng to Bob, he used allavenues to get to Diamond but he was ignored.

He however says, he is not happy he had to make the call out public but he has been trying to reach him for years with no response from him. To make matters worse, Bob claims he produced the album for Diamond for Free !

Culled From Nairobinews

*I dont think the call out was a good idea at all at all.....


  1. I maintain that I still don't like people that turn their back on people who gave them a helping hand (assuming what he said about the free production is true) especially when they didn't hurt them

  2. Ah. I love Diamond platinium a lot ooh.

    What does it even cost for these celebrities to help out their own? Especially one that pushed them into the limelight.
    No matter whatever happened,water passed under bridge or things were done and said... I would never turn a deaf ear to my helper's cries if I could help. It will just be a permanent farewell gift to them.
    You don't necessarily need them in your life if its become toxic. Sort out their needs and bid them good bye.

    I hate entitilement mentality but If you can eleviate their pain,do it and let God be the judge of what transpired.
    Still love Chibu Dangote,He is a big deal in Tanzania♥️

  3. Too bad....

    Maybe he was advised 'verbally' not to take this to social media.

    Everything about this drama should just be written.Shouldn't be broadcast for obvious reasons.

  4. Bob that's life.
    God is your strength
    Your comfort in sorrow

  5. Most of these stars get to the top and forget about the people that got them there. What a shame


  6. How can he produce an album for an artiste for free, was he high on something then?

  7. #There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up*


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