Stella Dimoko Wendy Williams Defends Husband In Cheating Scandal - Says ‘I Stand By My Guy!’


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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wendy Williams Defends Husband In Cheating Scandal - Says ‘I Stand By My Guy!’

US TV host Wendy Williams found herself the subject of her own 'Hot Topics' segment on Tuesday.


On Monday, it was alleged the 53-year-old's husband Kevin Hunter has been having an affair with 32-year-old massage therapist Sharina Hudson.

Responding to the report, Wendy told her chat show audience: "It’s weird doing Hot Topics and being a hot topic.

"It's some sort of weird story going around regarding my husband. You can believe what you want," she continued while flashing her wedding ring.

But I stand by my guy."

She added: "All is well in Hunterville. Don't believe the hype, and if there was hype, believe me you I would let you know."

Wendy and her husband recently enjoyed a sun-soaked trip to Barbados where she was pictured showing off her impressive bikini body.

The pair, who share one son together, seemed totally in love as they frolicked on the white sandy beach.
from mirror UK

*I love the attitude Wendy..U go Mama!!


  1. I suspect they have an open marriage cos there's a pix of the mailbox in the alleged sidechick's place that has Kevin Hunter written there. He's been doing her wrong since but shame won't let her talk

    1. That paper was oddly handwritten and fixed there.
      It didn't look right.

    2. Don't mind the yeye Wendy. Shame will allow her admit whats they said true bcus she knows she cannot let her marriage crash based on that. If It were somebody else now she will be the one talking about not let herself be disrespected and leaving the sorry ass cheater😒😒. People just like to dish out advice they themselves will never take if found in that same circumstance or worse.

  2. Story, she must be hurting inside but don't want to show it. Wendy will never leave Kevin, this is not the first time and won't be the last time he is cheating.

    1. Women with fish brain! The man would have kicked her ass out if she was d1 who cheated.

  3. Lol before nko. If you don't stand by him who will

  4. She could have all the attitude in the world for all i care but why was her husband shown being with the woman on many occassions? What was a married man doing with a single woman on not one occassion but many times if there is no hype? Perhaps the man has a pass for open marriage as you never know with this cuckoo people

  5. That her bikini pic that broke the internet 😒😒

  6. Her face is falling apart,she looks like micheal jackson before he died.skull face

    1. Hahahhahahahaha

      U didn't see the "Bikini pictures" then?

      Thank ur stars u didn't cos Omg! It was all shades of ewwwwwwww😊

    2. Thank God i didn't see her face oh TGmama.
      Queen don't say that nah,you know i'm well.

  7. If na person own she go carry am like gala for head

  8. Wendy will never leave na. She values the idea of that marriage more than life itself. Someone that keeps saying she will drop any friends/family over the guy in a heart beat.
    The man is still hanging on bcos of money. He's an executive producer on her show. So without Wendy, no job or money for him.
    Maybe when someone has a child for him, her eyes will clear. She wont still leave though.
    I love Wendy,but the way she tears ppl down with words smtimes is a bit much.

  9. LMAO

    That's all u have to say? Wendy?
    Or the car got your tongue?Say some more Wendy.

  10. Wendy is a smart woman.
    If there was something, I bet you she knows.
    10 years? Puhleesee.

  11. She is saving face abeg.
    Hunter became the hunted.
    What did y'all expect her to say before?

  12. Wendy is a smart business woman mehn... See her protecting her home right?

  13. Wetin you expect?
    How she go find another gold digger wey go stay?

  14. Wendy i so much love you. And your confidence. Abi oh I stand by my guy. Even if he is cheating it is our cheating and it will be deal with privately. Not for the whole world to be making comments in our lives

  15. Wendy is in denial. It is cheaper for her to keep him. It's a business decision. Lol

  16. For the celebrities, this is an excuse for PR and scandal exactly. For the usual family, this is a complete collapse, especially if the family existed for several decades. That's why people are looking for applications that would help track the activity of their loved ones in social networks and instant messengers. What if someone lies to you, insolently and mercilessly? Then the spy will help to look into this and go unnoticed. Not bad, right?


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