Stella Dimoko Actress Natassia Malthe Says Movie Mogul Weinstein Assaulted Her After BAFTAs in London


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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Actress Natassia Malthe Says Movie Mogul Weinstein Assaulted Her After BAFTAs in London

An actress has claimed Harvey Weinstein r*ped her after the 2008 BAFTAs ceremony.

Natassia Malthe, who has been in about 50 films, told a news conference in New York that the disgraced film producer assaulted her in a London hotel on 10 February, 2008, while she was working as a spokeswoman for LG.

She said that, after returning to her room at London's Sanderson Hotel, she heard Weinstein "repeatedly pounding" on her door.

He allegedly entered her room, began masturbating and implied she would get a film role if she had s§x with him

Malthe, now 43, said:" I was sitting on the bed talking to Harvey when he pushed me back and forced himself on me, it was not consensual.

"I was completely grossed out. I believe that I disassociated during the time that he was having s§x with me.

"I laid still and closed my eyes and just wanted it to end. I was like a dead person. Afterwards I lay there in complete disgust."

She was given a script the next day, she said, and believed that she had a role in the film Nine, which was to star Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman and Judi Dench.

She refused, saying that a role in a movie was not worth it.

He was angry, calling her an "ungrateful c***", she claimed.

It comes as the Honours Forfeiture Committee reportedly looks at whether Weinstein should be stripped of his CBE, with a decision expected within weeks.

He was awarded the honour for outstanding contribution to the British film industry in 2004.

The latest allegations against him from Malthe follow an announcement by actress Dominique Huett that she is suing the film studio co-founded by Weinstein after her own allegation of rape.

The Blue Bloods actress claims Weinstein forcibly performed oral s§x on her and then carried out another s§xual act in front of her.

In a £3.8m negligence lawsuit, Huett accuses The Weinstein Company's "executives, officers and employers had actual knowledge of (Harvey) Weinstein's repeated acts of s§xual misconduct with women".

The star says the company's board of directors, including his brother Bob Weinstein, were "aware of Weinstein's pattern of using his power to coerce and force young actresses to engage in s§xual acts with him".

Weinstein, 65, resigned from TWC's board after being accused by more than 60 women of sexual harassment, assault and rape.

He has "unequivocally denied" any allegations of non-consensual s§x.

from sky news.


  1. Nawa o. This man is really sick. Is he a dog?

    1. You called him "this man" and asked if he is a dog??

  2. Menn this man was stark-raving mad with his sexual desires.
    He could get any girl he wanted or even pay for whatever caught his fancy,but he enjoyed picking his victims out.
    He loved taking advantage of women, that was what he jerked off on.

  3. Before y'all will try to misunderstand this to mean I'm blaming the woman, I'm not.

    But I wanna be clear on one thing... How does one forcefully perform oral sex on a woman and there's absolutely nothing u can do to stop it.

    Cos except you are armed or more than one, I see no way that's possible.... With me sha. I will probably use my thighs to strangle u.

  4. Came into room, started masturbating, NO ALARM?
    Offered role for sex, NO ALARM?
    Jumped on me, afterward, NO ALARM?
    Got promised movie role???, NO ALARM?.
    Someone else came forward, ALARM!, ALARM!!, ALARM!!!

    1. You are a woman and you talk like this. Shame on you.
      Hope you know so many people are actually scared to come out and say they are raped. Especially when the man is powerful and is an enigma in Hollywood.
      She may have thought about what it would do to her marriage, her family, her career and weighed her options.
      Hope you know not Every partner of a rape victim handles the rape issue well. Some husbands can't just handle it.
      Now people are talking she has the courage to tell her story and you are here mocking her.
      You are part of the reason alot of Nigerian women don't report rape.
      This same blaming the victim instead of blaming the animal that can't control his dick.

    2. So because we are women, we are not allowed to have common sense???

      If I was in my room and someone came in and started masturbating, if I'm not interested, I'd either walk him out, scream or leave the room for him.

      Let's not let sentiments becloud our judgment Abeg

    3. Do not belittle a human beings experience pls. ..
      That is why Nigeria and most Nigerians are backwards. This way archaic way of reasoning..... You cannot know your reaction to a particular situation until you are actually confronted with it.
      That you will act differently does not mean jack shit. She may have been in shock.
      Her experience. Her story, your comment doesn't mean jack.
      Because in civilized countries where things work. Even if you sleep naked with a man and you ask for only kissing with no peneration. No is No. Even if it happened 50 years ago.
      I get not Everyone is exposed so I expect you not to comment differently. It's lack of understanding. But pls don't teach this to young girls.

  5. But the shocking thing for me is that so many women r working for this sick bastardd as his personal assistant & office staff, and also present when this unwitting rape victims r told or brought into his office ...or "hotel" or even in his home with his wife there & his children present, like it happened in the case of Lupita Nyongo which took place in him home with his wife around and at home that day??? These women all refuse to warn & tip off any body coming to meet him alone inside a room or house or hotel to be very...very careful & be aware what he's up to!

    That's why i hate women with a passion, even I'm a woman myself. Because women r very conniving, cowards, feeble minded & cheap mentality that they easily betray there fellow woman anyhow!!!
    It is common knowledge everywhere that it's woman that r recruited by criminals such as ritualists, human traffickers etc to lure other women, girls & children into an evil traps. Women r the worst entrappers & always used as a deceit tool to lure & trap innocent people into a dangerous place or situation.

    The police & authorities also need to include all those women who worked for Harvey Weinstein company & were being used to lure these victims or make his rape targets to feel comfortable when going anywhere to go & meet him alone.

  6. Because in civilized countries where things work. Even if you sleep naked with a man and you ask for only kissing with no peneration. No is No. Even if it happened 50 years ago - BEDS AND ROSES.

    Television don fool dis one bad, bad. Don watch drama tire come think say na so civilized society or "assumed white people" be for real.
    Please, go sleep naked next to dem for ya assumed civilized society, talk say you only want kissing, you go get soreness plus belle for next morning.

    1. Lol.. Soreness? Na so dem civilized ppl baaahdt reach?

  7. The script was not worth d sex. If you had gotten a 'star' role, this story won't have come out.

  8. hmmmmmmm the dog giving ladies role in movies.

    Will any of our own actresses come out and say they had forced sex when giving roles. None will come out.

    The lady sha tried ooo to allow a man to masturbate at her front and she did not scream or had anything to hit him.

    Na wa


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